Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some NEWS for you!

Hi Blog Friends!

I just got off the phone with Jan Marie & wanted you all to know what is going on. 
Jan Marie is not doing well.
 I am no longer with Flourishes.
I was asked to be on the Senior DT by Jan Marie & now the time has come to part.
 It was a short run, but I was doing this to help Jan Marie.
Even with this short run, I have learned a lot & I have enjoyed it.
I want to continue to help Jan Marie & this is the best way I can do that.
There is more news about Flourishes, but it is not mine to give. 
Like I've said, I am no longer with Flourishes.
Thanks for the opportunity Jan Marie!
I wish you all the best & hope you are better soon. 
You will remain in my prayers!



  1. I'm sorry to hear this, Becky. I really like the projects you've been creating with those beautiful stamps! I will look forward to seeing other lovely work from you! :o)

  2. When one door closes another will God be the glory..the love of The Lord is in you and it will shine in your creativity where God leads you!!!! ...All is in God's Hands.....
    Many Blessings to you my sister....


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