Thursday, October 18, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Hi Friends!
Today, I thought I'd share a "LOVE STORY" with you! Everyone loves a love story, right?

Once Upon A Time....There was a young girl who wanted to be married more than anything but,    the right guy never came along. Sitting in an English class, in High School (remember I said she was young!)  for the first time that year, the teacher revealed her name to the class! The girl thought to herself, "Hm mm, I like that name---it sounds nice! I could handle that name!" She believed God had ONE PERSON SPECIFICALLY  FOR HER! The girl finished High School & went on to College. She had a date here & there but, no one Special showed up. After College, the dates were even fewer! She'd heard somewhere, "When you are happy being single, then the right one will come along." She'd met  a few "frogs" along the way that was for sure!

Eventually, the girl ended up back home working & going to church at her home church, where she'd spent her youth. She got involved in the Singles group & enjoyed all the friendships she'd made. Then at one of the groups meetings....they were meeting outside & the meeting had already started, a truck drove up & a guy got out & joined the group. "WOW!" thought the girl. The guy was a "hunk!" (Funny, she never liked that term before but, she KNEW what it meant then!) She tried to talk to the guy at different outings but, the guy seemed uninterested. She tried to get her brother to befriend the guy but, he never brought him around.  She dated a few others that came along but again, a frog & a frog in disguise! She DIDN'T like FROGS!

Her brother went off to school. Then one day in church the Hunky guys mother left her umbrella. She tried to get the umbrella to the mother but, she was long gone! So, she took it up to the Hunky guy & passed it to him. They got to talking...& she let him know she was willing to be his friend. Of course, then one of the other girls in the church who was smitten with him came running up & the conversation was over.

Sometime later, the girl got a phone call at home. It was the Hunky guy! He asked her to go shopping to help him find a gift for her brother, who had been so kind to him. "Sure," she said. Then a day or so passed & she got another call from the Hunky guy. He had found a gift for her brother but, would she instead like to go to the Singles Cook Out? THEN, the girl GOT IT!!!! THIS WAS A DATE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, she had to go shopping for something to wear!

The day came when they went to the Singles Cook Out. It was at a home of someone from another church, the group was fellowshipping with & their Singles group.  It was quite a drive but, they enjoyed each others company & the  drive. When they got there, the girl who was smitten, volunteered the girl to be the one doing the cooking over the grill! There, she knew she'd MELT & not get to be with her date! The girl quickly got outside to where her date was & settled in on the blanket he had laid out for them to picnic on. What a gentleman he was! Then it was time to leave. He got her into his truck & then one of the other guys from the group came up to him & they were talking at the front of the truck as she watched. The hunky guy got into the truck & revealed he had bought TWO TICKETS to a concert---thinking she'd like to go. She didn't need the kind of melting the grill would have done to her but, she was very happy with the melting that her heart was doing right then! Before she got out of the truck, when they had arrived at her home, they made plans  for another date the next weekend,  another concert!

It wasn't long before the couple KNEW they had found the one who they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with & they became engaged. The girl found out later from the Hunky guys mom, she & a friend had picked her out & prayed that her son would come home & meet & marry the girl. They didn't even  know the girl. Little did the girl know that his family was encouraging him toward her & that her brother was discouraging him from her. AND, God had his plans!

 Married life wasn't difficult like many had said it would be. They got along WONDERFULLY & lived to make each other happy! The couple ended up having two children. The feelings of being Parents made them so proud & changed them both! Life was GOOD!

The girl was & is  SO HAPPY being married to the man of her dreams! Their 26th Anniversary is growing near so, here is their card:

Yes, the couple has been through rough times, it hasn't been all roses. If I told you the troubles they have been through you would GASP!  At times, they'd like to just retreat from the world if it weren't for their children & the need for fellowship with others, as God intended!  BUT, they have clung to each other & their love for one another! They have made it to their 26th Anniversary! God is GOOD, to have given them one to another to help each other with life! Together they walk through life HAND IN HAND & of ONE HEART!

I think ALL GIRLS & GUYS want a "Fairy Tale Love Story!" It's not just the story itself that makes it a "Fairy Tale Love Story" but, it's the in-between!  The "end" isn't near (that we know of)  but, I think it's going through things & what people do in the midst of them that give us a GOOD INDICATOR of where things will end! The way God intended them---"Till death do us part!"

Here is the recipe for my card:
Designer paper- ColorBok- Rosewood- (Walmart)
Image of couple- Stampington
Frame- SU- Papaya Collage, Gold Embossed SU
Ribbon- Walmart
Roses- SU punches, 2 3/8" Scallop Circle, Boho Blossoms
Leaves- Build a Bird Punch
Glitter- MS
Tim Holtz- Vintage Linen Ink & Vintage Photo
Spellbinders- Oval die
Sentiments- Front- Once Upon A Time, Inside- Once Upon A Time & Fundamental Phrases
Dimensionals & glue dots

                                                         Here is the inside of the card:
And they lived happily ever after.....
(The girl, who now has the same name as her English Teacher in High School.)

I HAVE received the information I needed from the Copyright Office! Now,
 I need YOUR help! Would you also like a ROUND TEA CUP TEMPLATE?  I am PREPARING for the GRAND RELEASE of my TEA CUP TEMPLATE!  (Hang in there with me, it won't be long!)
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  1. I love the beautiful love story. I also love the card and the colors you used.
    I am happily anticipating the tea cut template. Thank you so much for sharing the story and the template.

  2. DON'T FORGET to answer THE QUESTION: Would you like a ROUND Tea Cup Template also??? I know alot of companies have them, but not everyone has the machines! Let me know???? It will help ALOT!!!!!!! :)

    1. Yes,I would love the ROUND Tea Cup Template. Thank you so much.

  3. This story I can only assume that you are referring to you and your beloved husband? Your hunky thoughts line made me giggle. Congrats on 26 years, that is a feat in todays age I agree. What a blessing that God is the one in control and not us or your brother. hee hee Did you find out why he was discouraging him from dating you? The journey is what makes the romantic happily ever after I agree! Your card is just beautiful and what a romantic image. I love classic black and white movies, Cary Grant is my all time FAV. Hubby has even grown to love his movies over the years. We are happily working our way towards 26 years, but only at 14 coming up. What a great read this morning, thanks. ;0)

  4. This is a beautifully romantic card. :)

  5. Great card and wonderful story!

  6. I just saw your comment, thank you so much, your work is nice just going through your blog.


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