Friday, January 17, 2020

Having TOO MUCH FUN with The Coloring Challenge Road Trip Lessons!

Hi Blog Friends!

I've worked out the issues I had with my messy alcohol ink! LOL
I went to work today to see if what I thought I did wrong was the problem & sure enough!!!
I'm telling you, this is a GREAT CLASS & if you want to learn more about coloring,
 &/or  making your images POP & look FABULOUS, go for this class with Kathy!!! 

So, like I said, I figured out the problem after Kathy came over & commented on my work.
I wasn't letting my card stock dry out before doing the nappy rag technique! 
  I pulled the Neenah Card Stock out to try again today!
I got this paper just for this class & found it on Amazon, as recommended by Jennifer McGuire, 
& it was listed on the supplies recommended for this class also.

***Stay tuned as I have a little hint about preparing for these classes,
 or The 30 Day Coloring Challenge, which I hear is coming up soon! 

So, here is what I did today:
These are the little Gnomes I did for today. I did the nappy rag technique on their beards! SO CUTE! 
I added lines & dots & just had a blast playing with these images! 
Spectrum Noir Markers & Prisma Colored Pencils, along with a White Gel Pen!

Here's the other piece I did:
(This one is my FAVORITE!)
I used the same supplies on this one as above.
I did the nappy rag technique on the top of the mushroom. 
(If you click on the pictures, you can get a close up of all the details!)
I also did dots & lines!
I used lines to create a halo around this little scene, doing hatching & cross-hatching.

Hope you like!!! 
***---------------------------------------------------------------------- ***
for classes like this & for The 30 Day Coloring Challenge coming up:
This is what I did for this class, even though it was only 3 days. 
I used a 3 in 1- Mini Crock Pot!
I like to get a kitchen tool I'd like to have for Christmas & this was it this year, 
although I wanted it for the Christmas meal.
Sadly, I had to send the first one back, a different brand, as it didn't work.

But, you can cook a main dish, a side & even a dessert in this thing! 
For one night of this class, I had meat loaf, green beans & herbed roasted potatoes for dinner.
And there were left overs for the next night!
Each little crock holds 2-4 servings.

Tonight I made U.S. Senate Bean Soup---The recipe is from the U.S. Senate restaurant since the beginning of the 20th Century. It is so good & SO SIMPLE! 

The other crock is holding Corn Bread, using a Jiffy Corn Bread Mix.
I am NOT a bean soup person or a corn bread person, but my husband likes them & so, I made them for him, but I LOVED THEM! This is actually the second time I've made these.

Here is where I got the recipes:
I found this recipe book on Amazon.
I've tried several recipes from it & EVERY recipe is SO FULL OF FLAVOR!
The calories aren't listed for each recipe, but the recipes are healthy, & even diabetics can use them.
One of the authors is diabetic himself.

So, are you ready now for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge coming up???
Kathy will be announcing it soon!

Sweet Dreams in Color!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Neenah 100lb White,
*Memento Ink
*Original Misti
*TH Alcohol Blending Solution
*Nappy Rag
*Arteza Inkonic 0.4 A104
*FC- Pencil Sharpener
*Signo White Gel Pen 
*Spectrum Noir Markers
*Da Vinci 2485 Drafting Brush
*Stampingbella- Gnome Home eb663 & Gmones Have Feelings Too eb656
*Wagner Heat Tool

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Coloring Challenge Road Trip On-Line- Just PURE FUN TODAY!

Hi Blog Friends!

The Coloring Challenge Road Trip On-Line Classes finished up yesterday, 
BUT we can still do work & add it to the gallery & talk to Kathy about our work, till next week.

So, today I just PLAYED!
There were some other techniques I wanted to try.
One she did on critters.....
I don't have many "critter" stamps.
BUT, I LOVED the way it made her critters come to life!
So of course, I HAD TO TRY!

I remembered, I had a stamp that I got when I first started stamping & seriously, just didn't know WHAT to do with it! It has sat in my stamp bin all this time without love! LOL
NOW I KNOW how to make this stamp POP! 
I'm talking about my teddy bear below- Custer's Last Stamp, Inc.- Sitting Teddy Bear- CR 376-0.
I threw in another image I had, the giraffe- I.O.-Baby Giraffe- WP771, to see how it came out too.
Take a look:
I colored my images where I wanted to use an alcohol technique Kathy showed us to give texture.
I "color mashed" & added dots to blend, trying to leave highlights ("Sweet Spots") as I went.
The highlights ("Sweet Spots") are more obvious on the teddy bear, where the giraffe's highlights will come later in lighter tones.

I did the alcohol technique I did  the other day. I used plain old alcohol the other day,  & found it messy & the color transferred which I didn't like. You could definitely see the texture though.
Kathy said to be "fearless," so I tried some Tim Holtz Alcohol Blending Solution for Alcohol Inks, thinking it might work. The effects aren't as obvious, but the texture IS there.

You can also see the beginning of the highlights ("Sweet Spots") on the giraffe below.

See the texture in the brown spots?
That is what I was after! ;)

You can see those little spots on the bear here too.
Some of those dots I made while blending, helped to give him texture too! ;)

I had a little bleeding around my critters which I wasn't happy about.
I was showing my hubby, when a bell went off....
I remembered what Kathy said to enhance those little dots! 
AND other things came to me too that she told us,  to fix the bleeding!  
Yes, just pause sometimes, & you'll remember what needs to be done on your work! LOL

So, here's what my critters look like NOW!
I made a shadow around my critters, which cleaned up or maybe I should say, 
covered up the bleeding! LOL

AND I enhanced those little dots with colored pencil & gave my critters some shading.
Here's a closer look:
What do you think now?
 SO TICKLED with how they came out!
These will go into my notebook for the class for future reference! ;)

SO HAPPY I took this class!!! 

Supplies not mentioned above:
Teddy Bear
*Original Misti
*Strathmore Bristol Smooth 100 lb
*Spectrum Noir Markers---
TN1- (Light)  to give the "Warm Glow"
TN4- (Med.) Actually didn't like this, but kept going
TN8- (Drk.)
Blender Pen
IG1 (Light)
IG2 (Med.)
IG3 (Drk.)
*Nappy Rag
*Arteza- Inkonic 0.4 A104
*Uniball Signo White Pen- Eye
*Prisma Colored Pencils-
Drk. Brown & Black
*Da Vinci 2485-Drafting Brush
*Clip Board
*Memento Ink-Black
(Same as above- Only differences from the Teddy Bear will be listed)
*Spectrum Noir Markers---
EB3 (Light)
EB5 (Med.)
EB7 (Drk.)
EB1 (Light)
GB1 (Med.)
GB3 (Drk.)
BGR1 (Light)
BGR2 (Med.)
BGR3 (Drk.)
*Prisma Colored Pencil-
(No White Gel Pen used)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Coloring Challenge Road Trip On-Line- Day 3!

Hi Blog Friends!

Today is day three of
I'm SURE if you wanted to join in, you still could!
I've been following Kathy's blog for sometime & learned a lot from her tips & tricks, 
but that doesn't mean I can't learn more.
I have been enjoying the process & learning still!
It's nice to focus on what you love sometimes!
So, for today the objectives were:
*Enjoy the process-YES!
*Know when to walk away
*Go Slow & Let it Flow
*Lines & Dots
Some of these things you may already be familiar with if you follow Kathy....
Kathy even has a clip board you can buy with her Top 10 Tips & Tricks on it for you!

How cool is that???

Here is what I did today with what we were taught:
I decided to do some water coloring.  
My all time favorite medium!
So believe me, I ENJOYED the process!
I stamped my image in my Original Misti, on Strathmore 90 lb. Student Grade Water Color Paper.
(I got this WC Paper for Christmas, wanting to stock up & so glad I did! It's perfect for playing! ;)
As with any water color paper, don't over saturate.)

I won't go on & on about supplies, but you can see I used my Water Media Mat,
& an Epicurean Board, &  Arteza Water Color Brushes.
***Sometimes I took the Water Color Brush Pens right to the paper,
 & other times I took the pigment from the Water Media Mat.

In this photo, the left side of the butterfly (TH), is done in light, & medium colors- 
& on the right, the darkest color has been added.
Arteza Water Color Brushes:
* Bumble Bee Yellow- A128 (Light Color)
* Red- A101 (Med. Color)
* Wine Red- A182 (Darkest Color)
 I knew when to walk away.
Another goal met!
Go Slow & Let it Flow.
I used a White Uniball Signo Pen for a few dots & just to whiten up a few of the dots that weren't showing up so much. Yep, I started the pen on my thumb....
I still have that little "freckle" on my thumb as I type! LOL
 Here is a photo a bit closer for you & you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it for an even closer look!
Lines & Dots are up next!
Kathy is known for her little "eye lash" lines on her images. Those little lines create such interest! 
So, I added them to my butterfly.
I also added "Hatching & Cross Hatching" to the butterfly itself, along with little dots.
They helped to bring dimension to my image.
Some hatching lines were done in white as well.

I chose to do a butterfly image, because you can use those little dots, 
which are called "stippling," to create motion & that is what I did with the butterfly trail!
I started by creating a trail with an Arteza WC Brush Pen- *Smoke Gray- A115,
 & washing it out some with my WC Brush & water.
Using a darker marker (Spectrum Noir) for off in the distance, moving to a medium marker,
 & then a lighter marker for up close.
Spectrum Noir Markers used:
*GG1- Lightest Color
*GG2- Med. Color
*GG3- Darkest Color


Off to write my notes for the day, & file my PDF that is provided!
(I also keep my work with that printed off PDF file in a note book for future use!)
A couple of nice guest designers today too:
THANKS TO Lydia Fiedler & Shari Carol for contributing too!
What a GREAT DAY of learning!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Blue Painters Tape
*FC-Click-n-Go Pot
*Paint Puck
*Fuumuui- #4 & #12
*BOA Brush of Art #301- #1
*SSS-Premium Blk. Dye Ink
*Arteza Inkonic 0.4 A104 Pen- for he fine lines & dots

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Coloring Challenge Road Trip On-Line- Day 2!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for

Well, I have to tell you, this is SUCH a GREAT CLASS!
It is PACKED with Coloring Goodness that just makes your heart sing!
And, this is only day 2! LOL

Today, I thought I'd focus on a technique that Kathy does with her alcohol markers & doing a face.

Here is what I did:
I thought this image would be the best to try with the background technique & in doing the face too!

I stamped my image- Prima Princess- Stella,  on Ninah 110 lb white card stock- 5 1/2" x 7 1/2";

I used Memento Ink- Rich Cocoa to stamp my image.
I don't have a brown fine marker & wonder if I should have used black, or go over the piece in black. 
(If I do, I'll re-post so you can see the difference!)

For the background, I thought the two colors might add some more interest, maybe it was too much?
I also used alcohol, rather than Copic Blender, as I don't have Copic Blender Fluid. 
I did find that the ink bled out all over the edges & was easily picked up with my rag & transferred with the alcohol, not good! LOL
But, I cleaned it up as best I could with my blender pen.
(Idea: Might have to just trim this up or go over the edges with black....)
 Coloring the image, I sought out the same color as Kathy's E50 Copic Marker. 
I thought Spectrum Noirs color- FS2 looked close enough.
For the checks & lips, I used PP2 & tried some "color meshing!"

I tried to keep my white areas, or "sweet spots," but also used some of Nina's suggestions for this too.
(You'll have to take the class for this tip! LOL) 

I also added lines with Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils & some deeper colors for depth on the flowers & hair, & of course on her skin.

I do LOVE that texture in the background & even the different colors together, 
but maybe it was too much with this image. 
What do you think?

Lastly, I wonder if I shouldn't have gone over the image with a black fine point pen,
 even though I stamped her in brown, to make her pop?

I may be popping back in tomorrow or later, if necessary to "fix" this! LOL

Enjoying the process!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Pilot Mechanical Pencil G-2
*Original Misti
*Old Raggy Wash Cloth with nappy texture
*Arteza Inkonic 0.4 A104 Marker- used to extend the image.
 (This marker is safe for water color & alcohol inks.)
*Spectrum Noir Markers

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Coloring Challenge Road Trip- On-Line!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for 
The Coloring Challenge Road Trip- On-Line Class!
How fun is this?

If you haven't signed up, I'm sure Kathy would welcome you!
Please see my post here for the link:
(Just scroll to the bottom.)

So, I chose to do some "Color Plucking" today,
 along with some of the other techniques Kathy shared with us, 
but I chose to focus on the "Color Plucking" mainly.
I think this is the area I need to work on.
I feel like I want to say, "Einy-Meany-Miny-Moo" when I color pluck! LOL 

I tried  different colors one wouldn't necessarily use together.
You can see the colors I chose to use on the side: Spectrum Noir Markers.
As you can see, I used an Orange, a Pink & a Dark Red. 
Kathy says to use a light, medium & dark color, so that's what I did. 
 For the leaves I chose to use a yellow, light blue, & dark green.
And Kathy even suggested picking a color you wouldn't normally choose as an extra.
I chose a hot pink & I used it too! LOL

For the shadow around my image I used grays- light, medium & dark. 
I actually didn't "color pluck" here. 
My brain was hurting at this point!
I'm more of a person who sticks with the rules! LOL 
See what I mean???
This is an area I could work on! ;)
I topped off my image with just a touch of Prisma Colored Pencils- Brown & Black, 
for those Nooks & Crannies.....! 

I hope you found something to interest you in enrolling in Kathy's Class!
It will be a busy month keeping up with Kathy & her guest designers!

Thank Goodness I made
Ooops! JUST DISCOVERED, I forgot to plug in the crock pot for dinner tonight! LOL
Dinner will be a bit late!
I'll be SO THANKFUL for the left-overs tomorrow night!
Happily coloring here & enjoying a late night dinner!

P.S. Kathy commented on my comment in the class,
 & said she couldn't wait to see what I had "cooking!" LOL If she ONLY KNEW!!! ;)
Supplies not mentioned above:
*I.O.- Serendipity- Rose- SS-281-L 
*Nina 110 lb White Card Stock
*Spectrum Noir Markers (Color Plucked)
*Memento Ink
*FC- Pencil Sharpener
*Sharpie Fine Point
*Nuvo Sweep Brush
*Prisma Colored Pencils
*Original Misti

Monday, January 6, 2020

Winter Sketches Thank You's, PLUS some NEWS!

Hi Blog Friends!

With Christmas over, I found I needed some Thank You Cards!
When I saw Betsy Veldman create a card over on her blog, I was SMITTEN with the card, 
and had to recreate it!
Just maybe, you'll recognize it?

Here's what I made, 
Winter Sketches Thank You's 
I used The Greetery- Winter Sketches.

The first card I made, I used Wow- Perissa W616R for my embossing,
 which gave more of  a copper look & SB-Copper Foil.

I used Arteza Gouache-The Iridescent Colors in my palette, 
on Stonehenge Aqua Cold-Press Blk. Water Color Paper.

I also used Kuretake Gansai Tambi-Starry Colors, & Amsterdam- White Acrylic Ink to splatter.

***I've seen many splatter their work in different ways---
I worry banging on my paint brushes will damage them, 
so I opted to use a
Ranger- Splatter Brush.
I liked this much better & the ink/paint doesn't end up all over the place like usual, 
even with using a box!
(If you watch the video on how to use the brush, 
you can see there are different ways of using it for the effect you want. Just Google it!)

For this card, I used Ranger- Gold.

(Both cards were done the same.)
I die cut the panels using The Greetery- Nordic Frames.
Next, I created banners for the sentiments with Spellbinders-GOM-Feb19-Everyday Sentiments,
 & SB-Gold Foil.

Lastly, I added just a bit more sparkle with my Crystal Katana, Golden Matte Medium & Cartwrights-Moonshine Sequins.
 After die cutting the main panels, 
I had a bit left over & attached it to the inside of my cards, leaving plenty of room for a handwritten note, & I created matching envelopes.

Before I sign off, I wanted to tell you about my little Snow Friend!
Isn't she adorable???
A dear friend who is the one who got me started in Card Making, sent her to me for Christmas! 
What a TREAT! 
I will have to find a SPECIAL PLACE for her, so that I can view her all the time!

Which do you like better?
Gold OR Copper?

Off these go in the mail!
Have you heard?????
Kathy Rocoosin is offering 
The Coloring Challenge Road Trip-On-Line Addition
Check here for all the information:
BE SURE to check this out!

***This card was chosen "Favorites for the two week period ending Jan.11th, 2020" on SCS!***

It's looking like a BUSY January!
Supplies not mentioned above:
*Original Misti
*Zig Emboss-Markers
*Versa Mark
*EK Success- Powder Tool
*Fuumuui- Travel Brush #4 
*FC- Click-N-Go Pot
*Wagner Heat Tool
*Silver Blk. Velvet Brush-Jumbo Round
*Paper Studio Card Stock
*Telfon Bone Folder
*SB-Glimmer Machine
*Scotch ATG
*Studio Katia- Black Foam Tape
*Bead Smith-Magical Tray
*Arteza- Inkonic 0.4 4104

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Guest Designer on SCS!

Hi Blog Friends!

 I was asked to be a Guest Designer on SCS today, 
for the chosen
 Featured Stamper-
 Susan Roberts.

Here is Susan's Blog:
 (To get a peak at her gallery on SCS, you might want to subscribe!)

Here's how it works: 
 I was asked to "Guest Design," 
meaning I was to go to Susan's Gallery
 & pick something I wanted to "case," or be inspired by & recreate  in my own way,
keeping some of what made Susan's card her's.
I will be the first Guest Designer for this challenge category,
 thanks to Kittie who asked me to Guest Design. ;)<3
 I will be the one who kicks off the challenge with my card & others will follow suite!

So, here is what I chose from Susan's gallery:
I should add, I saw MANY that I would have liked to case! LOL 
I LOVE that Hydrangea image, the blue, the bold black lines- some hand drawn,
 & her designer paper with butterflies!

So, I went to work with a Hydrangea image I have.....
Here's what I came up with:
 I water colored the large hydrangea- The Colorado Craft Company-Get Well Hydrangea- BB242.
This is a HUGE image & I had to stamp it in my Memory Misti, as I used a large piece of Strathmore 140 lb. Water Color Paper- 7 1/2" x 8", & later cut down.
(I lost none of the image for this card! This is the image IN FULL!)
I RARELY make large cards, but the image just lends itself to a large card,
AND I've always been told, doing large pieces of art you can show off your talents better! ;)
AND on top of that, it makes for a card that has a bold statement!

I used Mission Gold Water Colors for my first layer of color, & later went in with
 Zig Clean Color Brushes for deeper more intense colors where needed.
(This image makes shading so easy with the hatching & cross hatching on the image.)
As I water colored--- having taped my paper down with Blue Painters Tape, 
I saw I had splattered the blue paint a bit, a HAPPY ACCIDENT! ;)
So, I  ended up splattering it more with blue & gold-Daniel Smith- Iridescent Gold.

I am totally tickled how the flower came out! 
I was taught to add LOTS OF COLOR! It does lend for a beautiful image that is eye catching!
Which makes me want my eye/ & your eye, to  focus on the gorgeous flower,
 & not get lost on the other things on my card---
The reason I kept my card lighter in color.

Susan did little gold dots on the centers of her flowers, where I only added gold paint.

After Water coloring my image, I went over the black lines of the image to make sure they weren't lost with a Fine Sharpie, & added the inner square black line with a Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen- 1,5 size. I hand drew that line like Susan did, using a ruler & pencil. 
 I did make my line a little different from Susan's, 
I did the bottom line 3/4" up from the bottom edge of the water color paper;
 the other lines are 1/2" from the edges. 
The reason I did this?
When you are matting a piece of art which is what these lines remind me of,
the lower portion of the matte is to be deeper, 
to draw your eye into your framed piece of art.
It's a subtle coax/ guide.

I chose to keep the little banner, 
but mine has the little fish tales on the inside of the card, rather than on the outer edge, 
& a rhinestone, rather than a button.
I tend to use embellishments that can go through the mail easily.
(I'm shocked I  didn't use sequins, an all time favorite of mine!)
I also foiled my sentiment rather than stamping, keeping Susan's birthday theme---
SB- Glimmer Kit of the Month-Feb. 2019 for the plate,
 & SB- Glimmer Kit of the Month- Nov. 2019 for the banner die.

For my Designer Paper, I chose to use something more subtle, I thought the scripty lines of font were beautiful with this flower- Recollections Stack- Everyday Moments.

And I couldn't loose those butterflies on Susan's card!
I used I.O.- Butterfly Set- DIE046-A  & die cut little butterflies out of Grafix Parchment Paper- they're layered in two colors- blue for the bottom layer & white for on top.
 I also added some rhinestones for the body of the butterflies & a little bit for the trails..... 
just to get that swirl motion of black crystals on Susan's card.

So, what do you think???
I had so much fun doing this!
THANK YOU KITTIE for asking me! 

*****This card was chosen "BEST OF 2019!" on SCS!*****
****This card was chosen "Favorites for the week ending Jan. 11th, 2020" on SCS!****

HONORED to Guest Design today!

My card turned out quite big!
9 1/4" x 6 1/4"
(PERFECT for a SPECIAL Birthday!)

Supplies not mentioned above:
* Versa Fine Black Ink
*FC- Click-n-Go Pot
*Silver Black Velvet Brushes- #2, #6, & #8
*Card Stock- Paper Studio
*Teflon Bone Folder
*Paper Mate Mech. Pencil
*Glimmer Machine
*Scotch ATG
*Uline Foam Tape
*Elmer's Glue Dots
*Paper Studio-Rhinestones