Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi Friends!
Well, the other day I thought I was going to post the post I had all ready, then I changed my mind! So, I got another post ready & then yesterday, I saw the Challenge over at FLOURISHES! Here:
 Well, I had another Birthday Card to make & that's the challenge! So, here I am with a Masculine Birthday card, "The Great Outdoors!"A woman has the right to change her mind, right? So, this is for  Flourishes Timeless Tuesdays!                                                                   

I had SOOO MUCH FUN making this card for my Honey! I believe I've told you he likes the great outdoors! So, that's what I went after in my card! I know many have trouble with making Masculine cards but, it really isn't that difficult! Just like with women, choose something the man you're making the card for, likes! Granted, some men are harder to choose for than others! In that case you'd probably go with a general masculine image!


What do you think? I've been wanting to make one of these for a LONG TIME! When I got the large Pine Cone stamp from Flourishes, I KNEW it was TIME! 

Here are all the goodies I used:
SU- Noble Deer
CHF- The Pines-for the larger pine tree in the fore-front & in the background.
CHF- Scene It!- Mountains
Flourishes- Sweet Days of Summer- Birds in the background.
Flourishes- Naturally Merry- Pine Cones
SU- Embossing Folder- Wood Grain.
Flourishes- Inside & Out- "Birthday"
SU- Fundamental Phrases- "Happy" 
Terrifically Tacky Tape
Memento Tuxedo Blk. Ink
Copic Markers
Walmart Ribbon- Camouflage.
Acrylic Paint- white
SU- inks
SU- Framelits Dies- Largest
Tim Holtz- Antique Linen
SU- Punches- Small tag, & Hole punches.
AB Seas Alphabet Stamps from Stampington- 56 on the tag

Here are some close ups:

The tag mimics the hunting tags out there!(There are several different types.)  They usually have numbers on them so, using the recipients age helps out there!(AB Seas Alphabet Stamps from Stampington.) Using the hole punches on the tag...&  I distressed the tag & added Vintage Linen Ink after wading up the tag. Using linen thread & a little safety pin I attached the tag to the ribbon!

Here you can see the WONDERFUL Pine Cones helping to frame the images! Look above & you'll see  just how the Pine Cones REALLY add to the whole look of this! Without them, it just WOULDN'T be the same!
Now you can see where I popped the Pine Cones up on Dimensionals & how I also stamped extra pieces of the Pine part of the stamped image! Popping it up too & cutting fringe pieces to make it look more realistic! You can see it below also!

Here are the dimensions & how I made this card:
You need 2- 11" x 6 1/2" - for the Front & Back pieces- I used Blue & Brown.
1- 9" x 6 1/2"-for the inner piece- I used Blue.
For the Front piece & Back Piece- Score at 2" on either end of the card stock, short ends.
For the Inner piece- Score at 1" on either end, short ends.
Die Cut the Front piece & the Inner piece, making sure they line up.
*The card dimensions are too big to run through the Cuddle bug so, I had to hand cut my pieces. Along with cutting the front wood grain piece in half, then embossing it! *
I stamped the Deer, the Pine Tree & the Pine Cones & colored them in with Copic markers, fussy cut them out & coloring the edges blue with Copics.  (I hate that stark white on something like this!)

Here are the Panels:
This is the Back Panel-I stamped it to create a background; laying the other panels over it at times, laying the Pine Tree & Deer in place,  to make sure things were placed where I wanted them! I colored the bottom part & up into the scene with a Copic marker. I applied White Stazon Ink with a sponge for clouds & mist/fog. It didn't seem like enough so, I used Acrylic White paint. I then needed to darken some of the trees & the mountains with Copics. I added the birds last. (Notice which way the piece bends after scoring.)
This is the Inner Panel- I used a copic to color the green half of the panel. (Nothing major, as it really won't be seen. ) Laying this panel over the Back Panel I placed the Trees & the Deer & attached them to the panel. (Notice which way the piece bends after scoring.) Add tacky tape to the outside of the side pieces  & attach to the Back Panel, placing it inside of the back panel.  
This is the Front Panel- After Embossing the decorative panel, I added SU ink to make the wood grain pop, by rubbing the ink pad over it. Adhere the panel to the Front panel, cut the opening using the piece already cut as a guide & then using a sponge add a darker brown ink around the die cut opening, & run the ink pad on the edges of the front panel. Add the ribbon to corners. Pop the Pine Cones up on dimensionals & the extra Pine pieces on dimensionals too. Add the Tag after stamping & distressing, made with SU- Small Tag Punch & hole punches.
Now  add tacky tape  to the inside side pieces and attach to the Back & Inner Panels.

Here you can see the layers of the Panels at the top of the photo. AND guess what? This card folds FLAT for mailing! If you would like smaller dimensions try SCS here:

So, what do you think????
This was SUCH FUN to make! Hope you give it a try! What scene would you create? I would
LOVE to hear!

Till next week when I post some CAS Christmas Cards!
(Are you making your Christmas Cards yet?)  



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Hi Friends!
Today, I thought I'd share a "LOVE STORY" with you! Everyone loves a love story, right?

Once Upon A Time....There was a young girl who wanted to be married more than anything but,    the right guy never came along. Sitting in an English class, in High School (remember I said she was young!)  for the first time that year, the teacher revealed her name to the class! The girl thought to herself, "Hm mm, I like that name---it sounds nice! I could handle that name!" She believed God had ONE PERSON SPECIFICALLY  FOR HER! The girl finished High School & went on to College. She had a date here & there but, no one Special showed up. After College, the dates were even fewer! She'd heard somewhere, "When you are happy being single, then the right one will come along." She'd met  a few "frogs" along the way that was for sure!

Eventually, the girl ended up back home working & going to church at her home church, where she'd spent her youth. She got involved in the Singles group & enjoyed all the friendships she'd made. Then at one of the groups meetings....they were meeting outside & the meeting had already started, a truck drove up & a guy got out & joined the group. "WOW!" thought the girl. The guy was a "hunk!" (Funny, she never liked that term before but, she KNEW what it meant then!) She tried to talk to the guy at different outings but, the guy seemed uninterested. She tried to get her brother to befriend the guy but, he never brought him around.  She dated a few others that came along but again, a frog & a frog in disguise! She DIDN'T like FROGS!

Her brother went off to school. Then one day in church the Hunky guys mother left her umbrella. She tried to get the umbrella to the mother but, she was long gone! So, she took it up to the Hunky guy & passed it to him. They got to talking...& she let him know she was willing to be his friend. Of course, then one of the other girls in the church who was smitten with him came running up & the conversation was over.

Sometime later, the girl got a phone call at home. It was the Hunky guy! He asked her to go shopping to help him find a gift for her brother, who had been so kind to him. "Sure," she said. Then a day or so passed & she got another call from the Hunky guy. He had found a gift for her brother but, would she instead like to go to the Singles Cook Out? THEN, the girl GOT IT!!!! THIS WAS A DATE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, she had to go shopping for something to wear!

The day came when they went to the Singles Cook Out. It was at a home of someone from another church, the group was fellowshipping with & their Singles group.  It was quite a drive but, they enjoyed each others company & the  drive. When they got there, the girl who was smitten, volunteered the girl to be the one doing the cooking over the grill! There, she knew she'd MELT & not get to be with her date! The girl quickly got outside to where her date was & settled in on the blanket he had laid out for them to picnic on. What a gentleman he was! Then it was time to leave. He got her into his truck & then one of the other guys from the group came up to him & they were talking at the front of the truck as she watched. The hunky guy got into the truck & revealed he had bought TWO TICKETS to a concert---thinking she'd like to go. She didn't need the kind of melting the grill would have done to her but, she was very happy with the melting that her heart was doing right then! Before she got out of the truck, when they had arrived at her home, they made plans  for another date the next weekend,  another concert!

It wasn't long before the couple KNEW they had found the one who they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with & they became engaged. The girl found out later from the Hunky guys mom, she & a friend had picked her out & prayed that her son would come home & meet & marry the girl. They didn't even  know the girl. Little did the girl know that his family was encouraging him toward her & that her brother was discouraging him from her. AND, God had his plans!

 Married life wasn't difficult like many had said it would be. They got along WONDERFULLY & lived to make each other happy! The couple ended up having two children. The feelings of being Parents made them so proud & changed them both! Life was GOOD!

The girl was & is  SO HAPPY being married to the man of her dreams! Their 26th Anniversary is growing near so, here is their card:

Yes, the couple has been through rough times, it hasn't been all roses. If I told you the troubles they have been through you would GASP!  At times, they'd like to just retreat from the world if it weren't for their children & the need for fellowship with others, as God intended!  BUT, they have clung to each other & their love for one another! They have made it to their 26th Anniversary! God is GOOD, to have given them one to another to help each other with life! Together they walk through life HAND IN HAND & of ONE HEART!

I think ALL GIRLS & GUYS want a "Fairy Tale Love Story!" It's not just the story itself that makes it a "Fairy Tale Love Story" but, it's the in-between!  The "end" isn't near (that we know of)  but, I think it's going through things & what people do in the midst of them that give us a GOOD INDICATOR of where things will end! The way God intended them---"Till death do us part!"

Here is the recipe for my card:
Designer paper- ColorBok- Rosewood- (Walmart)
Image of couple- Stampington
Frame- SU- Papaya Collage, Gold Embossed SU
Ribbon- Walmart
Roses- SU punches, 2 3/8" Scallop Circle, Boho Blossoms
Leaves- Build a Bird Punch
Glitter- MS
Tim Holtz- Vintage Linen Ink & Vintage Photo
Spellbinders- Oval die
Sentiments- Front- Once Upon A Time, Inside- Once Upon A Time & Fundamental Phrases
Dimensionals & glue dots

                                                         Here is the inside of the card:
And they lived happily ever after.....
(The girl, who now has the same name as her English Teacher in High School.)

I HAVE received the information I needed from the Copyright Office! Now,
 I need YOUR help! Would you also like a ROUND TEA CUP TEMPLATE?  I am PREPARING for the GRAND RELEASE of my TEA CUP TEMPLATE!  (Hang in there with me, it won't be long!)
 I appreciate all of you that take the time to leave a comment! You make me SMILE!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did You Know????

Hi Friends!
Yep, ANOTHER POST !!!!!! Well, I discovered  I MISSED one of those challenges over at Flourishes!!!!!!! Yep, I sure did! This challenge is to make something with "Treats" as the focal point! Timeless Tuesday # 190.                                                                    
Well, I had to DIG DEEP into my stash to find something! I don't have any Flourishes for this challenge! (Boo-hoo!) ***I DO NOW though! Since I won the October Release Challenge- "Inside & Out!" *****  But, I DID find this stamp amongst all my rubber goodies! I bought this stamp WAAAAAAAAAAY BACK in the early 1990's when I was first introduced to stamping! I was busy selling Pampered Chef at that time & even asked my husband, what did he think if I switched from Pampered Chef to another company---selling rubber stamps! Of course, he chose Pampered Chef!  I THINK he enjoyed all the food! LOL Back then our children were little & I needed to be able to fix meals quickly & easily! So, I stuck with the Pampered Chef!

Anyway, Did You Know???? October is Pastor Appreciation Month! I don't remember the days when I was a "PK" (Preachers Kid) because I was SO YOUNG! But, I have heard stories of gifts of eggs & packaged beef & I've seen pictures of the generosity of the people in my fathers' congregation. One gift  in-particular, a little sweater a woman made one of my younger brothers. It was ADORABLE with Humpty Dumpty on it, front & back! When I had our son, I wanted the pattern! The lady that made my brothers sweater said her pattern was too worn to send me but, she surprised me & made my son one! I was SO TICKLED! Since then, I have found the pattern!!!! I HOPE to give it a try someday!

I thought for this Challenge I would make our Pastor & his wife an Appreciation Gift! I like to give Baked Goodies as gifts! Especially BREAD! So, I chose to make some Home Made Bread to go with the  Card & Tag I made! AND I even made my own Wrapping for the bread! Here is a picture of this SCRUMPTIOUS BREAD I LOVE to make! (The gift I'm giving WON'T be pre-cut! This is a picture I had previously!)


Doesn't it look YUMMY? It's FABULOUS with a bowl of soup or stew!

This bread is a nice European Country Loaf! It is a Swiss recipe for a very basic loaf with a thick, crisp crust & chewy crumb. I put mine in a Bread Machine! Where would I be with out my machine???
This is for a 2-Cup Capacity Machine, equalling 2 loaves & 8 servings in a loaf.
1 1/4 c. Spring Water
1 t. Lemon Juice
1 /12 t. Salt
1/2 c. Whole- Wheat Four
2 1/2 c. Bread Flour
1 1/2 t. Active Dry Yeast
Of course, follow the instructions for your machine as to which ingredients go first. All ingredients should be at room temp. Set your machine on Dough/Manual setting. At the end of the program, press clear to stop.  To punch down, press start & let knead for 60 seconds. Press clear/stop again. Remove dough & let rest for 5 Min's. before hand shaping.
If your machine doesn't have Dough/Manual setting, follow normal bread making procedure but let dough knead only once. At end of kneading cycle stop machine. Let dough rise 60 minutes, checking after 30 minutes to make sure dough doesn't over rise & touch lid. Press start & let machine run for 60 seconds to punch down. Press clear/ stop. Remove dough & let rest 5 minutes before hand shaping.

For hand shaping: Lightly sprinkle surface with flour. (Here I used my King Arthur stone & I shape & bake right on them!) Divide dough into two. Shape the dough, sprinkling lightly with flour into a ball, pulling the edges under to make a plump round tight ball. Using a sharp razor or paring knife make a large X on the top of the loaf, approximately 1/4" deep. Cover with a clean cotton dish towel. Let rise 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. When loaf has doubled in size, sprinkle generously with flour & place in preheated oven. Bake for 30 Min's. or until brown in color. Cool on wire rack.
From: The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook. By: Tom Lacalamita

Here' the Card I made:

The stamp is from: Rubber Stampede, Tag- SU along with the little "thanks" (so much) sentiment, SU- corner punch, Spellbinders, Hobby Lobby ribbon, My Minds Eye designer paper. And "oops!" I forgot the brads! So I added them with my Glaze 3-D Ink pens. The Focal point is raised on dimensionals & I colored the image in with Copics! I also used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo to antique the papers.

Here's the inside:

I typed out the sentiment on a typewriter! How better to get a VINTAGE,CUSTOM SENTIMENT if you don't have a stamp?

Now, here is the Card & the Tag I made:

I don't know about you but, I worry there will come a day when I won't have ANYTHING to stamp on! Specifically, PAPER! So, I save paper! Yes, you probably could call me a "Paper Hoarder!" But, you know all the packaging that comes with packages? All that wadded up paper? I save it! I iron it out & roll it up! And pull it out when needed! It's GREAT to stamp on! AND PERFECT for wrapping! My husband  got a package the other day & the paper was YELLOW! SUPER! I used paper the color of a brown paper bag, like Kraft Card Stock this time! And wrapped it closed with Bakers' Twine!  
Oh yes, DON'T FORGET to add the recipe! Here is my recipe card created with SU-Recipe Fun, from WAAAAY BACK in the early 1990's!

Now, here is the whole Gift Set together:
Can you see the polka-dots I've stamped on the brown wrapping?
One loaf of bread is already in the bag! The bag was a bag given to us by the church when we first went to church there, their Visitors Packet inside! I thought it would be the best way to not STAND OUT when I carry the bag in on Sunday morning! I'll just tuck the tag inside & keep the label I had to place on the bag turned to myself! (They had a label there & I peeled it off---it needed something! )

HOPE this gives you some INSPIRATION to bless your Pastor & his wife this month! Pastors do ALOT of work out- of- sight for his congregation!

Till next week, when I share a "Love Story!"

Going to relax these crafty fingers after a BIG WEEK over at Flourishes! AND catch my breath from all the EXCITEMENT of WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi Friends!!!!!!!!!!!
SURPRISE! ANOTHER POST! I have been FRANTICALLY making cards here for the last couple of days! You should see me! Paper flying, snippets EVERYWHERE, I smell of Copics, & of course, my fingers are ALL INKY! Even my hair is sticking up all over! (No time to primp when you have "Master Pieces" to create, right? LOL)

So, have you been over to Flourishes yet????? Well, you HAVE TO GO!!!!  All those challenges going on & LOTS of stamps to be won! Like I said in my last post I LOVE FLOURISHES!!! AND with this weeks releases, I have needed  oxygen for all the excitement, because I've been gasping so much, I've been  hyperventilating & have fallen out of my seat with their BEAUTY AND the designers GORGEOUS WORK! (No, I didn't hurt myself thankfully! heee-hee! )  IF you haven't been over there to see, SERIOUSLY, GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Here: 

Now as I said,  I HAD TO play along! You could win THE WHOLE RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you still haven't been over to Flourishes, JUST TAKE A LOOK AT TODAY'S RELEASE! )  So, I did a card for EACH of the afternoon play-alongs!

                                                        The first Challenge "Inside & Out":
The challenge is to create a card with not only a beautiful outside but, a beautiful INSIDE TOO! Sometimes, we just get in such a hurry, we forget to do the inside! I was feeling like fall with the cool air  & the changing of the leaves! So, here's my card:

What do you think? My card base is Kraft Card stock for an earthy feel, the image is by Flourishes- A Season Of Thanks; I used My Mind's Eye Designer Paper which gives an old country feel, Copics, Spellbinders Classic Oval, Tim Holtz Tea Stain, & Vintage Photo Ink, Brads that I colored with Alcohol markers for the color I wanted, carrying those little berries from the corn image over to the designer paper, Walmart ribbon tied using The Becca Bow Maker, Dimensionals & I distressed the edges for an old feel! There's nothing like Indian Corn for Fall!

Here's the INSIDE now:
Here I used the same Designer paper on the inside & I distressed the edges of the paper & added Tim Holtz- Vintage Photo Ink! The sentiment & the image is from the same set by Flourishes-A Season Of Thanks! I'm QUITE PLEASED with how this came out! It has a VERY ANTIQUEY FEEL which I LOVE!

Now, for the "Go Natural" Challenge!
With this challenge, you are  to be inspired by could use the colors in the photo above, & use earthy elements!

Again, I was also inspired by the cool air & the changing of the leaves, & our up-coming Thanksgiving holiday! I wanted the feel of the first Thanksgiving gathering--- here is my card:

ANOTHER Flourishes Image! (A Season Of Thanks) Colored with Copic Markers, Penny Black -Rustic Canvas Designer Paper, Tim Holtz- Vintage Photo Ink, a little frayed burlap (maybe the first Pilgrims used it to carry in the harvest from the field), a little linen thread (this was used in all manner of sewing back then), an antler button ( to signify the venison the pilgrims had along with their wild turkey), some dimensionals, & I did some paper piercing, all on Kraft card stock, which I LOOOVE to use to get that earthy feel! I used SU ink to scrape across the papers edge for a rustic feel. Are you not LOVING this set???????? I didn't even use all the images in this set! 

The challenge closes tomorrow at 5 p.m.! Like I said, you could win the WHOLE RELEASE!!!!! Winners will be announced on the Flourishes Blog on Saturday at noon, CST in the Winners Circle! Oh yes, you DON'T have to have Flourishes stamps to participate, but if you do, you get double the credit!

OK, let me take a breather here! I've been on a FLOURISHES STAMPING FRENZY remember!
Hope you can jump in on all the fun!

Breathing a little better now & thankfully haven't fallen off my chair again!

See you next week with a "Love Story!"  
Please DO leave me a comment!????!  LOVING to hear from my "friends!"

*************** The card I made for the "Inside & Out" Challenge WON !!!!!!!! **************


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hi Friends!
I HAD TO go ahead & post this card today, a little early again this week! I was SO EXCITED with all the FUN over at Flourishes & with my posting a little early, YOU can jump in on all the fun!

This week I thought I'd play along with a Challenge over at Flourishes, "THINK PINK!" For Breast Cancer Awareness!  There are LOADS of Challenges to participate in & MAYBE, you'd  like to play along? The card I made for this week is made with Flourishes! (But, you don't have to have Flourishes for the challenges!)  I have ADMIRED their stamps since I began stamping about 5 /12-6 years ago! The images are WONDERFUL!!! I think they are KNOWN for their FLORAL images! They are STUNNING! AND I found the Designers use COPIC markers, which give the images such VIBRANCY!!!!!! OH MY! Funny thing is, I never got any images in all those years! Admiring them from a far! BUT, I WON SOME just recently! (Check out the link above & you could win some too!)

 So, the image I used in this card is from one of the sets I won!
(O.K., this thing is GOING WONNKY!)

Here is my card:

Here are all the goodies I used to make this card:
Flourishes Image & Sentiment-Feminine Charm (To fit the image on a 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card, the image needed to be cut out.) That's a GOOD SIZED IMAGE!  
Copic Markers
Tim Holtz- Vintage Linen
Walmart- Ribbon
K & Company- Paper Lace
Inkssentials- White Opaque Pen ( Faux Stitching)
Souffle 3-D Pens- for Pearls & Heart charm on image
Glitter Gel Pen
My Minds Eye- Lost & Found Paper
Dimensionals- popping up the image & the flowers on the image.
SU Punch- for the Sentiment.
Itty-Bitty Buttons
SU- Adorning Accents Edgelits
Here is a side view so you can see how I popped the image up:
Popping the image  & the flowers up REALLY ADD to this card!
I LOVE the femininity of this card! Makes me feel I'm in a lady's "boudoir."(Wish my "boudoir" were as pretty!)
There are MANY MORE images to this set! You should check them out!
Makes me think, I NEED TO make ANOTHER "Thank You" gift!
BE SURE to come back next week when I'll be sharing a "Love Story!"
And BE SURE to leave me a comment! After-all, how will I get to know YOU if you don't leave me a comment? Comments help us learn from each other!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashion Filled Birthday!

Hi Friends!
I'm posting just a little earlier this week because of what's going on over at Moxie Fab! This whole week they're having FUN challenges going on that YOU can get involved with because of World Card Making Day on Saturday, Oct. 6th! Are YOU doing anything SPECIAL that day? Make sure you check over at Moxie Fab for all that's going on!   There's LOADS of FUN to be had by  ALL!!!!!!!!

Today, Moxie Fab is asking for Birthday Cards! So, here's one I made!

Since I have been working on Card Design lately, here are the elements I used: According to the Card Design Handbook,
 I used Movement/Flow for my Composition! Notice how your eye travels from one thing to the next;  from the lady to the flowers to the sentiment.

Just a little more about this card---This is a card I made awhile back for our daughters birthday. Back when she was into Barbies!  (I've never posted this card anywhere before this.) Of course, there aren't any Barbie stamps this size...maybe little stamps for kids but, not for Adult stampers! So, I went on a hunt to find some that LOOKED LIKE Barbie! I found this lady, "Gina" over at B Line Designs! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these types of stamps! They take me back not only to my Barbie days but, the days when I'd sit & doodle. Drawing pretty ladies in fancy clothing. (I would have LOVED to have been a Fashion Designer!) I STILL get into matching up clothing with jewelry etc.; maybe, I would have better been a "Personal Shopper!" Either way, I ended up being what God called me to be! A Wife & a Mother and I'm QUITE HAPPY with my choice!  

I guess I got  a little off track there, huh? But, the rest of the card was made with DCWV paper, Prima flowers, Rhinestones in the middle of each flower, colored with alcohol markers, Walmart ribbon, Dick Blick Colored Pencils with Gamasol, the sentiment is by SU- Vintage Labels, & Souffle 3-D opaque Pen for the necklace & earring.

If you like the idea of  "Barbie" looking cards, believe me there are MORE to come in the future!

Here is where I'll be linking this card:

Jump in & join in the FUN!