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Hi Friends!
Well, I THOUGHT I had this post for this week all ready to go BUT, I felt it was an ALL OVER THE PLACE post & I just wasn't happy with it! NOT TO MENTION, I thought one thing I might just save for in a few weeks! SOOOOOO, I thought I'd show you what I made our son...

When  our son  first went off to college, his Freshman year, I made him cards EVERY WEEK! With everything he'd been through in his Public School years, I wanted him to know we were here for him even though, he was in College! AND that we loved him & missed him! We were blessed in that he had two roommates & one in particular befriended him! His second year, is when we REALLY NOTICED him coming out of his shell! That year I changed things a bit & sent him ATC's! Here is one of the ATC's I sent---it is the inspiration for some of the "card" I made today to send our son this week!
Our son LOVES Snoopy! (I have used these stamps & REUSED these stamps in SO MANY  WAYS!!!! I thought my mind was out of ways to use them! ) LOL
I saw this little thing that our son had gotten in a pack of trading cards----
and my mind was at work!

It's called a ''STAND-UP CARD."  Here it is:

I thought it would be SO CUTE with the Snoopy Image! Here's what the "inside" looks like:
AND it mails FLAT!

This is how I made this cute little "Stand-Up Card."
*The Base measuring, 5 1/2" x 3 1/4".
* Score at 1/2" on each end (on the long ends-see image below.)
* Stamp main image on one of the score lines. This will determine which end will be the "front."
*Stamp the sentiment on the lower 1/2" edge under the main image.
* Stamp stars- masking the main image as needed.
* Here's a use for the EXCESS RUBBER you have when you  punch out your stamps from the sheet of stamps you get. Cut out squares, rectangles, whatever shape you want with what you have ! Using a mask for your main image again & using a Kaleidacolor Ink Pad, stamp the background.
* Using an X-acto Knife, cut around the main image; only to the score line at the bottom. Don't be too detailed in cutting!  
* As you hold the main image out of the way, Score again at 2 3/4".
* Fold score lines.
* On the 1/2" pieces on either end - cut about 3/4 of the way up, at 1/2" in, on each side.
* Color in the main image.
*Stamp a message on the inside if you like.
* Put your Stand-Up card together!

This is an additional picture to show where the score lines & little snips are: 
(Just remember, those little snips are on the opposite end of what I'm showing you too! ) Your image CAN BE BIGGER! It could overlap the center score line--just make sure you cut around the image before scoring the center!

Here are the stamps I used:
Snoopy Images- Stampabilities.
Sentiment on first card front- CHF- Kim Hughes- Supah Star.
(Sentiment on second card front- Hand written.)
Sentiment on the inside of first card- Tweety Jill- Vintage Valentines.

As I was putting this little card in an envelope to mail off---the thought came to me, these would make  SUPER VALENTINES! OR I can even see a GINGERBREAD MAN for Christmas with this! (Think of the SU Holiday Catalogue....Scentsational Season....!)   
I couldn't leave you without telling you what I found!
Just a little something for "Tea?" 
Do you remember the Berry Coolers I did awhile back? Take a look here:
Well, I discovered these Soy Milk Drinks that remind me of them! AND, OH ARE THEY GOOD!!!!!!!

Hope those of you that can't have dairy give them a try! MAYBE, for "Tea" this week! OR if you just want a quick "Tea...!"

Let me know if you enjoyed this post this week!?! I LOOOOVE to hear from you! AND I DO read ALL comments & will try to visit your blog if you have one & leave you some love too!

Have a little Tea & Ink this week!


  1. Of course I enjoyed your always! Your "stand up" card is very cool! I've never seen one before! The ATC you sent him is adorable as well. Who doesn't love Snoopy? That tea smoothie sounds really interesting. Maybe I'll have to give it a try. Or this Silk drink...if you say it's yummy! lol It always helps to hear it from someone else first! haha Have a happy day, my friend! :o)

  2. Nancy! You're THE BEST!!!!!!!!! You comment FAITHFULLY!!!!!!!!!! :) AND SUCH AN ENCOURAGER!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! :) I KNOW all bloggers WISH they had a "Nancy" visiting their blogs! LOL I'm GLAD you enjoyed my post! :)

  3. Oh, you're so sweet! You're also very welcome! :o)

  4. Becky - this stand-up card is so adorable and very creative!!! Love it! xo

    -pamela ;)

  5. I did enjoy this post, and I love your cute snoopy stand-up ATC/card. What a fabulous idea!!! Thank you for the inspiration.

    Your son is so lucky to have you on his side. What a wonderful thing to be receiving beautiful little notes in the mail from your family while you are far studying. You made me smile :-).

    Very best wishes,

  6. I'm SO HAPPY you liked this post! :) Thank you for ALL of your SWEET COMMENTS!:) You make a person SMILE!:) I have ANOTHER IDEA for this little "Stand Up" card....I'll share it in a couple of weeks with the other thing I've saved! :)You ladies ARE SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. ohhh so cute and i love love snoopy!

  8. This is sooooo cute! How thoughtful of you to send him cards and ATCs to remind him of how much you love him. That's just soooooo sweet. ;)

  9. Both of your Snoopy projects are awesome!! Now I want to try to make a stand-up card! :D What a loving thing to do to send your son handmade things -- I'm sure they're treasured!

  10. THANK YOU LADIES! There just isn't ANYTHING like Snoopy! :) My son has a BIG STURDY Shoe Box he keeps all his cards & ATC's in...He brings them home at the end of the year & puts them in that shoe box! He LOOKS FOR my little goodie in his mail box each week! :)

  11. Cute card! My youngest son will be off to college next year...he's always been quite introverted too, but I've heard so many say college helps.
    Also, I love your beautiful teacups!

  12. The ATC is so cute.....I'm sure your son looks forward to your cards arriving!

  13. Very nice stand up cards. Nice design. Thanks for sharing.
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