Saturday, July 14, 2012

Christmas in July!

Hi Friends!  Hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL week & recuperated from the Fourth! Hope you weren't one of those that lost power during all the heat & storms! We lost ours for awhile & discovered we needed MORE FLASHLIGHTS! Thank the Lord, the electricity came on BEFORE everything in the refrigerator spoiled!

I THOUGHT this past week was going to be quiet! We had a storm blow through--& when my hubby took the dog out she found a little bird, just sitting there on the edge of the yard, amongst the twigs & other outside debris! NO nest to be found! With our cats, we KNEW it would be a SNACK! So, we brought it in & called around! OF COURSE, there were no resources.....So, after feeding the little thing, boiled egg yolk & soft dog food with tweezers,   we put him back outside, up on a tree branch. Letting nature take its course. He disappeared. We aren't sure whether he was eaten or his mommy came for him. We try to think the latter happened! Here is picture of just how little he was!

We also had an unexpected treat of going into the "big city" on Thursday! Around here going to Lexington is the "big city!" We were up EXTREMELY EARLY to get out the door! It was a little foggy! I always LOVE how the fog hangs down into the mountains. It's so  beautiful! The sun rise was GORGEOUS!  The colors made me hopeful of all that was good to come! The sky showed through the clouds in spots of aqua! What a BEAUTIFUL drive we had! (Do forgive me for the quality of the pictures! I NEED to remember to take my camera! My daughter shot these with her Nintendo 3DS!) 


  We haven't been to Lexington in quite awhile, so it was a real treat! We did some shopping and we hit one of the craft stores! I USUALLY like to go to Hobby Lobby, but we found a Michael's!I hadn't been in a Michael's FOR YEARS!  So, I opted for that store instead! Couldn't do both as EVERY ONE'S feet hurt! Including my own! (When I shop, I SHOP! I HAVE TO see EVERYTHING!) Anyway, I didn't really have alot in mind to get when going---just wanted to look around & drool.... I DID discover that Michael's has WOOD KNITTING NEEDLES! They had the pretty tops too!  I've not seen wood knitting needles  in the stores & I've always had to order those on-line! So, I was pleased with that & made a mental note to remember...!

I thought I'd do a CHRISTMAS IN JULY card for you today! I've seen ALOT of cards on the web lately that are made with Kraft card stock & have splashes of color! I LOVE the look! So, here is my card along with a matching envelope! (Yep, I made those envelopes myself!)

I used a Penny Black Stamp for the main image. Using Versa Mark & Gold Embossing Powder on red card stock. Then I filled one of my water color brushes with bleach & applied that to the flower! I LOVE the effect of it!(Be sure to check the bleach on a scrap piece of paper before applying it to you image!)  Using my Krylon Gold Pen, I edged the image & the matting around the image. (I can NEVER GET ENOUGH of that Gold Pen! One of FAVORITE TOOLS! Here is a picture to help you find one for yourself! I've gotten them at Hobby Lobby & discovered they carry them at Meijer too!)

 The sentiment on the front of my card is from SU- A Cardinal Christmas and I gold embossed that too. The Bakers Twine, I ordered from Amazon! You can find a huge spool on Amazon for a decent price! You'll end up with MORE than you can use probably, but you can use this stuff on ANYTHING! I LOVE IT!

I wrote the inside sentiment myself & typed it out with a typewriter! (No, I'm not good with the typewriter! I hated those timed tests back in High School!) I stamped just a little on the inside piece with the gold ink, using the Penny Black image  & edged the inside matting with the gold pen!

It's funny, this Christmas in July stuff, isn't it?

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Hope you find time today to have a cup of Tea & just enjoy the day!

P.S. I'm HOPING to bring you a few NEW pictures of some more of my Paper Tea Cups next week! BE SURE to come back!


  1. A post loaded with goodness! I love the photo of the sweet bird. We'll trust it is somewhere safe!
    Yay for a fun day of shopping in the city! Thank you for more lovely photos of your trip!
    Your cards are beautiful! It's so fun to see Christmas projects in July! Have a wonderful weekend!...Nancy :o)

  2. THANK YOU Nancy!!!!!!:) So Happy you like everything in my post! Thank you for leaving me a comment! You KNOW, we bloggers LOVE those comments! :)You too have a WONDERFUL weekend! :)

  3. Hi, me again! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! If you subscribed to my blog you won't get updates to my posts by email. You'll find them in your blogger reading list. Do you know where that is?...Nancy :o)

  4. So pretty! I love the different techniques you have used to create your card. Love the bleach idea. TFS:)

  5. Becky - love the photos! I love using gold Krylon pen too! You've just reminded me to see if I need a new one! LOL! xo

    -pamela ;)

  6. Pamela,
    I SHOULD HAVE ADDED, EVERYTIME we go into Lexington, I pick up a Krylon Pen! There's NO WHERE close to buy them! OR if I place an order with, it's on my list! All gold pens ARE NOT EQUAL! :)

    Thanks for coming for a visit! :)

  7. Your Christmas in July card is absolutely gorgeous, a real stunner!

  8. LOVE your tea cups & cards & can't wait until you post the template for the tea cups & saucers. I do tea parties for my friends & would love to make these for party favors this fall.


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