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Hi Friends!

I don't know about you, but I KNOW I am NOT an organized person! I TRY to be, but lack greatly in the skill! When I organize, I USUALLY loose things! And I find it hard to stay on top of things, even when I try my hardest! It's a VICIOUS CYCLE! One has to be quite disciplined! And I....well, let's just leave it there, shall we? Before you loose what ever confidence you do have in me! LOL  Anyway, I wanted to share with you one of my "GREAT IDEAS!" (Or so I was told by a fellow blogger when I mentioned it on her blog!) So here goes.........!

Do you find that you just can't remember all the sentiments you have,  amongst all  your rubber stamps? I do! I don't have a great number of rubber stamps either! (Or at least not as many as others!) Some of the stamps are just verses without any kind of image, some verses with images, some verses set into an image, like a frame of some sort or coordinates with a punch. How could a person remember ALL those sentiments? I forget what images I have! I forget the punches I have! So, I came up with a system that I think you might like to try! Many like to "organize" or catalogue the colors of markers, ink pads, fabric/ribbons, punches, etc.! But, the area that is forgotten about is  our SENTIMENTS! I don't get rid of my stamps, even when the companies move on to new stamps! To me, they are an investment! One day, we would hope not but, others will forget those images & sentiments that you have sent them and of course, you can use them differently! They can be reused! (One of the best aspects of stamping! Which we quickly forget when the new catalogues come out! )  And of course, there are some stamps one can't possibly part with!

First of all, here is a list of SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED:
* 4"x 6" Blank Index Cards ( I always like to have several packs on hand.)
* 1 Recipe Box to hold those cards (Or as many as you need.)
* Packet of Removable Index Tabs, by Post It. (I like large ones & small ones.)
* Sharpie Fine Point Marker (Black, Fine Point.)
* Pen
* Highlighter(s) (You could color code if you like.)
* White-Out (For those occasional mistakes.)
Here's a picture of the Removable Tabs:

Using the Large Removable Index Tabs, mark each as follows with your Sharpie (Fine Point.):
* Card Sketches
* Sentiments
* How To's
* Special Creations
( As you can see I use this box for more than Sentiments! AND you may find you want to add to this list to  your personal taste. At one time, I even kept my Pen Pals in this box. Name, address, B.D., Cards sent & received....)

Using the Smaller Removable Index Tabs, mark as follows: (I alphabetized this list JUST FOR YOU! I hadn't done it for myself! I'm finding just typing this out is helping me to get this little box of mine, even MORE ORGANIZED! Things in their PROPER PLACES! These go under Sentiments. )
* Animals
* Baby
* Birds
* Birthday
* Butterflies
* Christmas
* Dad
* Easter/Spring
* Fall
* Friendship
* General Sentiments
* Get Well
* Mom
* Patriotic
* Scriptures
* Sewing
* Summer
* Tea/Food/Kitchen
* Thank You's
* Valentines/Love
* Wedding
* Women's Issues
* For  Card Sketches- I draw sketches I like, along with information about where I got it. I can get
   several on each side of the index card.
* For  the Sentiments- I write the sentiment/draw a picture if need be OR you could stamp the image
   on the card. (I draw them out to get more on the card.) When drawing your own example of the
   sentiment---whatever type it is (whether it's the sentiment only, one with an image or punch...)
   write/draw it out as you see it, it doesn't have to be perfect.  This helps when you're picking out the
   sentiment!  I then add where they can be found; What stamp set they're in: SU, Oxford Impressions,
   Hero Arts, etc., you could even add where you put it-- Box A, under the bed, in the bedroom
   closet, etc. ( for those who don't have a lot of space;) I also have a card where the sentiments
   AREN'T STAMPS but, would have to be written by hand or typed on the card.They are filed under
   their respective topics. Many times, the sentiments will go under several topics. Make sure you put
   the TOPIC at the top of each card, so you remember which category it goes under after you've
   removed it! (This is where you use your highlighter; color coding if you like.) Here are a
   couple examples for you. As you can see, I used White-Out & it ISN'T PERFECT!

( Ok, I don't know WHY this does this to me----SORRY for the large gaps & crooked pictures! Sometimes, I line them up nicely & they come out crooked! Trying to fix it & it just gets WORSE! EEEK! :/ QUITE ODD!  Just laugh WITH ME!!!!!!!
* For the How To's- this is where you put the parts of mixing your own Shimmer Spray, Tips &
   Techniques, etc.

* Special Creations- I record things I've found on the web that I like! How to make a particular
   flower, or card, clippings of magazines that have things I believe I could make,  etc. I draw out
   each step if need be. Basically, this is a Pattern Area.
You can add other topics too like: Sympathy,  Punch Art-this one I'm planning on adding, Blogs you follow, Stores you like to shop, down to what products you like to purchase & where! This would be GREAT to keep a log of where the BEST PRICES are!

I keep my little box right here on my desk for easy access while I'm crafting. As I get my stamps I record the sentiments. Of course, as your stamp collection grows, so will your file! You could even decorate your box to your own taste! I'm just an "old fashioned" girl! I like to have a HARD COPY of these things!

You tell me, did I miss any topics? What topics would you add? Please leave me a comment if you like this or if you have a topic you think I should add!  THANK YOU to those who  leave comments! I LOVE reading them! And for those who are new to my blog, I'll  try to visit your blog if you have one & I'll leave you a comment too!   I HOPE this helps you & makes your crafting just a little easier & more FUN!

Here's some PRETTY to look at! It's hard to leave you with just "Office Stuff!" These are cards I'm sending to some "old" friends I had awhile back! Just MAYBE  they'll come for a visit!

HOPE you like these! I used SU- Hello Doily, White Embossing Powder, Tim Holtz- Antique Linen Ink,  SU- Punches, Rhinestone in the center & MS Crystal Fine Glitter, CHF- Front Sentiment. A little CAS for me! I LOVE IT! Makes me think of a large doily my mother had  & that I used in my wedding.

P.S. Just wanted you to know, when you subscribe to my blog, YOU will be THE FIRST to know when I put my Tea Cup Template out!  

Until next time, find some time to relax with a cup of your favorite tea!


  1. What a great post, Becky! So full of good ideas! I've been trying to gather more sentiment stamps and this is a really wonderful way to keep track of them! Thank you so much for sharing your great tips! Your cards are beautiful! That doily stamp is on my list! Have a great day!...Nancy :o)

  2. Love the post! I stamped all my stuff on 8 1/2 x 11 pages and stuck them in a binder so whenever I need something I just pull out the binder. That way I know what stamp set is what and I have it organized by season/holiday/sentiment, etc. Really works great.

    Now...I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cards you did. Just gorgeous!! And yes...I'm sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting for you to post your teacup for sale. LOL...still waiting! What? It's not here yet? ROFL.

    Keep up the great work Becky!

  3. I love your doily cards. Now I want to recreate them using all SU products.
    Which punch did you use for the flower in the center?

  4. Queen Bea Scraps!
    I KNEW I should have specified the punch! :) I used the 5 Petal flower punch! (Hope I have the name right! I just checked the SU Catalogue & couldn't find it! ) What I did--- I cut little slits, two each in each petal & then I scrunched them up!Put the rhinestone in the middle & then added glue & glitter to the center piece! SO HAPPY you like my cards! :) Let me know if you post them? I'll come take a look! :)

  5. Your cards are lovely! Love the use of the doilies. I am a BIG fan of distress ink, so the use of it on your cards was a great touch. I love all things tea, and Jane Austen, so your blog name is just great to me.

  6. Wow.....this is what I really need to do, Organise!
    You have down to a fine art. Your ideas are great, I'm going to give it a go! Your cards are gorgeous....the stamp has such fine detail, it looks like lace!

  7. These card is so cute,i love it.Thanks for sharing important post with us.

  8. It was so nice of you to leave me a comment via Betsy Veldman's blog. You do indeed have a wonderful system for finding your sentiments. I will probably need to use a standard size notebook, and stamp the images, since my handwritten calligraphic skills are not as great as yours. Thanks again for pointing me to your wonderful post.

    Marcie (aka Artistic Hen)


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