Saturday, June 23, 2012

RED, WHITE, & BLUE!!!!!!!

Hi Friends!!!!!!!
Did this week FLY BY for you, like it did for me? I guess busy fingers make the time fly! This week, I have a Tri-Shutter Card for you! When I came up with this card, I thought THIS is the PERFECT type of card for a FLAG CARD! It just flows like a flag in the wind! I got my instructions for a Tri-Shutter Card from SCS, so you can check their Resources page for the instructions!
Here's how I made this card: First of all, I made a cardboard template of a wavy stripe. Using that I made a "Master Board" by tracing that piece onto Red & White card stock. I cut out each stripe & pieced them together, as a puzzle, onto another solid piece of card stock. Before gluing them down I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink to antique the pieces. Keeping in mind the fold areas should be darker. Once the pieces were glued down, the master board was done.
Then for the blue area I used the star image from SU, The Free & The Brave set (retired); you can use any star image you choose. I heat embossed the stars using white embossing powder. Then using an extra piece of card stock cut with the wave template I  applied the Vintage Photo ink to the blue. I then copied everything as cutting your master board & applying it  to this card WILL be disastrous! ( I discovered!) Cut the pieces to fit your shutter card carefully so the stripes line up & stars have a little overlap to the next piece. On the Tri-Shutter base card, I added a creamy piece to the left side of the card, that I applied Vintage Photo ink too. I added 2 grommets & gold cording.
For this inside, I used the sentiment stamp from the SU set The Free & The Brave. ( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this sentiment! It is TRUE spiritually too!)  The 1776 was stamped with Stampingtons, AB Seas Alphabet Stamps. The image of Betsy Ross & the little image of the Constitution are images I found on the web. I DID color in Betsy Ross with colored pencils.
Here is a closed image:
Let me know if you'd like for me to post images of my Master Board or any other parts of this card & I'll do my best to get them up for you! (Lately, there are computer to copy machine issues!)

Here's a question for YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE 4TH OF JULY????

I have MORE 4th of July goodies coming, so be sure to come back!

PLEASE leave me comments &/OR suggestions!!!!!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!!


  1. Again, breathtakingly powerful, and clever, creative technique. CASE-worthy! Thanks.

  2. THANK YOU Brenda (Anonymous) !!!!!!!!!!!! :) HOPE you come back for another visit!!!!!!! :)

  3. JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS! My 1776 Flag Card was chosen as a WEEKLY FAVORITE on SCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A HAPPY TLady here!)

  4. It is an amazing card! And all the pictures of your food just makes me hungry. LOL ... answering the private message - I thought I had joined, but evidently I hadn't. Now ... I need to see if I can get this posted. Ho hum.

  5. You DID IT Precious Kitty!!!!!!!!!! :) Glad to see you commenting here! :) Thank You for your compliments!!!!!!!! :)

  6. That card is so neat. The way it folds out really does remind me of a flag unfurled. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth!

  7. Hello TLady, I want to thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving all those kind comments...I so appreciate it:)
    Your card is perfect.....opened up it looks like it is blowing in the wind, what a great idea! Your fathers day feast looks amazing and I am definitely going to try one of those tea recipes......they sound so delicious with all those berries. I happen to have a few fragrant teas in the pantry.

  8. Great card, looks like a lot of work. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful day. Congratulations for having your card chosen at SCS. Quite an honor. ~ Abby


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