Friday, December 14, 2012

INSIDE the Blustery Pink Christmas Box...

Hi Friends!

Just a quick note here about what happened today...My prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, precious little ones or adults!
 Isaiah 66:13a- "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you;" 
 2 Corinthians 1:3-4- " Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, & the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."

Getting this post done a little later than I normally do... feels like there's SO MUCH to be done before Christmas! And my mind & fingers are BUSY!!!!! How about you?
 If you aren't a "crafter," I don't think you understand!  It's kinda like, "A mothers' work is never done!" You're always working on SOMETHING! And/ or your mind is ALWAYS working on what's coming next! ALWAYS TRYING to come up with something new! ALWAYS STRIVING to do something even better! AND with a DEADLINE, usually!  All the while, trying to maintain your home....(which never ends with children & pets!) train up you children....(homeschooling, church, everyday interactions, etc.! THAT LIST could go on FOREVER!) love your husband....AND whatever else you've got going on in your life! LIFE is BUSY in a crafters world! Usually, a crafter is one who will MAKE the gifts they give! That takes TIME! From the time it takes to make a card, some taking longer than others! (That's me!)  To the time it takes to knit up something special for the recipient! Or whatever it is!   (Just think of it, each little stitch, one by one being placed on the needle, over & over, ALL done by hand, till it makes that one of a kind garment or whatever!) Add in  ALL THE STEPS somethings take, to get to the final piece! Even cards have steps to get to the FINAL OUTCOME! Some steps taking longer than others! AND put in on top of that, if you're doing more than one! But, with every step & SOMETIMES FAILURE, ( that might mean starting from the beginning, MAYBE more than once,) & even a day or two where we don't feel good,  we end up with a gift made out of LOVE! Something, ONE OF A KIND, made JUST FOR the recipient! Now, WHERE in a store can you find something like you've JUST CREATED? I DARE SAY, you CAN'T!   It DEFINITELY won't be made WITH LOVE or with THE THOUGHT  the person who made it, put into it, with YOU in mind!  
So, now I'm going to show you what I MADE & what  was INSIDE of the Blustery Pink Christmas Box! The first gift is one that was HAND KNIT & HAND FELTED!
I added a pin back to it & some leaves from silk flowers. The middle is black french knots & gold beads! I wanted a Vintage look!  Here is where you can find the pattern:
NOTICE: Look at all the little Ornament patterns you get with this pattern, mittens, stockings, stocking hat, pointy top hat, & poinsettia!
The pattern can be bought here:
718 8th Ave. SW., Rochester, MN 55902
I also added this little ornament to the box! (From: Somerset Life Magazine, Autumn 2008)
These are THE CUTEST little mittens! You can make a bunch easily or make them year by year for gifts for different people! (I made a slew & have been giving them away & now need to make more!)
Just in case you don't have the magazine, here's a tutorial:
Using Natural Cotton Batting, spray with coffee to give an aged look! (You can see the difference once you've sprayed it! I used Instant coffee!)
Cut your pattern: 5"-6" high, & use Pinking Shears at the top for an added touch!
Stitch the mittens together, right sides in.
Then when you have them stitched together, trim away the excess & snip a little slit at the thumb & gently turn right side out!
Next, use a bamboo skewer & dip it into white glue & smear onto the mitten. (You'll do the same on the other side when this side is dry!)
Sprinkle with your choice of glitter! Here I used Mica Flakes!
Your choice of glitter & trimmings will make the difference in how your mittens look in the end! (The mittens at the top of this tutorial, were made with a clear glitter!)
Now, crochet a chain length of  13"-14" long! (I used Ecru, cotton crochet thread.) & hand stitch it to the inside of the mittens cuff.
Add your ribbon, gimp (also sprayed with coffee), or choice of trim, & buttons.
I also added a tag, with the year on one side & who it was from on the other.
Here are the mittens made with the Mica Flakes:
Hope this helps with your Christmas giving list! These little mittens look GREAT on the tree! OR think of doing several & adding them to a wreath! OR hanging them from a Mitten Tree! Think of doing these in the traditional red & green... with little pine cones... or holly!
 More Christmas goodness next week!
P.S. Below you'll find my pattern for the mittens! Just in-case, you want to make some of these sweet mittens!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Blustery PINK Christmas!

Hi Friends!
I was thinking about my post for this week & I've been racking my brain for a Christmas Ornament, something that I could show you how to make...Sometimes, the little "brilliance cog" just doesn't want to work!  So, I thought I'd post something I made a friend a few years back. I don't have pictures of every step but, I'll do my best to relay the steps to you! At the time, I made this I even used a Non-Traditional color, (something I don't do!)  & was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!  
I LOVE those little decorated boxes that people do! Do you? I haven't made myself one yet! But, here's the first glimpse at the box I made for my friend:
So, what do you think?
Here's what you need to make this box:
Box- found at the Craft store. Whatever size & shape you desire.
Decoupage & applicator & glue with a pointed nozzle
Glitter- I used three types-Fine Glitter, Mica Flakes & German Glass Glitter
Angel Image or image of your choice- mine is from Memories of a Lifetime- CHRISTMAS book from Barnes & Noble.
White fleece
Bottle Neck Christmas Tree (These are quite popular now!)
Miniature Christmas Presents- found in the isle of the Mini Christmas Trees at your craft store
Strand of mini pearls
Designer papers
Acrylic paints-your choice of color
Felt with an adhesive backing-for bottom of box
Hot glue gun
For the box: 
Start by measuring your box & lid, where you want to cover it with designer paper.
I chose to paint the outer & inner edges of my box pink rather than cover them with designer paper. Paint the edges of the box first then apply your designer paper.
Apply decoupage to the box where you will cover it with designer paper. Laying the paper on making sure there are no bubbles.
 DO NOT seal the outer parts with Decoupage! I have found it's hard to get the lid off later, as it wants to stick!
Measure the inside of the box & apply your cut felt to the bottom & sides. (If you do the lid, only add felt to the bottom area of the inside of the lid-if flipped over for the inside, NOT the sides!) 
For the lid:
After adding Designer paper, & painting the outer & inner edges with pink acrylic paint,
brush the outside edges of the lid with decoupage & sprinkle heavily with German Glass Glitter!
For the decorations:
Choose your image- back it with another piece of cardstock, keeping in mind the back WILL SHOW!
Also, you need to add TABS to the bottom of BOTH PIECES-front & back. This will attach the image to the box lid.
Decorate the tree with a strand of mini-pearls & then ribbon, using hot glue. Then dab glue or decoupage here & there on the tree & sprinkle Mica Flaks over the tree. Top the tree with a matching ribbon bow- you will  need one for the front & one for the back, with hot glue.
Arrange your pieces on top of your box... Glue down the Angel & the tree.
Cut a piece of the white fleece to go around the bottom of the tree & extend out just a little. You will curl the edges under & glue down with Hot glue. Using extra little pieces stuff them under this fleece to make it puff up as a mound of snow, then glue down. (I brought the tree skirt/ snow all the way over to cover the bottom back tab of the angel.
Keep making little mounds of snow this way--covering the front tab of the angel.
Using hot glue scatter the mini-presents under the tree & around the top of the box.
Apply glue to the snow mounds & sprinkle Mica Flakes.
To the presents, add glue- keeping in mind the blowing of snow in the same direction...draping the glue over the edges, icicle like. Then sprinkle with fine glitter.
For the Angel, using the glue with the pointed nozzle- etch where you want snow or glitter on your Angel image & sprinkle with fine glitter! ( LOVE that glitter!)
Add a strand of mini-pearls to the top edge of the lid with Hot glue.
Finally, measure & attach the felt with adhesive backing to the bottom of your box!
Don't forget to put SOMETHING SPECIAL INSIDE of the box if you give it as a gift! (I've always heard, you should never give an empty box!)
Here you can see there is SOMETHING tucked inside! Wrapped with matching tissue paper!
Next week, I'll show you one of  the little gifts inside!
"And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, & the glory of the Lord shone round about them: & they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." Luke 2: 9-10 
Just for fun, think of a color to use on your Christmas cards or handmade ornaments that is Non-Traditional! You'll probably be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED just like me!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry & Bright!

Hi Friends!
Whew! Have you EVER had one of those weeks where you just couldn't get going??? MAYBE, it was too much GOOD EAT'N!!!! I HOPE everyone had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving & ate to their hearts content! Your tummies filled  with cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey & LOVE! Oh, & pumpkin pie of course, with a little whipped cream on top!
Even though I couldn't get going,  I have a Christmas card for you! I LOOOOOVE Christmas Stamps! If there's one time of the year I like to have ALOT of stamps to play with, it's Christmas time! I like to play & figure out which I like BEST! AND of course, you have them for years to come! Just think, what would happen if a year rolled around & NO ONE had a Christmas Stamp/Set you liked??? What would you do? I'm prepared! LOL
Well, I started playing with a SU set called Ornament Keepsakes! I wanted this set from the time it came out!  I used the little bulbs in the set! I used the techniques of stamping off & masking. And I tried to make it CAS. Although, I have a hard time stopping when it comes to actual stamping! Here's my card:
You can see I stamped alot of these three little bulbs & added glitter gel pens to them to make them shine! I did an under layer of this image too-- messing it up, I didn't want to let it go to waste after edging it with red Stickles! The top image layer is popped up with dimensionals. Here is a closer look at the bulbs:
You can see the under layer here a little better.
The white layer the image is on has been scored to give an embossed look using my Score Buddy!Then it is layered on the card base.
The ribbon is from Walmart! And the Sentiment is from Flourishes-Naturally Merry.
Here is the inside:

Of course, you HAVE TO decorate the inside of your Christmas Cards!
HOPE this gives you some INSPIRATION for those Christmas cards you have yet to make! (I'm STILL WORKING on my final design for the ones I send out!)

As we prepare to celebrate the Season of Joy, remember TO BE "Merry & Bright!"

Matthew 1: 21
"And she shall bring forth a son, & thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins."

Grateful for a Savior!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"May Your Cup Runneth Over!"

Hi Friends!
Thought I'd post this EARLY this week since we'll all be busy taking care of our families & roasting turkey with all the trimmings later in the week!
Today, I thought I'd share with you some VERY SOPHISTICATED Tea Cups! I wanted to use DESIGNER PAPER to create these cups! As you know, I don't always use alot of these papers (BUT, I DO have some!) A paper crafter NEEDS these papers! SOMETIMES, you just can't get around NOT using them! AND they REALLY DO ADD to your creation sometimes! (It's more the COST that bothers me!)   But, I had some more "Thank You" gifts to send, so I thought this would be the time to try out the designer papers! I made  matching Thank You cards too! When I made the first card, I'd been going through such a DRY SPELL creativily! Do you get those too? What snaps you out of them? Sometimes, I think I just THINK TOO HARD & that seems to sap all of the creativity right out of me! When I start thinking "Simple" then it just CLICKED! (Sometimes, I just want to add too much or do too much to a card & it REALLY isn't needed!) Simple? You can't go wrong with this SU set- From My Heart.
Here is my first card:
(Do you notice anything DIFFERENT????)
IF you don't notice anything DIFFERENT, compare the next photo to this one!
This one was taken in a little box I made to get the BEST photo! (A "Photographers Light Box!") BUT, it was VERY LITTLE & I didn't have THE BEST LIGHTING! (Which would be Utility lights...) The TOP PHOTO was taken in the NEW Light Box my Sweet Hubby made me! Made with PVC pipe & Utility Lights! If you do any posting, this is the way to go! Check here to find out how to make your own Light Box:
Just had to add this! I LOVE how much better my photos come out! HOPE it helps you too!
Back to "Cups of Sophistication!"
LOOK what I found!!!!!!!! It's by Stampabilities! I happened to find it at Hobby Lobby! (Yes, we had a little trip to the "big city!" I PROMISED NOT to go "hog-wild" at the crafts store! Times are tight for EVERYONE! I was GOOD!!!!!!! THIS was the ONLY thing I got! )
WHAT a PERFECT STAMP for my Tea Cups!!!!!!! "May Your Cup Runneth Over!"
Here is the cup with the Chocolate nuggets included!
And here is the Gift Set:
This set goes to  Christine! I won some Blog candy of FOUR SETS of Flourishes stamps from her! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! They're BEAUTIFUL IMAGES!!! I've already used them! Here is where you can find Christine:
You'll LOVE her blog!!!!
Now, BECAUSE I won these stamps from Christine, & was able to play along at Flourishes; I won FIVE MORE SETS from FLOURISHES!!!!!!!! AND THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! There's ALWAYS FUN going on over there! So BE SURE to check them out here:
I have ANOTHER SOPHISTICATED Gift Set to show you!
I won some other blog candy from Silke for her Our Daily Bread Designs Blog Post! If I remember rightly, Silke is the one who INTRODUCED me to Flourishes Stamps AGES AGO!
Silke even sent me one of her GORGEOUS CARDS!!!!!!! You can find Silke here:
IF you visit EITHER of these ladies blogs, you will be BLOWN AWAY with the images they use AND the GORGEOUS COLORING with COPICS!!!!!!!!!
Here is Silke's card:
And here is her Tea Cup with goodies:
Now, the Gift Set:
The sets I made were made the same as in the past, only I used Designer Paper from My Minds Eye- Lost & Found (Black) & Colorbok (Walmart for the Blue) And this time I added Paper Piercing to the card (from the Holidays SU Mini- Festive Paper-Piercing Pack) With using the designer paper, I DID double layer the saucer as the designer paper was too thin. (I normally don't do this!) 
Before I leave you today, I wanted to show you a photo I shot the other morning! It was cloudy & rainy---
AND the Sun showed through onto the tree tops!
Which makes me think of this Scripture:
"Where sin abounds, grace did much more abound."
Romans 5:20
Here's my question: 
I know MANY don't have those Computerized/ Electronic type of machines...I don't have one!
And I've NOT seen a Tea Cup Template for the Big Shot...
So, would you like a Round Tea Cup Template offered along with the Beveled Tea Cup Template? Let me know??? It will help me in preparing for the Grand Release!
Remember the above verse when things seem a little much & rest easy in HIS GRACE!!!!!!!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LOVELY Clematis & Butterflies!

Hi Friends!
Posting just a little "early" this week! That way YOU can get in on the FUN! AND I just COULDN'T WAIT ANYMORE!  
This week I thought I'd share another Flourishes card with you using the set, " Clematis & Butterflies!" I don't know about YOU but, I LOOOOOOOVE Clematis flowers! When our children were in Public School I would drive past a house each day (taking them to & from school)  that had an arch COVERED in BEAUTIFUL PURPLE CLEMATIS FLOWERS! I didn't know what kind of flower they were but eventually, found out & made sure I got some to plant when we moved here! My flowers  haven't gotten anywhere like the ones I first saw, PROBABLY due to my NOT green thumb! LOL Notice, the name of this set includes BUTTERFLIES! Here, every spring we are graced with ALL SORTS of GORGEOUS butterflies!!!!!!!!! They're EVERYWHERE! Just like the Indigo Bunting Bird (The bird is  actually black! But, when the light hits them just right, they're a DEEP BLUE! It just has to do with the sun...they're actually NOT BLUE!!!!! ); there are butterflies that are near that color blue too! Now,  you will understand where I got this inspiration from!
Here are the requirements:
1) Use the sketch given.
2) Make it monochromatic.
3) Use decorative paper.
4) Add some sparkle.
AND you have to post your creation to each step in the challenge!
It's due Nov. 16, 5:00 p.m. Est.

Well, I tried to do a technique using my Spellbinders---Where the image comes off the die cut! I colored it in using pastels. Well, THAT wasn't working for me! :( So, I stamped the image again & tried another medium. NOPE! I ACTUALLY tried SEVERAL TIMES with different mediums! FINALLY, settling  on Dick Blick Colored Pencils & Gamasol! I STILL USED the original image with the Spellbinders die as my base!

The Designer Paper I used is from DCWV.
After using Spellbinders, I paper pierced the scallops!
Using the Clematis flower image, I of course wanted to do a purple flower! (Clematis come in several different colors!) The blue butterflies aren't purple BUT, they are in the same color family!
The ribbon & lace are from WALMART! (I'd been admiring some cards with this kind of lace, so when we last went to Walmart I grabbed some! Good thing!)
My BLING? I used Stickles on the flower centers & on the butterflies.
AND I used some rhinestones! These rhinestones are the kind you iron on your clothes. They seemed cheaper than the ready to go kind! I dabbed glue & placed each rhinestone individually!

So, what do you think?
Next, you can see where I added dimensionals  to pop up the flowers & butterflies!

HOPE you like!!!!!!! This is making me want SPRING already! IF you're FAST at creating cards, jump in & join in the fun, here:
AND there's a PRIZE!!!!!!!!! :)

Now, here's a little forecast of what's to come before Spring!
I THINK Santa is letting the deer have a day of romping about with the up-coming "BIG JOB!"
They MUST like our foliage! There are three of them! They've been hanging around for days!
MAYBE, they understand we have the magic greens that help them FLY!!!!! :)

Hmm, NOW I want some Christmas cards!!!!!!! Aren't we fickle people!

Sometimes, a little FICKLE!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day!

Just wanted to pop in here & remind you of Veterans Day!

OUR VETERANS have sacrificed SO MUCH! Don't forget to say, "THANK YOU!"


Saturday, November 10, 2012

CHF Challenge & A Pine Cone Tutorial !

Hi Friends!
HOPE your weekend is going FABULOUSLY!!!!!! I have a couple cards for you today that I will be entering in a CHF (Cornish Heritage Farms) Challenge! You are to feature a Thomas Kinkade image! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these stamps! They're SO MUCH FUN to use! AND the images are GORGEOUS! You can color them in OR leave them as they are! I can't seem to resist coloring them in! So here is the first one using "The Light Of Peace" stamp:
I colored the image with Dick Blick colored Pencils & I used Stickles on the white caps of the waves. Also using a Krylon Silver Pen to edge the paper.
My second card also using a Thomas Kinkade Stamp- "The Good Life" & "Home Is Best" sentiment stamp.
I stamped the image with Versa Fine- Vintage Sepia & colored it in with Dick Blick Colored Pencils. Notice, I only colored in the trees, green land scape & the windows of the cabin. I was shooting for a fall look but, it looks a little more Christmassy with the red ribbon! The designer paper is My Minds Eye & I edged it with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo, the layers &  the image itself. I also used Spellbinders Scallop Circle Die & Beccas' Bow Maker.
Now for the PINE CONE! I did a little tutorial for you as this would be a SUPER ADDITION to ones Christmas Cards! AND I needed a little home- spun earthy embellishment for this card!
Here are the supplies needed:
SU- 1/2" Circle Punch
Build a Bird Punch-wing
Glue Gun
Chocolate Chip Ink Pad
MS Punch- for the leaf
Brown & Green Card stock
Pad for using stylus (I used a paper piercing pad)
First step:
Cut out 16-18 wings from the Build a Bird Punch & 1- 1/2" circle all in Brown Card stock.
Step 2:
Cut a little dip in the larger end of the wing. To the RIGHT is a normal wing & to the left are the wings that have been cut. You can stack them & cut them so it won't take as long.
Step 3:
Using your stylus & pad shape your cone petals till they are cupped.
Step 4:
Pinch the small end of each petal & curl the other end with tweezers on both sides of the larger end.
This is a CURLED PETAL! (The one above it is one that hasn't been curled.)
Step 5:
Use your Chocolate Chip Ink Pad to rub color onto the small end of each petal. This will add depth to your pine cone. You could also sponge it on if you like.
Step 6:
Using your 1/2" Circle Punch as the base, add some Hot Glue & then start adding petals around.
* Guess what I discovered? The little blue mat in the picture- is a Silicone Hot Pad! Just like the Silicone pad in the SU Mini, you can add your hot glue to it & peel it right off! You can find them in your local Walmart! *
This is what you'll get! Don't worry about the strings or blobs of glue at this point!
Step 7:
This is your second layer over the bottom layer of petals! Try standing them up a little.
Step 8:
This is my third layer!
Step 9:
This is your LAST petal! Roll it on the Tweezers. It is the Center of the Pine Cone. Add it to the center of the pine cone.
Step 10:
Using your MS punch add the greenery to your pine cone. I used glue dots to attach them to the pine cone. You can add them right to the pine cone or add them when the pine cone is on the card, tucking them under. At this point I also pulled off the strings of glue! And at this point you can also use the tweezers to curl the petals a little more if you feel you need to.
As I said, I will be entering these cards in a CHF Challenge here:
Check it out & see if you'd like to play along! (There's a PRIZE!)
HOPE you like! AND HOPING to hear from some of my "FRIENDS?" (Have you forgotten me???)