Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi Friends!
This is NOT a scheduled post! So, be watching for the "Organization Recipe-- for Stampers" post that is coming THIS WEEK!
Yesterday was a VERY SPECIAL DAY for me! It was my Birthday! Now, I WON'T tell you just how old I am....My hubby tells our kids he's 27! And they tell him, "But mom.....!" Then he tells them, "Mom  robbed the cradle!" They just giggle! So, for me NOT TO BE a "crib-snatcher," I declare I am now 25! AND here's the cake to prove it!
Ooooo, that makes me feel YOUNG! Now, if you're a CHOCOLATE LOVER,  here's one for you!
What do you think? I've got more if that doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth! (This purple one's for you Dawn! )
Are you feeling like a Princess yet? How about this one?
MAYBE, you're thinking something more SAVORY?
Our son would like this one! And before you know it, 

It's OVER! AND you're OLDER & MAYBE a few pounds heavier for all the cake! (Eeeeks!)

Well I HAVE TO SAY, YOU ALL made my day yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU for making my day!!!!!!!!! I was giggling ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Dawn for your VERY SPECIAL GIFT! (I NEVER IMAGINED!)

I've TRIED to contact all that have subscribed to my blog or asked questions about my template. I have been unable to contact all of you directly; that is the reason I thought I'd do this post! So you know, I am thinking of you & want to let you know, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOO HAPPY you have subscribed & I'll do MY BEST NOT to disappoint!
I AM waiting to hear from the Copyright Office on my template. As soon as I hear from them, you will hear from me! (It is the first time I've had anything copyrighted, so know this is a BIG DEAL to me! ) Also if you read back through my blog---you'll see I am NEW at this blogging thing! YOU may be more experienced in blogging & I don't mind AT ALL if you have ANY pointers or suggestions! I know this will make your time here EVEN BETTER! I look forward to hearing from you on my blog!
AGAIN, "THANK YOU" for subscribing & I KNOW we'll become such GOOD FRIENDS! You have made me feel SOOOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS each & everyone of you!


  1. Happy be-lated birthday,
    I just love the cakes pictures you posted. I hope you actually got to eat one of them. They all look so good. Did you make any of them? I wish I could make a cake look half as good. LOL
    Well, I hope your birthday was great.

  2. Thank You Queen Bea! :) No, I didn't make any of these cakes or get to eat them! :( BUT, I DID have an Ice Cream Cake! (I found these pictures on the web!) I WISH my cakes came out as LOVELY too! I THINK it's the GUM PASTE or FONDANT that makes them look so fabulous! & of course, the artist! :)


  4. Happy Belated Birthday....what awesome cakes! I'm going to have a go at making that chocolate one for my kids!


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