Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Blustery PINK Christmas!

Hi Friends!
I was thinking about my post for this week & I've been racking my brain for a Christmas Ornament, something that I could show you how to make...Sometimes, the little "brilliance cog" just doesn't want to work!  So, I thought I'd post something I made a friend a few years back. I don't have pictures of every step but, I'll do my best to relay the steps to you! At the time, I made this I even used a Non-Traditional color, (something I don't do!)  & was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!  
I LOVE those little decorated boxes that people do! Do you? I haven't made myself one yet! But, here's the first glimpse at the box I made for my friend:
So, what do you think?
Here's what you need to make this box:
Box- found at the Craft store. Whatever size & shape you desire.
Decoupage & applicator & glue with a pointed nozzle
Glitter- I used three types-Fine Glitter, Mica Flakes & German Glass Glitter
Angel Image or image of your choice- mine is from Memories of a Lifetime- CHRISTMAS book from Barnes & Noble.
White fleece
Bottle Neck Christmas Tree (These are quite popular now!)
Miniature Christmas Presents- found in the isle of the Mini Christmas Trees at your craft store
Strand of mini pearls
Designer papers
Acrylic paints-your choice of color
Felt with an adhesive backing-for bottom of box
Hot glue gun
For the box: 
Start by measuring your box & lid, where you want to cover it with designer paper.
I chose to paint the outer & inner edges of my box pink rather than cover them with designer paper. Paint the edges of the box first then apply your designer paper.
Apply decoupage to the box where you will cover it with designer paper. Laying the paper on making sure there are no bubbles.
 DO NOT seal the outer parts with Decoupage! I have found it's hard to get the lid off later, as it wants to stick!
Measure the inside of the box & apply your cut felt to the bottom & sides. (If you do the lid, only add felt to the bottom area of the inside of the lid-if flipped over for the inside, NOT the sides!) 
For the lid:
After adding Designer paper, & painting the outer & inner edges with pink acrylic paint,
brush the outside edges of the lid with decoupage & sprinkle heavily with German Glass Glitter!
For the decorations:
Choose your image- back it with another piece of cardstock, keeping in mind the back WILL SHOW!
Also, you need to add TABS to the bottom of BOTH PIECES-front & back. This will attach the image to the box lid.
Decorate the tree with a strand of mini-pearls & then ribbon, using hot glue. Then dab glue or decoupage here & there on the tree & sprinkle Mica Flaks over the tree. Top the tree with a matching ribbon bow- you will  need one for the front & one for the back, with hot glue.
Arrange your pieces on top of your box... Glue down the Angel & the tree.
Cut a piece of the white fleece to go around the bottom of the tree & extend out just a little. You will curl the edges under & glue down with Hot glue. Using extra little pieces stuff them under this fleece to make it puff up as a mound of snow, then glue down. (I brought the tree skirt/ snow all the way over to cover the bottom back tab of the angel.
Keep making little mounds of snow this way--covering the front tab of the angel.
Using hot glue scatter the mini-presents under the tree & around the top of the box.
Apply glue to the snow mounds & sprinkle Mica Flakes.
To the presents, add glue- keeping in mind the blowing of snow in the same direction...draping the glue over the edges, icicle like. Then sprinkle with fine glitter.
For the Angel, using the glue with the pointed nozzle- etch where you want snow or glitter on your Angel image & sprinkle with fine glitter! ( LOVE that glitter!)
Add a strand of mini-pearls to the top edge of the lid with Hot glue.
Finally, measure & attach the felt with adhesive backing to the bottom of your box!
Don't forget to put SOMETHING SPECIAL INSIDE of the box if you give it as a gift! (I've always heard, you should never give an empty box!)
Here you can see there is SOMETHING tucked inside! Wrapped with matching tissue paper!
Next week, I'll show you one of  the little gifts inside!
"And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, & the glory of the Lord shone round about them: & they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." Luke 2: 9-10 
Just for fun, think of a color to use on your Christmas cards or handmade ornaments that is Non-Traditional! You'll probably be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED just like me!


  1. What a super pretty little box you created! I love your statement about the little "brilliance cog"!! So funny! Have a great day!...Nancy :o)

  2. This is a beautiful gift. I love the vintage Shabby Chic feel. :)


  3. So fun when the box it self is a gift. Beautiful.


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