Friday, May 25, 2012

"Thank You" to those who have served!


Memorial Day is Monday & I thought it appropriate to honor those who have served! It is because of them that we have our freedoms! I'd like to give a shout out to my WONDERFUL husband! He is a Disabled Veteran. I didn't even know him when he was in the service so I wasn't apart of the time he served, the woman sitting at home waiting for her husband to return & wondering if he would! My husband served during the Grenada Invasion.  I've heard him talk of the time he served, see the damage that his body has taken, see whether people appreciate his service....! He, like many others of our Service Men & Women are humble & don't seek recognition! But, I HAVE TO say, we can NEVER tell them "Thank You" enough! So, to ALL Service Men & Women, "THANK YOU for your service to our Nation & to us personally! With out your service, we would not have the life we have!"                                                                  

Here is a card I made quite awhile back. It's never been published before. I made this card to be sent to our Service Men/Women as a Thank You for your service! It is made with a SU set that I hated to see go!( It is retired.) The verse inside is so TRUE & is a VERY BEAUTIFUL & SPIRITUAL verse  at the same time! It is, "What LOVE is to the HEART, LIBERTY is to the SOUL." The image was colored in with Dick Blick colored Pencils. I did a watermark on the card base--stars, not sure if you can see them. The punches on the front are SU & the verse on the front is SU-Short & Sweet. It's a simply made card. If you haven't told a Service Man or Woman "Thank You" lately, please be sure you do this weekend!

I haven't forgotten about the tea cup template for those of you that are wanting it! I am busy working on it to refine &  improve it for you! AND add some other goodies for you to go with it! Thank you for your patience! I think you'll be pleased when it finally makes it's grand appearance! :)  


  1. Your card is great!! It is so nice of you to make this card and blog about the men and women that have worked to keep our country free. Please thank you husband for me. There are a lot of veterans that have been wounded and it is sad.

  2. Thank you Kim for your kind words! Many times people don't know WHAT to say! Those two words, "Thank You," mean SO MUCH! So, "Thank YOU!" :)

  3. Great card, beautifully colored!


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