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Betsy's Most Prized Possessions!

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Somerset Place is having a Challenge & I'm entering my little short story! There is a Prize to be had! So you might want to check it out for yourself! Check here:
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Photography by Andrea C. Jenkins featured in Life Images 2008

 It was the last week of classes for the year & Betsy so looked forward to being done with school & finding some time to do something fun for a change! It was Betsy's second summer being enrolled in Beauty School & that would soon be finished too. Betsy usually went to her High School Classes during the week & then every Saturday she would go to Beauty School, trying to get the hours in that were required. She enjoyed it but, she was tiring of working every Saturday in the school. It gave her a little spending money from the tips she got; enough to buy herself lunch every-so-often maybe, but she wanted to be free to hang out with her best friend & just be a teen!

Betsy grew up in a home with her three other siblings & under the care of only one parent. Betsy didn't have much self-esteem & was a serious, shy & lonely child. She was tormented by the lack of her father's love. Betsy was a teen that tried her hardest to be obedient & do what was right. Wanting only to make things easier for her mother & help in anyway she could. She was sure of herself, only in her artwork!

Betsy had a passion to draw & water color. There wasn't a lot of money to buy art supplies & Betsy  never asked for anything knowing things were tight. Betsy always took Art Classes in High School & those classes were the only classes she truly enjoyed! She often wondered if she didn't have those classes, would she even continue with High School? Her Art Teacher encouraged her at every turn seeing her talent, always entering her in Contests. This summer, Betsy's mother entered her in an Art Contest at her work place. The prizes were Gift Certificates to a new local Art Store! Betsy was thrilled when she found out she had won several First Place Ribbons!

Betsy's mom took her to the new Art Supply Store & Betsy took her time looking at everything! She was jumping for joy inside as she strolled back & forth through the store taking everything in! Feeling so pleased with herself for her accomplishment, she was determined to pick things that she could have for a long time to come; things that would help her continue in her love of Art.  She loved the feeling of being able to choose for herself, things that would help her in her passion for Art!

Everywhere Betsy went that summer she carried around a little suitcase. Inside, she had all of her Art Supplies; Pencils, erasers, sketch pad, & the prized water color brushes that she had so carefully chosen. That little suit case held all of Betsy's  most prized possessions!

Hope you enjoyed my story & hope you go over to Somerset Place & read some of the other ladies entries! I'm SURE you'll enjoy yourself!

What is your "Prized Possession?"


  1. I loved your story and I'm certain many of us can relate to feeling out of place in High School. Even when you were a young girl, it seems God gave you a way to develop your wonderful talent.
    Keep on Stampin!
    Blessings :)

  2. Dear TLady! This could have been me! You wrote this right from the heart and it is a beautiful story. I love this story so much because it shows the power of Love, support and encouragement. You are wonderful! Nice to meet you! jean xox


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