Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Lovin' Challenge!

Hi Blog Friends!

The weather here is GORGEOUS!!!!! The grass is SOOO GREEN! The trees have buds that are red & some trees have blossoms on them! SPRING IS HERE!

 BUT, Summer is ON THE WAY! To not have to layer up in  thick clothes, be cold or slip on ice when you step out, SUMMER is WONDERFUL! Warmth that just penetrates! Bright sunshine, flowers,  birds that sing, & butterflies that flitter through the air without a care in the world! (Except for a cat or two around here!)
Of course, as a child summer was ALWAYS my FAVORITE SEASON! NO SCHOOL! Carefree play of riding my bike around the block & chattering with my girlfriends gleefully!

In honor of "Summer" Flourishes is having a "Summer Lovin' Challenge!"
You can use the color palette or create with summer in mind!That's pretty EASY! And of course, if you use Flourishes images, you get double the points! Well, Flourishes Images are AMAZING! So, I'd check them out, even if you can't get in on this challenge! There's ALWAYS something SUPER FUN going on over at Flourishes!

Matter-a-fact, they're even looking for someone to join their DESIGN TEAM! Check out all the details here:
DO go over & check it out! YOU might be one of the next Designers for Flourishes! EXCITING!!!!
OK! Back to the challenge! (Just thought you might like to know that little special tid-bit of information!)
For the Summer Challenge, I created a few cards that I HOPE you'll like! Like I said, Flourishes Images are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Take a look!
This card is in honor of the FLOWERS & BUTTERFLIES! I absolutely LOVE Clematis flowers! Purple in particular! Notice the butterfly, I popped it up on dimensionals for a special little touch!
What do you think? I wanted a darker background with the teal colored paper & used black embossing power, heat set it & then used bleach in a water color brush to lighten the paper. Then using Gelatos- Pistachio, Lavender, Mango & Lemon I added color! For the smaller areas I used a smudge stick to add color. For the image to REALLY POP, I used a Pitt Artist Pen-white & used the technique of Pointillism. I LOVE how it came out! (Flourishes Image: Clematis & Butterflies)
For the inside:
The verse is BEAUTIFUL & I just used a smaller flower image from the same set!

This is my next card! Taking Inspiration from the colors in the "Inspiration Photo" above. I'm USUALLY not too good at doing Silhouette images but, I was DETERMINED! You don't know HOW MANY TIMES, I stamped this image but, didn't like what I was doing with it! BUT, my persistence paid off! I used Versa-Mark & added a pastel pink Embossing powder & heat set. Then using Gelatos- Bubble Gum & Guava; I rubbed the gelatos, starting with Bubble Gum, over the image & then rubbed with my finger outward spreading the color, filling in the outer area with Guava. The printed paper is by DCWV- The Spring Fling & Summer Days Combo Stack. I thought the print looked like a little girls dress. I also added Liquid pearls in Platinum Pearl for the little gray stripes in the Inspiration picture. The green color IS there, just not as evident! This one came out making me think of a Cameo! ( Flourishes Image- Sweet Days of Summer) 
Here is the inside, simply done!

My next card was PURE FUN thinking of the days when our kids were little & enjoyed summer fun! Water play was ALWAYS FUN! AND YES, pop-sickle's too! Just like this little boy, active & all into this activity, so was our son. A little timid & not quite wanting that water in her face as this little girl seems, so was our daughter! AND PROBABLY, this little boy liked to be the one to SPLASH THE WATER IN HIS SISTER'S FACE TOO! JUST LIKE OUR SON! Life is DEFINITELY MORE FUN WITH KIDS! (What will we do when the "empty nest" comes?)
The papers used were from the same pack I used above. I saw that blue sky with the clouds & KNEW it was PERFECT for this image! I used  Gelatos- Lime & Green Tea to "ground" the image!
My card needed just a little something to make it "finished!" So, I made a TEENY-TINY pin-wheel, One Inch! Have you ever tried to make one that small??? Well, good glue wouldn't hold it & the paper would rip & fall apart in the middle, so I made a flat one & placed a SU- Clear Button on top to protect it! (Flourishes Image- Sweet Days of Summer)  

That's it for me today! I AM looking forward to SUMMER! How about YOU? Any "SPECIAL" PLANS??? HOPE you get in on all the "SUMMER FUN" over at Flourishes! See you there!

"And I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing."
Ezekiel 34:26

Looking forward to  SUMMER FUN!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hi Blog Friends!
Well, I have been contemplating this blog post for awhile & it just seems TIME to go ahead & post...Isn't it when we're going through those times when we feel squeezed that we turn more to Christ than other times? It's a "REFINING FIRE!" "Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction." Isaiah 48:10. We're going through a time of "squeezing"/ "refining" right now! Yesterday, I was feeling frazzled! But, just like our loving Savior, He sends us little hugs all along the way! A friend who listens & says she'll pray for you, to the Scriptures you read that day that speak to your heart, to your husband telling you everything will be "OK!"
So, I thought I'd share with you something I've worked on that will aid in your relationship with our Beloved Savior! Something that will aid you in your walk with Christ & minister to you everyday! And  in your times of need!
I created a Prayer Journal, take a look:
Read that Scripture! "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of The Almighty." Psalm 91:1. I don't know about you but, that Scripture just BLESSES my soul especially with everything we're going through right now! Reaffirming, if  I spend my time IN HIS WORD, I will "REST!" There is peace in HIS PRESENCE! (ODB- Scripture Collection 2; gotta get more of these!)
This Scripture, I wrote out on a tag. This Scripture telling me, He will guide me & give me joy & what the blessings will be!
I couldn't create a prayer journal without adding my FAVORITE VERSE! Just in case you can't read it, "Oh how happy is the woman who believes in God, for his promises to her come true." Luke 1:45. I discovered this verse as a young girl attending  a Teen Challenge Graduation Banquet, it was on the program. As a young girl who saw her need of her Heavenly Father in many ways; coming from a broken home & being broken  hearted because of it, this verse spoke VOLUMES to me!
"Lord,, I have loved the habitation of they house, & the place where thine honour dwelleth." Psalm 26:8
Yes, when things are quiet & peaceful with no worries and when things are going crazy around me, I LOVE to dwell in the presence of my Lord! Whether it be in His house or here in my house, HE IS MOST WELCOME!
Many times, we as Christians get side-tracked, whether we're going through something at the time or not, & when we THINK we're doing the right things, we aren't! We NEED Christ to lead us in His Truth & teach us! God gave us HIS GIFT of Salvation through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. The very thing we celebrated this past Easter! The Resurrection of Jesus! We have life in Him because of His Sacrifice on the Cross & His power over death! YES, I will wait ALL DAY  to be in His presence, for Him to lead me & teach me!
"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, & he shall strengthen thine heart: wait I say on the Lord." Psalm 27:14.
Many people when faced with what we're going through just walk away from it all! But, in these times & what we're going through, a man whose heart loves righteousness, MUST STAND UP to those things that would make men's hearts faint! Waiting on the Lord, HE WILL GIVE US COURAGE! HE WILL STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTS! All we need do is WAIT ON THE LORD!  (NOTICE: TWICE, this verse said to "Wait on the Lord!" This tells me it's VERY IMPORTANT, TO WAIT! Meaning, stay put on your knees till He speaks to you!)
This is the front of my Prayer Journal. I gave it the Title: "IN HIS PRESENCE."
I added the Title to the binding too.

The INSIDE is done according to the book, Lord, I'm Listening, by Donna Leonard. Along with a few of my own ideas.

I KNOW many of you may also be going through "things" that are difficult right now.  Find your peace in Him! Stay on your knees! Stay IN HIS PRESENCE! HE IS FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!

When all the world around you is crashing down....
Stand firm in The One who holds the world together!
Stand in His shadow--let His presence fill you!
For He loves you like no other!
Jesus Christ, The Savior of the world!