Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Confessions & A Midnight Muse Romance!

Hi Friends!
I HOPE you don't mind if I am still using the same old stamp set! I LOVE this set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elements of Style! I HOPE SU keeps this set A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one I think all Paper Tea Cup lovers should have in their stamp collection! (It's SOOO English China!)

I guess it's time for a CONFESSION too! I am a "Penny Pincher" when it comes to my crafting! I ALWAYS look for the BEST PRICES! (Or TRY to!) And yes, I buy regular old COPY PAPER for my cards & 3D items! I KNOW I need to buy some of "THE GOOD STUFF!" AND the printed Designer Papers? I buy VERY LITTLE of it!  I think the price is a little much, at least for me! Every so often, I will splurge! Or get some with the Hostess Gifts/Dollars or if they come in a "bundle." Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! The COST is what gets me! Once it's used, IT'S GONE! I go for the STAMPS!  I've heard people say you can copy the papers, but then there's the INK COST,  AND I would think there is a COPYRIGHT on those papers too!

With  my "Penny Pinchardness," I made this Tea Cup & Card for another one of my friends who is having a Birthday! (She's already received her package!) Blue is one of her favorite colors! With that, I HAD TO pull out the MIDNIGHT MUSE & play!!!!!!!!! I like to see what certain ink colors do! And what they do when used with other colors! So sometimes, I stamp first on a scrap piece of paper & go from there. If I like the results, then I go with it! Look what happened when I stamped with Midnight Muse & added Certainly Celery! AND what happened to the Midnight Muse when it's watered down a bit!
Aren't the colors GORGEOUS? WOW!!!!!!!!!! I THINK I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I should continue confessing, but I think MAYBE, you've already guessed.... I DON'T buy the coordinating ribbons, buttons,  etc. either!  (There it's out!) I buy my ribbons from WALMART! (That's the only store with decent prices & a good selection & fairly close! NO REAL "Craft" stores here where I live or ANY WHERE CLOSE! ) So, I took the Satin Ribbon I had- Light Blue & used my Re-inker & colored it with Midnight Muse! I pinched off the excess ink, running my fingers down the ribbon. (Anybody like  BLUE FINGERS? LOL)  Then I used my Flat Iron (for my hair) & ran the ribbon through it till it was dry. (The flat iron is one of those that will remove the wet! It's a Remington Wet 2 Straight. Yep, I need to clean my iron now! ) Since I didn't have the colored card stock of Midnight Muse either, I sponged the Midnight Muse onto the white  (copy) card stock with a make-up sponge, moving in a circular motion. (LOVE these new ink pads for this! You really only need color the parts that will be showing!)
Here is my MIDNIGHT MUSE TEA CUP! (I'm IN LOVE! I THINK THIS is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!! )
I used the SAME TECHNIQUES as before, using a blender pen to add ink from my stamp pad, Embossing with the SU- Elegant Lines Folder, Gold Krylon Pen, & MS- Crystal Fine Glitter, SU- Cellophane bag. The ONLY difference, I used the SU- Lovely Little Labels & Little Labels Punch Pack for the tag. Handwriting "Happy Birthday." I got just a little Midnight Muse on my fingers from the stamp & edged the little label.

Now for my card! I am REALLY PLEASED with how it came out! For a sketch, I was inspired by SCS- SC395. My card is a little DIFFERENT from the sketch. I did the same thing with the card as I did with the Tea Cup, EXCEPT I sprayed the image with Tattered Angels Shimmer Spray-Pearl,(Hm mm, that would look GOOD on my Paper Tea Cups too!) AND I used Soft Sky on the background of the image. (Remember that color?)  I also added a Charm (From Walmart! ) & edged it with the Gold Krylon Pen, as it was silver! (If you get the gold ink on the cameo--just use a little alcohol on a Q-tip & rub it off!) AND using one of my B.D. goodies, I used the SU- Framed Tulips Folder.
Here is my card! I have to say, I think it has a little Asian flair with the three panels (popped up on dimensionals)--- makes me think of Asian Screens.  
What do you think? Again, there's JUST SOMETHING about the GOLD!!!!!! I LOVE the elegance it brings to a card! Krylon, if you're listening, we need a FINE POINT GOLD LEAFING PEN too!
Here's the Gift Combo:
It's Romance for me! (Would you believe, I used to HATE BLUE????)

Here's a Challenge! Take a second look at a color you hate! Find a different hue/intensity of the color that you do like,  then make yourself a card or 3D item using the color!  

Wishing I could have this written in MIDNIGHT MUSE, & edged in GOLD!
It's a Midnight Muse Romance, 


  1. LOL...FABULOUS post, my friend! GORGEOUS work!! I love your card and your teacup! The combination of the two colors is incredible! Your confessions are hilarious! "Penny Pinchardness"??...that cracks me up!! We all do what we have to, right? Have a beautiful day!...Nancy :o)

  2. These are some of the most beautiful stamped projects I have ever seen! (and I have been in the stamping world for many years!) Wow, just gorgeous. I'm enjoying your blog very much, and am a new follower. Found you at Little Birdie Blessings, and I'm very glad I did! Have a great day.

  3. Luv your way of thinking!!!! and I agree with you...if something is close or about the same the cheaper one!!! just wondering when you say "regular old copy paper" what type of paper are you talking about??......sorry to say...I don't remember from what site I found your blog...but I subscriber to you now

  4. THANK YOU LADIES for your SWEET COMMENTS! You REALLY BLESS me! :) AND make me HAPPY to have started this blog! :)
    What type of paper do I use? I get my white cardstock from WALMART! It's by Georgia Pacific. I REALLY GO THROUGH the white cardstock!!! So, it's NICE to be able to buy it fairly cheap! I DID buy some of the Whisper White from SU recently, but I haven't broken into it yet! I bought the 12 X 12, thinking of a large project but, I haven't gotten it where I want it yet!(I've not seen the thicker white cardstock in 12 x 12 in the Office stores or Walmart!) So, there it sits till I'm ready to make the final project! (SOMETIMES, it takes awhile for the whole thing to come together!) Here's some more info. on the Georgia Pacific paper: it's 110 weight & 150- 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. It can be used in the Laser, Multi-Function, & Ink Jet Printers. You could probably even find this at an Office Supply or even Meijer. Of course, GO WHERE IT'S CHEAPEST! :)(You'll notice too, there is a right & a wrong side to the paper. The right side is smoother.)

  5. Oh wow, wow, wow! Love that gorgeous card and your inspiration. Truly stunning and such beautiful work! Also, can you e-mail me so I can get your book out to you? I let you a message in the comment section on my blog post but not sure you saw it. You can find me here: Blessings,

  6. What a gorgeous card and beautiful inspiration piece. LOVE it. So stunning and amazing work! Could you e-mail me please so I can get you your book ( I posted in the comment section of my blog but not sure you saw it. :) Blessings,

  7. Wow! That is an amazing card. I love that you made it 3D! The colors are so pretty and it looks real enough to drink from! I love that you shared your "pinching" tips. I love GP paper from Walmart for layering weight. I use it all the time. I save ribbon and bows from gifts I recieve and use them on my project. Nothing wrong with saving money!

  8. Have you posted a video or template for the tea cup??? I couldn't find anything I am a resent subscriber and love your work!!! Heather

  9. Wow-that teacup is awesome. I'm a china girl too.
    Give me a cup of tea in a posh cup and I'm one happy bunny. We English love our tea!! Your stamping is amazing and I had to look twice at your cup before I realised you'd made it!

  10. WOW!!! I would love to receive this gift. It is gorgeous. I had to do a double and triple take to be sure that it was paper. You are very talented. Awesome job!

  11. Oh this is so beautiful.....the colours are so pretty! Blue is my favourite! The teacup looks like the real thing....looks like china:)

  12. Did you ever get your patent for the cups and saucers so we could purchase them?


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