Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Card Camp- Week 3- Day 1!

Hi Blog Friends!
LOADS of FUN yet to be had, in that this is the FIRST DAY of the last week!
Here's what's going on today!
Below are the Sketches & the color scheme we were to use:
WHAT IS IT with Mondays???? The cogs just don't want to turn!!! Even with doing an extra card on Saturday, which I THOUGHT would help keep these cogs OILED! NOPE!
Now I have to tell you, it ISN'T the color scheme that "stumps" me so much, when I go to make a card! Unless, I just don't have the color paper/s required! It's more the sketches that "stump" me! The sketches are the things that keep me sitting here & mulling it over & over for FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!
See just HOW STUMPED I am???
THIS is what happens when I'm REALLY STUMPED!
(Naaaah! This is my hubbies work! I went out & was talking to him about being "stumped" & he said, "there's a bunch of stumps!"  LOL He's SUCH A KIDDER!)
Back to being serious now!
We were shown several different cards in the making & given little tips... Another problem I had today, was I just didn't have ANY GRAPHIC type of stamps,  NOTHING like they had! ( SO "NEED" to EXPAND my style of stamps!)  So, I pulled out what I had & this is what I came up with!
Remember, I could only use 4 out of the 5 colors given! I chose Dark Brown, Blue, Light Purple, & Dark Purple, leaving out the Light Brown. I also chose the technique of doing TONE ON TONE BACKGROUNDS- This done on the lower half of my card.
The closest "Graphic" Stamp I had is on the lower half of this card- It's by Anna Griffin- Modern Graphic Stamps. I needed something for the top & thought a floral would look nice; I wanted something light in contrast to the lower half. I used Flourishes- Bees & Blooms.
It's ALL ABOUT BANNERS today too! So, as I played with my paper trying to figure WHAT to put WHERE I came up with a little banner made with SU- Teeny Tiny Wishes and added some Prima Crystals. Pretty simple really! (Just ALOT of "thought time!" )  I ONLY HOPE IT SHOWS!
Let me know what you think? I'd LOVE to hear from you!
(See you tomorrow!)


  1. How elegant! Love your take on our homework today!

  2. I like the colors of purple. I did not have any type of geometrical stamp either so I went with another card. I think you pulled it off very nicely.

  3. Wow! Beautiful cards! Your stamping is very exact and I love the colours!!

  4. These are fabulous - really like your stamp/pattern choices!

  5. How pretty!! I like how you used what you had. The patterns are perfect for this card!!

  6. Oh, your cards are gorgeous! Love what you've chosen for the tops to go with the bottoms! I've got to tell you, too, your positive comments have brought tears to my eyes on the days I've been most frustrated. It's amazing how our best creations sometimes come from our most difficult days! Thank you for visiting my blog and keeping me motivated!


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