Monday, November 19, 2012

"May Your Cup Runneth Over!"

Hi Friends!
Thought I'd post this EARLY this week since we'll all be busy taking care of our families & roasting turkey with all the trimmings later in the week!
Today, I thought I'd share with you some VERY SOPHISTICATED Tea Cups! I wanted to use DESIGNER PAPER to create these cups! As you know, I don't always use alot of these papers (BUT, I DO have some!) A paper crafter NEEDS these papers! SOMETIMES, you just can't get around NOT using them! AND they REALLY DO ADD to your creation sometimes! (It's more the COST that bothers me!)   But, I had some more "Thank You" gifts to send, so I thought this would be the time to try out the designer papers! I made  matching Thank You cards too! When I made the first card, I'd been going through such a DRY SPELL creativily! Do you get those too? What snaps you out of them? Sometimes, I think I just THINK TOO HARD & that seems to sap all of the creativity right out of me! When I start thinking "Simple" then it just CLICKED! (Sometimes, I just want to add too much or do too much to a card & it REALLY isn't needed!) Simple? You can't go wrong with this SU set- From My Heart.
Here is my first card:
(Do you notice anything DIFFERENT????)
IF you don't notice anything DIFFERENT, compare the next photo to this one!
This one was taken in a little box I made to get the BEST photo! (A "Photographers Light Box!") BUT, it was VERY LITTLE & I didn't have THE BEST LIGHTING! (Which would be Utility lights...) The TOP PHOTO was taken in the NEW Light Box my Sweet Hubby made me! Made with PVC pipe & Utility Lights! If you do any posting, this is the way to go! Check here to find out how to make your own Light Box:
Just had to add this! I LOVE how much better my photos come out! HOPE it helps you too!
Back to "Cups of Sophistication!"
LOOK what I found!!!!!!!! It's by Stampabilities! I happened to find it at Hobby Lobby! (Yes, we had a little trip to the "big city!" I PROMISED NOT to go "hog-wild" at the crafts store! Times are tight for EVERYONE! I was GOOD!!!!!!! THIS was the ONLY thing I got! )
WHAT a PERFECT STAMP for my Tea Cups!!!!!!! "May Your Cup Runneth Over!"
Here is the cup with the Chocolate nuggets included!
And here is the Gift Set:
This set goes to  Christine! I won some Blog candy of FOUR SETS of Flourishes stamps from her! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! They're BEAUTIFUL IMAGES!!! I've already used them! Here is where you can find Christine:
You'll LOVE her blog!!!!
Now, BECAUSE I won these stamps from Christine, & was able to play along at Flourishes; I won FIVE MORE SETS from FLOURISHES!!!!!!!! AND THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! There's ALWAYS FUN going on over there! So BE SURE to check them out here:
I have ANOTHER SOPHISTICATED Gift Set to show you!
I won some other blog candy from Silke for her Our Daily Bread Designs Blog Post! If I remember rightly, Silke is the one who INTRODUCED me to Flourishes Stamps AGES AGO!
Silke even sent me one of her GORGEOUS CARDS!!!!!!! You can find Silke here:
IF you visit EITHER of these ladies blogs, you will be BLOWN AWAY with the images they use AND the GORGEOUS COLORING with COPICS!!!!!!!!!
Here is Silke's card:
And here is her Tea Cup with goodies:
Now, the Gift Set:
The sets I made were made the same as in the past, only I used Designer Paper from My Minds Eye- Lost & Found (Black) & Colorbok (Walmart for the Blue) And this time I added Paper Piercing to the card (from the Holidays SU Mini- Festive Paper-Piercing Pack) With using the designer paper, I DID double layer the saucer as the designer paper was too thin. (I normally don't do this!) 
Before I leave you today, I wanted to show you a photo I shot the other morning! It was cloudy & rainy---
AND the Sun showed through onto the tree tops!
Which makes me think of this Scripture:
"Where sin abounds, grace did much more abound."
Romans 5:20
Here's my question: 
I know MANY don't have those Computerized/ Electronic type of machines...I don't have one!
And I've NOT seen a Tea Cup Template for the Big Shot...
So, would you like a Round Tea Cup Template offered along with the Beveled Tea Cup Template? Let me know??? It will help me in preparing for the Grand Release!
Remember the above verse when things seem a little much & rest easy in HIS GRACE!!!!!!!




  1. Becky - your card is so pretty! Thanks for the lightbox link, I had always wanted one when I was selling on ebay, but this is good in case I sell online again in the future!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! xo

    -PaMeLa ;)

  2. Yes, I would love the tea cup and saucer templates. You are so talented. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Yes, Yes we would love to have a template to make your STUNNING, GORGEOUS Tea Cup. Thank you for sharing your talent. Nancy

  4. yes, yes to all. I do my church's Mother and daughters tea every year and this would be so fantastic to have at our tea! Cant wait!!

  5. What a beautiful card and tea cup. I love the gold accents you added to make it look so real. :)

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.


  6. So so BEAUTIFUL, Happy Thanksgiving!!~

  7. When is the release of you teacup pattern? I am interested in both the round AND the beveled. I am eagerly awaiting. Thank you. Bev

  8. Bev & others!
    I am still working out some "kinks" I discovered! HOPEFULLY, it will be SOON!!!!!!!!:)

  9. Sweet blog! Your tea cups are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. I had to laugh when I saw my blog on Nancy's list. go figure that the one time she chooses something of mine it's a CASE LOL! I follow her too! Love your blog!

  10. Your teacups are beautiful. Did you every complete the Round Tea Cup Template and the Beveled Tea Cup Template? I would luv to have each pattern. Thank you,


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