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INSIDE the Blustery Pink Christmas Box...

Hi Friends!

Just a quick note here about what happened today...My prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, precious little ones or adults!
 Isaiah 66:13a- "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you;" 
 2 Corinthians 1:3-4- " Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, & the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."

Getting this post done a little later than I normally do... feels like there's SO MUCH to be done before Christmas! And my mind & fingers are BUSY!!!!! How about you?
 If you aren't a "crafter," I don't think you understand!  It's kinda like, "A mothers' work is never done!" You're always working on SOMETHING! And/ or your mind is ALWAYS working on what's coming next! ALWAYS TRYING to come up with something new! ALWAYS STRIVING to do something even better! AND with a DEADLINE, usually!  All the while, trying to maintain your home....(which never ends with children & pets!) train up you children....(homeschooling, church, everyday interactions, etc.! THAT LIST could go on FOREVER!) love your husband....AND whatever else you've got going on in your life! LIFE is BUSY in a crafters world! Usually, a crafter is one who will MAKE the gifts they give! That takes TIME! From the time it takes to make a card, some taking longer than others! (That's me!)  To the time it takes to knit up something special for the recipient! Or whatever it is!   (Just think of it, each little stitch, one by one being placed on the needle, over & over, ALL done by hand, till it makes that one of a kind garment or whatever!) Add in  ALL THE STEPS somethings take, to get to the final piece! Even cards have steps to get to the FINAL OUTCOME! Some steps taking longer than others! AND put in on top of that, if you're doing more than one! But, with every step & SOMETIMES FAILURE, ( that might mean starting from the beginning, MAYBE more than once,) & even a day or two where we don't feel good,  we end up with a gift made out of LOVE! Something, ONE OF A KIND, made JUST FOR the recipient! Now, WHERE in a store can you find something like you've JUST CREATED? I DARE SAY, you CAN'T!   It DEFINITELY won't be made WITH LOVE or with THE THOUGHT  the person who made it, put into it, with YOU in mind!  
So, now I'm going to show you what I MADE & what  was INSIDE of the Blustery Pink Christmas Box! The first gift is one that was HAND KNIT & HAND FELTED!
I added a pin back to it & some leaves from silk flowers. The middle is black french knots & gold beads! I wanted a Vintage look!  Here is where you can find the pattern:
NOTICE: Look at all the little Ornament patterns you get with this pattern, mittens, stockings, stocking hat, pointy top hat, & poinsettia!
The pattern can be bought here:
718 8th Ave. SW., Rochester, MN 55902
I also added this little ornament to the box! (From: Somerset Life Magazine, Autumn 2008)
These are THE CUTEST little mittens! You can make a bunch easily or make them year by year for gifts for different people! (I made a slew & have been giving them away & now need to make more!)
Just in case you don't have the magazine, here's a tutorial:
Using Natural Cotton Batting, spray with coffee to give an aged look! (You can see the difference once you've sprayed it! I used Instant coffee!)
Cut your pattern: 5"-6" high, & use Pinking Shears at the top for an added touch!
Stitch the mittens together, right sides in.
Then when you have them stitched together, trim away the excess & snip a little slit at the thumb & gently turn right side out!
Next, use a bamboo skewer & dip it into white glue & smear onto the mitten. (You'll do the same on the other side when this side is dry!)
Sprinkle with your choice of glitter! Here I used Mica Flakes!
Your choice of glitter & trimmings will make the difference in how your mittens look in the end! (The mittens at the top of this tutorial, were made with a clear glitter!)
Now, crochet a chain length of  13"-14" long! (I used Ecru, cotton crochet thread.) & hand stitch it to the inside of the mittens cuff.
Add your ribbon, gimp (also sprayed with coffee), or choice of trim, & buttons.
I also added a tag, with the year on one side & who it was from on the other.
Here are the mittens made with the Mica Flakes:
Hope this helps with your Christmas giving list! These little mittens look GREAT on the tree! OR think of doing several & adding them to a wreath! OR hanging them from a Mitten Tree! Think of doing these in the traditional red & green... with little pine cones... or holly!
 More Christmas goodness next week!
P.S. Below you'll find my pattern for the mittens! Just in-case, you want to make some of these sweet mittens!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post......I think you have summed up a crafter so well. I could be in the shower when I come up with an idea...yes constantly thinking!!
    OH, your mittens are so so cute love the design and all the sparkle. Merry Christmas


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