Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi Friends!
Well, were you one of the ones that got a SNEAK PEEK  this week of my post???? LOL I hit the WRONG BUTTON & had to delete THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!!!! It of course, WASN'T TIME to publish  it AND IT WASN'T DONE!  Aaaaarrrgh!!!!!!!! So, here I am AGAIN, writing this AGAIN! For you bloggers', have you EVER DONE THAT????

Well, it's ALMOST TIME for our "Virtual Tea Party" on Saturday, 11:00 a.m.! Here:
Don't forget to get your Tea Time goodies up for all to see! AND make sure you let me know & I'll come on over & take a look too!!!!!!!!! I will tell you, the Virtual Tea Party  MOVES FAST!!!! I had a hard time keeping up last time! But, I GUARANTEE you'll have a FUN TIME! I just set myself up in the dinning room with my computer, a pot of Tea, & a Tea Time Treat to munch on. My husband & the kids knew it was time JUST FOR MOM! If it's anything like last time, bring your Tea Time Knowledge too! AND you can even post a recipe if you like; I'd save that till last or you will miss something ! Don't forget to identify yourself to me too! I won't know who you are! :( I look forward to chatting with you!

For my first Tea Time creation, I made a Vintage Tea Cosy from 1915! I can't give you the pattern as they prefer you come to their site. So, here's where I found it:   Here's a picture of what you end up with before the pattern is all put together.    
And here's a picture of the BEAUTIFUL RIBBING pattern!
Now, can you believe this is what you end up with?
NOTICE: The little "Tea Pot Charm?" I made this to make the Tea Cosy even more special if that's possible! Here's a closer look:
 I stamped the image on Shrink Plastic & colored it with a Silver Dick Blick Colored Pencil, attaching it to the Tea Cosy with matching Crochet Thread. The stamp is from: Plate #66.
Here's a picture of the Tea Cosy with the Tea Set  I made it to go with:
Now, if you don't have one of those new ribbon cutting things like me, just use a little Fray Check on the edges of your ribbon! AND I MUST SAY, This Tea Cosy keeps your Tea COSY!!!!!!!!!!
I also HAD TO make you one of my Paper Tea Cups! Take a look:
I did some DIFFERENT THINGS with this cup! First of all, I used SU- Harvest Home (retired) stamp set (Ivy), & Papaya Collage (Rose). I used a lot of Masking & I colored in the images with Dick Blick Colored Pencils. Another thing different I did---I made my own embossed pattern for the cup. Take a close up look:
Do you see the swirl pattern? Here's what I did, I got a block of wood & drew that swirl design. Then I  had my husband use his wood burner on it, keeping the edges smooth.  I only needed one swirl & I "eye-balled" it using a Stylus to do the embossing! I did this to the Saucer too. Then I used Versa Mark on the Tea Cup & Saucer & covered it with Clear Embossing Powder. The Embossing Powder gives the cup a little more sturdiness AND that China SHINE! And I didn't forget, my Gold Krylon Pen!
Here is my inspiration for this cup:
Do you remember a few weeks back, when I said I had come up with ANOTHER IDEA for my Stand-Up Card? My idea? Let me SHOW YOU FIRST what I made!
This one was made with Oxford Impressions- Tea Pot, De-Stempelwinkel Plate # 66-silverware stamps. I used a brayer on the background & then stamped the silverware stamps.
De-Stempelwinkel- Tea Pot, Plate #66. This one I decided to go CAS!
And lastly,
This is my own image! I drew the image of a Tea Cup & Saucer & I paper pieced it!
Make these Stand-Up cards with Tea Time Images & use them for Place Markers on your Tea Table! Write the guests name on the front panel & add a  little personal note on the inside for each of your guests & it will be a little reminder of your special time together!
Make these Stand-Up Cards with Tea Time Images & instead of writing your guests names on the panel, write the name of each of the  Tasty Tea Time Treats you serve, to label your treats! That way everyone will know what you're serving! AND you may even get a request for your recipe!
See here for Instructions:
I have ANOTHER goody for you today too! IF you like my Tea Cup Stand-Up card, I have the image below for you to copy & use to make your own Stand-Up card or use however you like!
PLEASE LET ME KNOW what you think? I'd LOVE to hear!
Sipping Tea with You!
(Look a little further down for the cup image! It IS THERE!!!!!!!!! LOL It's because of the size!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Just click on the Tea Cup!



  1. I cannot believe how real your paper tea cups look. Oh my.

  2. ohhh they are lovely! I just love teacups....real or paper variety!

  3. These are fantastic - and I agree they look real!

  4. WOW......I really enjoy a "cup of tea"! Your Tea Time creations are so the cosy! You Tea cup looks just like the inspiration photo, just perfect. The virtual tea party sounds like fun, I wish I could visit....I think its about 1am my time. Enjoy your party. Hugs

  5. Looks like it was a fabulous virtual tea time party! Lots of fun projects. Especially love the lovely tea cup!

  6. Hi Tlady, thankyou for your post about my grandson in Afghanistan. I love your blog and had a wonderful time looking. thank you again for your post. Hugs, Cathy

  7. I enjoy your blog and follow it as well. Your tea cups are simply stunning. Did you ever decide to sell your pattern? It is amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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