Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi Friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I know I am! I wanted to share with you SOMEONE, who I THINK you would like to know! Especially, if you like Stampin Up! A few weeks back, I won some blog candy from my SU Demonstrator! She didn't tell us what the "candy" was. It turned out to be one of the New Ink Pads in one of the "in colors!" I got the Midnight Muse & four other ladies got one too, of the other colors! I HAVE TO say, I LOVE the New Ink Pads!
I HAVE TO tell you too, Dawn has this thing called "Frequent Stamper Tokens." For every $50.00 you spend, you get a token! (Which are little punches, a different one each month.) When you get 10 you get to pick out a FREE set of stamps, YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How FUN is that?????? Well, my Birthday is coming & my hubby (who handles the finances, for good reason! Remember, I'm not into math! LOL) said, I could order some SU for my Birthday! And I reached my 10 tokens too! HAPPY ME! DO check out Dawn's website, I KNOW you'll like it !

 Well, I like to let people know I appreciate what they do for me & that includes someone like Dawn! Even though, this is a "business transaction," a bonus for me,  she is taking from HER PROFITS to bless me! So, I want to bless her! (SHHHHH, she's off to Conference right now! Here's what she'll get when she gets home! When she's at Conference & you order, you get DOUBLE the tokens! )
Purple is her FAVORITE color! I did something just a little different with this Tea Cup- I embossed it with the SU- Elegant Lines Emb. Folder & then I added some MS Crystal Fine glitter to the embossed areas. It looks like sugar! I REALLY LIKE the embossing! ( I used the  Elements of Style Stamp Set & Watercolor Crayons & the  Tiny Tags set.) AND I made her a matching "Thank You" card!  

My SWEET husband let me go ahead & pull this set out of  my SU goodies for my Birthday! LOOK at that sentiment! "A Cup Of Thanks," PERFECT! For this card I used white embossing power & heat set it, on the Tea Cup image & then I used my stamp pads & a blender pen to apply the color to the little flowers on the cup. Also using Elements of Style & SU punches & the Elegant Lines Emb. Folder & the MS Crystal Fine glitter as I did on the Tea Cup. (Dawn likes glitter too!)

I also want to show you just a couple more Paper Tea Cups! I've been adding to my Tea Cup line---this time I did Round Tea Cups. (My Original Cups were/are  Beveled.) Again, my inspiration came from Lomonosov! Here is a picture of a real Lomonosov Tea Cup. 
Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!!! I LOVE that Cobalt Blue!!!!!!!!!!! This one has an Asian flair to it. Notice the glaze on the gold handle & the taper at the bottom of the cup. Now believe me, I don't think myself near the artist that did this gorgeous cup, but here is a TRY at recreating this beautiful piece! (I REALLY GOT INTO the SWIRLS!)
Just know, the color IS a little off for some reason. In my picture, it looks aqua, but it isn't in real life. With this cup, I did the design free hand & used Prisma Watercolor Pencils with a blender Pen. And of course, my Krylon Gold Pen. I even beveled the bottom a little. Maybe, you can see it?
The last Tea Cup I did, was inspired by the Asian influence of this Lomonosov Cup also.
With this Cup I used SU- Eastern Influences (retired). I used Dick Blick Colored Pencils & a blender pen, & masking just a little. This cup is also a Round Tea Cup. One little difference with this one is I used a stylus on the under edge of the saucer to give it just a little curl. (Experimenting here!)

Do you see why I was SOOOO TICKLED to get that Blue  SU ink pad for blog candy? I used it on the second Asian style tea cup! Oooooo, that BLUE!!!!!!! I am SMITTEN!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see more information on Lomonosov check out their website:  There's LOTS to see on their website! From the History of Lomonosov to the making of Porcelain & videos too!

HOPE you find some time today, to relax & have a cup of tea! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
                                                    LOVING that Cobalt Blue!


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS work, Becky! I love your teacups! It's so sweet of you to make Dawn a thank you gift and I'm sure she'll really appreciate it!
    I'm glad to hear you like the new ink pads. I haven't tried one yet! Have a happy day!...Nancy :o)

  2. These are made of paper???? I would have never guessed! They are gorgeous and so creative! I have a small collection of teacups as I used to make those bird feeders out of them. Love your blog! :-)

  3. I DO love the BLUE!

  4. do you sell the template for the tea cup? I collect china tea cups and a avid paper crafter and would love to have one, i also am a follower of Dawns. Thanks so much for the great look.

  5. Dee!
    If you subscribe to my blog, you'll be THE FIRST to know when I put out my template! :) Dawns' GREAT, isn't she!?! :) One can learn ALOT from Dawn! :)She's THE BEST SU LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm a resent subscriber!!! Love your work!!! Have you made a video instruction on how to make the tea cup? Will you? I didn't see a video or instructions on the tea cup, did I miss it???

    2. I'm STILL waiting on the Copyright Office! You know how Government Offices can be....! No instruction "video" but there WILL BE instructions that come with the cup template! :)

  6. I found you through Kelly's Blog Finds ( via Dawn's Blog. These tea cups are beautiful!!! I, too, love Lomonosov ... have so many pieces from early on.

  7. Hi! Your paper teacups are AMAZING!
    I first saw it on Dawn's site and she directed her readers to your site.

    Do you have a pattern you could share? I would LOVE to make one of these for my girlfriend.....she is a teacup collector, but hers are all porcelain so far.... I would like to give her a paper one.

    Shel Anderson-

  8. I also was directed here from Dawns blog...WOW!!
    What a GOURGOUS teacup!! Everything she loves..Purple, Glitter, and Chocolate. Whats not to love? lol
    I would love to get the template, or better yet,a video! As I LOVE teacups, and the "Tea Shoppe" stamp set is my favorite!!!!

  9. The cobalt blue tea cup is from Russia. Thought you might enjoy knowing where it comes from.


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