Friday, November 16, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

Welcome back to my Baby Blitz- Day 5!

This is the last day of my Baby Blitz.
But, I have so enjoyed showing you everything I've made!
There is nothing more fun than creating projects for a little one! ;)

Today, I'll be showing you my last two 
One for a baby girl & one for a baby boy- winter babies.
They're expected around January & February.
The expectant mom's wanted to have the showers earlier to beat the holiday rush.
Good idea!
They'll all get together tomorrow & have the shower, & Thanksgiving together.
Our kids friends have become like family to them & I am happy for them for that. 

So, here's what I made for the baby girl expected:

I used Spellbinders- Grand Done 3D Card & Layered Bundle of Joy.
I moved the colored card stock panel to the front this time for lots of color & sparkle,
as I used Best Occasions Glitter Paper.

I did the same with the sky panel as yesterday with Oxide Ink,
the coloring done on
 the stork & trees using Copic & Spectrum Noir Markers on Strathmore Bristol Smooth,
along with the little bundle- using Simple Stories- Vintage Bliss Paper Pad,
  & sponging with Tea Dye Distress Ink.

The layers.

The differences:
 Moving the colored glitter paper to the front,
die cutting the front sentiment from the same glitter paper,
 Cinch & Go Flower- I added glitter for frost- Martha Stewart- Crystal Clear Glitter, 
since this is a winter card,
& adding snowflakes & gems!

 The back- Stampendous- Baby Love VO89,
 done in Comotion Embossing Powder
  & sponged Oxide Ink over.

The snowflakes:
 Martha Stewart- Hand Held Punch, Poppy Stamps- Callum Stitched Snowflake
& Provo Craft- Snowflake #2 die cut in Glitter Paper.

Now for the winter baby boy's card:
I did the same for this one as the card above, only using Colored Card Stock,
 & adding Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen for a light glittery affect. 
This is for a boy after all.
I felt I should tone it down some.
And the snow flakes the same also,
only I used one for the
front & center of the card
 instead of a rose & a large blue gem.

That top crown is from the same Spellbinders Grand Dome 3D Card Die, 
just snipped in half 
& I used it on all three cards.

Now, just sit back & enjoy the photos:

I just LOVE all of the shadows created in the tunnel card  with all of the elements added!

How about you?

Now to show you the what I did to make this an
 "Icing On The Top" experience:
(Above is the card from yesterday.)
I put each card inside clear acrylic boxes.

Added a clear sticker that comes with them to the bottom of the box,
 to make sure the box will stay closed.
I left the top flap without a sticker, so it can be easily opened once the ribbon is removed.

I couldn't put the ribbon in the middle or I'd be covering what is inside,
but it definitely needed a ribbon & bow. ;)

Now, take a look at the  "Icing On The Top" effect I was talking about.....
Looking down into the gift bags.

I added a few more little things I picked up at the store too,
 & just wrapped them in tissue paper, as I did the other gifts.
 No tape, just folded the paper around the gifts.

Now, to tell you where I got the clear acrylic boxes.
You can find them here:
Clear Bags be seen

The boxes are 5 3/8" x 2"x 7 3/8".
You get 25 in the package, along with 50- 1 1/4" clear stickers.
I received them in good time also.

I HOPE you enjoyed this week of all things adorable!

I will be entering my cards in
Kathy Rocoosin's
Coloring Challenge:
 Found here:

To Babies,
 Showered with Love 

Welcomed with Hugs!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

Supplies not mentioned above or earlier this week:
*Beadsmith Magical Tray

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

Welcome to my Baby Blitz- Day 4!

I hope you are enjoying this week of all things adorable!
Today I am focusing on......

I SO ENJOYED making these baby cards!
I tried to make each one different,
in some way.

Because the ladies are having their showers together & they are friends,
maybe getting together from time to time,
 I tried to change things up for 
each gift,
 so things wouldn't get mixed up for them.
And they'd know what is their own.

Everyone likes to know they are special & unique & it is the same when receiving cards.
You don't want everything to be EXACT!
So, I tried to change them up a bit.

Today, we'll start with one card.
The card I'm showing you today is for the
Foster Baby!
He was born--guessing around the end of August or beginning of September.
He only recently was able to "come home" from the hospital.
From what my son tells me,
he was in the hospital for a little while, & the Foster Parents had to go in, & visit him in the hospital while he was there.
Maybe, premature or had other health problems,
I'm not really sure.
So, he was born when it was warmer weather.
So, trying to fit the card to when he was born is what I came up with!
(This is personalizing the card)

I used Spellbinders- Grand Dome 3D Card Die & Layered Bundle of Joy Die.
On this one I used dark blue card stock at the backside of this tunnel card
& covered it in Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen.
(As shown on the package-darker card stock at the back.)
It gives the scene some depth.
You can see it below.

 I used Strathmore Bristol Smooth for the sky panel.
I used my scissors to cut a large cloud & used that as a stencil & sponged on Oxide Ink.

Here is where the coloring comes in for this card:
For the Stork- SB- Layered Bundle of Joy, the trees- I.O.- Birch Trees DIE079-U,  
I.O.- Leafy Branches DIE055-N & I.O.- Small Grass DIE178-C
I went over each with Copic or Spectrum Noir Markers.

Here you can see the layers.

I stamped the sentiment on the back before I put my card together.
I stamped it in Versa Mark & sprinkled Comotion Embossing Powder over it & heat set it.
Then I went over it with Oxide Inks to make it pop.
It is harder to see in the photos, but
the sentient says:
"a Baby
love stronger,
the nights longer,
savings smaller,
and a home
by: Stampendous
Baby Love- VO89 

The little bundle is done with designer paper- Simple Stories- Vintage Bliss Paper Pad,
 & I sponged with Distress Tea Dye Ink.

I used one of Becca's Cinch & Go Flower Dies for the rose.
(Sorry I can't give the exact die---I followed her advice & had this ready made ahead of time. ;) )
I wouldn't normally put flowers on a boy card of any season, but it is a warmer weather card.....
 allowing me to make some adjustments.
The greenery around the rose is PTI- Branching Out.
The Bundle of Joy sentiment on the front is from SB- Layered Bundle of Joy,
 & I went over it also with a Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen.

Lastly, I added Honey Bee- Waterlily Dew Drops & Nuvo Jewel Drops.

The question now is:
How to present this card?
With a gift bag full of goodies, this might get squashed!
An envelope?
It is a larger card than one would think....
I wanted it to be
"Icing on the cake!"
Everyone loooves icing right?
So, what better way to do that than with a clear box?

This was the closest size I could find to fit my cards.
(The Grand Cabinet 3D Card will also fit nicely in these boxes!)

HOPE you've enjoyed this post today!

I'll show you my last two cards.
One for a baby boy & one for a baby girl.
Plus, where to find the clear boxes!

Anytime of year,
 whether it is warmer weather or colder weather
 Babies are 

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

I will be entering this in Kathy Rocoosin's
 Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Paper- SU, Paper Studio, Recollections
*SB- Tool-N-One
*Multi- Med. Matte
*SU- Embossing Buddy
*Zig Embossing Pens
*Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
*Marvy Jewel Picker
*Wagner Precision Heat Tool

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

Welcome to Day 3 of my Baby Blitz!

Today, I have something new me, to show you.

Today, I'll be focusing on
Baby Toys!
I usually sew up some small toys for the baby----
made out of socks,
But I've been wanting to try something new & this was 
the perfect opportunity!

I decided to try a pattern from a book I've had for awhile,
Simple Knits for Cherished Babies
Erika Knight
Found here:

There are so many wonderful patterns in this book!

Because this was a new pattern for me, I started by doing the pattern as a "trial,"
not knowing if I'd use it in the end.
I created 2 others trying out different yarns to see what worked best for me.
So, each of our kids got a new Teddy Bear as I was testing out the pattern,
 & they gave their approval as I made each one. 

So, here are the toys that are in this book & they are "simply made" just like the title says!
***The bears are the pattern in the book,***
 & I just changed it up a bit for the bunny with ears.
You can see the tags I created on each....

This the back of the stuffed toys--- I had to add a little tail to the bunny.
I stitched it down well--
You don't want any choking hazards!

I used Yarn Bee- Hint of Silk Yarn for each in Shantung (Color name).
I wanted to do a brown bear too, but they didn't have it in brown, 
& I couldn't find a yarn as nice as this to do one in brown either.
So, we went with making Polar Bears for each!(Oh! This yarn is SO SOFT!); 
 I also used Knitters Pride- Size 5 Needles & Plymouth Bamboo- Size 3 Needles.
You only need 1- 50g ball of yarn for each.

Same with the bunny, even with my small alterations.
I knitted the ears with left over pink yarn from the sweater & attached them where you would put the bear ears & then drew them up with extra yarn, covering that with a bow.
The neck is where you attach the head to the body & that needed to be covered too,
 so I used ribbon for the neck & I stitched everything down.
I wasn't as happy with how this one came out compared to the bears, 
but our son told me he liked it & wanted me to leave it as it was. LOL 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! ;)

The second bear is the same as the other.
I embroidered the nose, mouth & eyes with DMC Embroidery Floss on each.
Each animal was stuffed with Polyfill.

I always like to add toys for the baby to my gifts!
Don't you think a baby would love one of these snugly critters?
Here's how I wrapped these critters up, just in white tissue paper! 
So easily done!

 I'll begin showing you the Baby Cards I created!
Just a hint,
I used Becca Feeken's
Grand Dome 3D Card!

I think these critters know they're going to a happy home where they'll be loved!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!
(I try to respond in kind!)

***No animals were harmed for this post! ;)***

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Row Counter
*Yarn Needle

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

Welcome back to Day 2 of my Baby Blitz!
Today, I am focusing on what's inside of my gift bags---
 the main hand made gift I made, 
Baby Sweater Sets!
When I found out that our son's friends were having babies,
 I IMMEDIATELY began to work on these!
 I actually started with a pale yellow, not knowing what they were having.
I told him, when or if he found out, 
 let me know IMMEDIATELY what they're having, 
so I could adjust.....
I know you may have seen these before if you've followed my blog for long,
 but I can't tell you how nice these are.
I made them for our children before they were born, so I know how handy they are.
Great when it's cold & even in the warmer weather, 
as little ones can get cold easily in the air conditioning.
Not to mention, I've NEVER seen anyone give Baby Sweater Sets as a gift, except myself. 
These sets fit from Birth to 9 months.

Take a look:
Here are the Sweaters with the booties & you can see the little tags I showed you yesterday with them.
(I added the tags with matching thin ribbon on the sleeves.)

 Here are the little hats & the mittens.

The complete blue set.

The complete pink set,
& I'm showing you the cord/ chain stitch in crochet,
 I made to attach the mittens to, so they won't be lost.
(This wasn't suggested in the pattern, but it is the way I've always made them.)
I made it the length across the sweater.
(This was done for all the sets.) 

The complete white set.
This pattern is a Vintage Pattern I received when I took an Intermediate Knitting Class by Sears, 
years ago as a young girl.
I used TLC Baby Yarn-6 oz. Skein & Brittany Knitting Needles- Size 8.

To wrap the sweaters, I laid a piece of tissue paper inside first, to keep it from wrinkling.
 The labels are by: 
Label Weavers.
You can also find them on Amazon here: 
 Then I simply wrapped everything in tissue paper.
These are the hat, mittens & booties.

another hand knit gift---
 Baby Toys!

HOPE you like & think about knitting something like this next time you have a baby gift to give!
The babies will be cozy in these this winter.

All comments are welcome & appreciated!
(I try to respond in kind.)

Supplies not mentioned above:
*3 yards of Ribbon per Sweater
*Row Counter
*Stitch Markers
* Size D U.S.A. Crochet Hook
*Yarn Needle

Monday, November 12, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

Welcome to my Baby Blitz-Day 1!
I have 5 days of adorable for you this week. 

I've been working away here behind the scenes on several different projects
for the last few months!
There was rarely a time in the last few months,
 I didn't have something I was working on in my hands, 
when I sat down.
I've done well with getting everything done before the deadline too.
The shower is this next weekend! 
Our son's friends are having babies & having their showers together!
I had three babies to prepare for.
One couple is having a boy,
 another takes in Foster babies-- this time it is a little baby boy,
he is already with them;
& now they are expecting one of their own, a little girl. 
It is an exciting time for them all!

Babies are so special to celebrate!
A brand new little life that brings many changes for the couple.
So, to celebrate with them,
I went to creating!

Today, I thought I'd focus on
 I have several to show you, as I like to attach tags to each of the hand made gifts.

Lets start with the little tags & we'll finish off with the large tags.

These are the tags I attached to the toys I made for the babies.
I used PTI- Tag Sale #9 Dies for the boys &
PTI- Scalloped Tag Die for the girl.
The little bunny & bears are by SSS- Bunny Hugs-#S416 & Bear Hugs-#S418.
(I had to have them when they came out with them, just for this reason!
 Anything bunnies & bears, or baby just catches my eye!) 
I die cut them out of colored paper also, & used the little hearts-
adding Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen to them.
Pretty simple.

Here you can see the sparkle on the heart.

This is the back of these tags.
I like to add a bit of yarn from what I've made in case something comes undone.
I used PTI- Thread Card Die Collections Dies & Hanging by a Thread Stamp Set,
along with SU-Ink.

 Care Instructions!
Done with PTI- Handle With Care.
(If you want this one, you better get it now, as it is on the Last Call List.)
I just referred to the skein of yarn wrap for the care instructions.

And one of the Thread Card Dies looks like the other thread cards on one side,
 & this is on the other- stamped with SU- Hand Knit Stamp Set.

This tag is for the white set (The main gift).......
This one is for the Foster Baby.
The couple that took in this little boy usually sends all of the baby things with the baby when they leave,
so this will go well for the family who will eventually receive this little bundle of joy, 
if the family has another baby in the future.

Care Instructions on the back are all the same for each of these tags.
If you'll notice, I stamped in Versa Mark a little sweater on a hanger- from SU- Hand Knit.
(Now, you know what one of the projects I've made is!) ;)

This is the little girl tag with the pink set.....

Tags with each have matching yarn....

This is the blue set....
And of course, each has a  little "Hand Knit by:" tag.....

Now, for the larger tag on each:
These came out SO CUTE!
Here they all are on the outside of the gift bags.

A close up or two....
I really enjoyed making these!
I used PTI- Huggables- Bear, & Bunny & Chick Sets. 
Along with the Tag Sale: Huggables Die.
I had to give them googly eyes & draw little eye brows & eye lashes on.

 Here's the back.
The "To" & "From" are done with PTI- To You From Me Stamp Set.
(I used the set that looks like cross stitching.)
I had to add little pom-poms for the tails!

I put a little envelope in their arms, made with the WRMK- Mini Envelope Board.

I also added a heart to go inside the envelope- SU- Large Hand Held Punch & stamped
"Welcome Baby" on it with SU- Short & Sweet.

I also added little paws to each paw & a velcro dot cut in half.
After I placed the envelope in their arms, I added a touch of Scotch Removable DBL Sided Tape to the back of the envelope to make sure they won't get lost in transportation.

I HOPE you've enjoyed Day 1 of my Baby Blitz!
I thought starting with the Tags would get this off to a good start.

 you'll see  a little bit of what is inside these bags---
the main gift I made for the babies.
HOPE to see you then!


All comments are welcome & appreciated!
(I try to respond in kind.)

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape
*Oxide Ink
*SSS-Premium Dye Ink
*SU-1/8" Hand Help Punch
*Zig Millenium Markers
*Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive