Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fathers' Day is coming!

I'm finding when you do a blog, SOOOOO MANY things come to mind to blog about! You have to learn to let it eeek out,  little by little! Anyway, I thought it time to create a Fathers' Day card since it's right around the corner! Now my hubby isn't a person to go & play gulf, go to football games, or wear a suite & tie! He's more of an outdoors man! Hunting, trapping, leather work, etc! I don't mind at all when he spends his time doing those things! He encourages me in my crafts & hobbies, so why wouldn't I encourage him? He can fix MOST ANYTHING! Which saves us loads of money! I think a man ought to learn the things he knows how to do! Just like the woman needs to learn things to save money &  make their home a brighter place... (I'm kinda old fashioned that way!)

Well, we woke up bright & early this morning by the meows of our kitties---George, well we should have called him ROOSTER! (He's the one who wakes us up.) We set about our day & went to work! While I worked on cleaning the outside windows, my hubby worked inside on the fireplace! (We're changing it over to a wood burning stove ) I got a picture & thought I'd share it! It made me giggle as it looked like he was a little boy finding a place to hide! Or at least that's what it made me think of, cause our son would have done that when he was younger! And our youngest kitty was right there beside him! (She absolutely ADORES him! Follows him EVERYWHERE!) You can see her there just leaving the scene; maybe she was a little camera shy!

This is the kind of thing I think men need to learn to make the home a safe dwelling for their families! And believe me there are MANY OTHER things that are important; car maintenance, plumbing, electrical work. Really, the list NEVER ends!

Here is something else men will do for their families- Something else to do with the fireplace! Keep us safe from CRITTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shortly after I started this blog, I was sitting in the living room watching an afternoon show that I recently discovered. Our daughter was sitting at the dinning room table watching it with me as she enjoyed it too. She was having a late lunch. All of a sudden, she jumped up walking briskly down the hall calling, " Dad!!!!!!!" I got up & slowly moved toward the hall asking, "What?" I didn't want to miss any part of my show & I thought it was a spider she was carrying on about. She came back & pointed to the mantel. There on the mantel, behind my china cups, clocks etc. was a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I QUICKLY remembered all the feelings I'd get when we'd go to the zoo---I NEVER wanted to go into the reptile building! I didn't even want to look at those kinds of things! All I asked was that my husband be careful & not break anything! Of course, get rid of the snake, but don't break anything either! We weren't sure what kind of snake it was--thought it was maybe a Copperhead! So, that made it even scarier! Well, he got the snake & killed it! Came back into the house & was bent over in front of the fireplace... looked up & there was ANOTHER ONE coming through the fireplace inches from his face! It got away up under the mantel! So, we took EVERYTHING OFF the mantel! He pulled the mantel off the wall! It was gone! So he filled in ALL the cracks, crevices & anything that looked like an opening all around the fireplace! And he pulled out the gas insert, to make sure there were NO OPENINGS in there either! That's what got us started on this fireplace job for today! Well, we didn't see anymore of the second snake! But, ICK! ICK! ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first snake! It was about a yard stick long! ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I HAVE TO SAY, I think our Fathers & Husbands DESERVE a SPECIAL DAY all their own! For ALL the things they do for us! Including the little things, like cooking for us when we just aren't up to it, listening to us rattle on about things, putting up with what ever our little quirks are etc.! So, here is the Fathers' Day Card I made for my Sweetie!
This card was made with CHF Scrapblocks- Newspaper Ads for the background paper, Spellbinders Oval die, SU for the main image, SU punches-Modern Label, Word Window, & Tiny Tags, the tag sentiment is from SU-Everyday Flexible Phrases, & the sentiment on the Modern Lable is from Stampington- Petite Greetings, I used Copic Markers for coloring, & Tim Holtz Distress Ink-Tea Dye, the little tomahawk is from Crazy Crow & Linen thread! Hope you like! And "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" to all those hard working Fathers & Husbands out there! I'm SURE you'll make their day EXTRA SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!! (By the way, the snake was a "Red Rat Snake!" Still, "ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. Great Fathers day the advertisements for the background paper. I've seen the odd snake in our garden......HATE them! Just about to jump in the pool once and a snake was cooling it self off.


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