Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boy Crazy????

Hi Blog Friends!
Today I have a blog post just a little different from what I normally do. I HOPE you can find something in this to help your own daughters or a young lady you know.
A week ago we moved our children off to college! Our son is a Senior & our daughter will be a Freshman at the same school. There were MANY TEARS BEFORE we went & MANY UNEXPECTED HUGS! This will be her first time away from home & it is not only hard for her, but for us as well. The house is EXTREMELY QUIET! No more squeals & giggles & constant chatter....even her kitty has settled down. (Her kitty would follow her from room to room & if the door closed before she could enter, she'd sit at the door & meow till someone opened the door for her!) I'm SURE many of you can understand when  I say she is lonely for home & everything that she knows is sure.
We got her moved in & met her room  mate. We hoped all would go well, as this would be the first time to have a room mate too! The college is a Christian College & so they have high standards for behavior, & the kids even sign a statement of commitment to Christ-like behavior before they are admitted. Not everyone that attends the college is a Christian though. There have been many that have given their hearts to Christ during their time at this school because of their witness. I would say, just guessing, the MAJORITY of the kids aren't Christians.
Our daughter is a very considerate young lady & even here at home tip-toes around when she stays up late. There were activities for the kids the first week & she got in later than her room mate one night. She didn't want to disturb her & sat in her chair the WHOLE NIGHT for fear of waking her! OF COURSE, the next day she felt TERRIBLE! Our daughter was even uncomfortable getting a shower---communal bathrooms... Then, the next day she told me, I guess I need to think ahead & get my shower & be ready for, she gave in & got her shower & was sitting on the edge of her bed in her robe when, her room mate brought her boyfriend in carrying her TV! NOT GOOD!
My husband was VERY UPSET! Here our daughter is trying to get adjusted & she brings a guy into the room at 9:00 p.m.! (Daddy's UNDERSTAND MORE than we women sometimes.... My husband could see down the road & what could POSSIBLY HAPPEN...!) We checked with the Dean of Women & SURE ENOUGH, the girl DIDN'T HAVE PERMISSION to bring her boyfriend up to the room! ANOTHER CHANGE was coming!
Yesterday, we drove to the school &  after our daughter's classes we moved her to another room with a more compatible room mate, with the help of the Dorm Mom & her Resident Assistants. All week our daughter has been crying on the phone & wanting to come home, it has been quite stressful! I just keep encouraging her & telling her she CAN DO THIS! And telling her HOW PROUD I am of her! AND that she WILL LOVE THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE when she's settled in!  I have to say she has been SO MUCH BRAVER than I ever was in college! Going to activities ALONE & to lunch & dinner ALONE! We are SOOOO PROUD of her!  
There have been a couple of the girls in her dorm that have ZEROED in on her! NOT to our daughter's liking! They sat down at lunch one day with her & peppered her with questions so much that she couldn't eat! She is having a difficult time eating too, so this didn't help!  And she now has to wear a belt! (She's tiny to begin with!)  They want to giver her a "make-over!" Fix her up with boys! Teasing her that guys are winking at her! Our daughter knows she is there for her EDUCATION! She doesn't mind having guy friends along with girl friends, but she wants to CONCENTRATE on her EDUCATION! Her Father & I feel the same! A daughter who is SURE in her Father's Love doesn't NEED the affection/s of ANY GUY out there!  That is WHY it is SOOO IMPORTANT for Parents to maintain their homes! Parents work out their problems & BE THE EXAMPLE to their kids, that they need! It also shows the kids they can work out problems with friends! That is the reason GOD wants families to STAY TOGETHER! For children to be born into homes with BOTH PARENTS! It is VITALLY IMPORTANT TO A CHILD'S HEALTH & WELL-BEING! Father's & Mother's bring something DIFFERENT to the table just by being Male & Female! God made us DIFFERENT from each other & that's a GOOD THING!
As we were on the campus  yesterday, we noticed a lot  of LONELY people, VERY SURE OF THEMSELVES people, & "BOY CRAZY GIRLS!"  (You can SPOT the "boy crazy girls" a MILE-AWAY! I don't think they even know this!)
There are MANY DIFFERENT Fundamentals about Life that SHOULD BE TAUGHT in our homes, in our churches, in our places of learning that aren't being taught today. Just so our kids can be HEALTHY & THRIVE!!!!  When my husband & I were first married we got some little birds for pets. The pet store told us, we want them to "Thrive not just survive!" That is the same thing with children! We want them to THRIVE!!!!!! Not just survive!
I found a site today--(late in opening e-mails! You can understand why...) I was BLESSED by the video they showed & OF COURSE, want to win the book they are offering! I'll read it & pass it along to the Dean of Women! AFTER-ALL, it is a "Christian Campus!"
 It's called:
 CONFESSIONS OF A BOY CRAZY GIRL On Her Journey From Neediness To Freedom,
 by Paula Hendricks.
You can view the video yourself & get in on the giveaway too here:
(The deadline is Sept. 2nd to get in on the giveaway.)
I want to show you what I made for my daughter & her room mate too--- (Of course, with getting a new room mate, I'll have to make another one that will be according to her new room mate's taste! AND make the "Dorm Mom" something along with the Dean of Women, who have been there the whole time helping with this transition!)
Lastly, just so you know how things turned out this weekend & moving our daughter to her new room...She decided to STAY THE WEEKEND at school! She had planned to come home for the long weekend! WHAT A BRAVE GIRL!
HOPE you have a PEACEFUL & BLESSED weekend!
For your information:
The little purses where made with my own template. The zebra stripping was made with a marker & the stamps used are: Flourishes- Simply Charmed for the handle & the charm- Shine. The little tag is by SU- Tiny Tags. Each little bag holds 6 mini chocolate bars. These actually matched their room decor! One had the zebra stripes & pink & the other zebra stripes & lime green.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Handbag Heaven?

Hi Blog Friends!
I have a little TREAT for you today! It all started awhile back when a certain company came out with a die for the Big Shot that was a little purse! I watched as others created those SWEET little Handbags...!!! OH MY!!!! A girl could be in "Handbag Heaven" with that die! I just COULDN'T bring myself to buy the die, $$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, as we are getting our daughter ready for College, I thought it would be nice to make a little something for her & her new roommate! What better than one of those little Handbags filled with Chocolate??? Well, without the die, what was one to do?
AND on top of making a template a certain company is having a Challenge!
 This one is a Color Challenge! WHERE you say???? FLOURISHES! Well, I looked through my Flourishes Stamps mentally & came up with some FUN IDEAS, using several of their FABULOUS SETS!
Here is where you can see the Challenge details:  
(It's hard to see these colors on the computer, but they are Rust, Gray, & Teal.)
These little Handbags are my first attempt at making them! I MAY be back with more at a later date!
This little cutie reminds me of what the other company had; I don't know what the measurements of theirs is, but mine is: 3" x 1" x  2" (without the handle)
I used Flourishes- Bee's & Blooms & Simply Charmed Stamp Sets. I stamped the flowers on a Teal base & then colored them just a little with a Gray Dick Blick colored Pencil. AND look at that Chain handle, it too is gray--That is from the Simply Charmed set, PERFECT for my little handbags, I even get to use a little charm to hang from the side in Rust, just like those Designer Bags in the store! I added a Pearl that I colored Rust with a Copic marker for the front closure
I lined the bag with some Rust card stock & it holds 8 little kisses!
Next up is a rounder version-- If you take a close up look you can see I used
 Flourishes- Berry Sweet Frames to make a pattern on my little Handbag!
 I stamped Rust on a Rust Card stock base.
 This one measures- 3 1/4" x 1" x  2 1/4" (without the handle.)
Again, I used Flourishes- Simply Charmed for the handle, stamping it in Silver Gray & to add a charm to the side stamped in Silver Gray on  Teal!
Those little rhinestones---I colored each one of them with a Copic marker in Teal & then placed them with the help of a Silhouette Pick-Me-Up tool.
 I had to add glue to each one, as these rhinestones weren't self-adhesive!
This little Handbag is lined in Teal  & filled with chocolates too-- 12 little kisses!
My last little Handbag is an Evening Bag! Who doesn't love a Fancy Handbag?
This one is 3" x 1" x 1 1/2".
 I used Flourishes- Garden Gate Stamp Set,
 stamping it on a Gray Card stock for the base! I thought those flowers would be SOOO ELEGANT on this! I colored them in with SU- Markers- Really Rust, Old Olive & Taken With Teal, &
 Faber- Castell Artist Crayons-Teal & I used a watercolor brush just a little. I also colored another Rhinestone for the closure,  & the Ribbon Handle  with a Teal Copic marker.
It holds 3 little kisses!  
What do you think??? From a Handbag that holds 12 Kisses to one that holds 3!  Who wouldn't LOVE a purse FULL OF CHOCOLATE???
Come over & join us at Flourishes, you're sure to have some FUN!
Additional Supplies:
(Not mentioned above)

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hi Blog Friends!
I am squeaking-by here! CHF has a Sketch Challenge going on & it's due on Monday, the 12th of August! I have had my chosen stamp on my desk for awhile now & just hadn't gotten to it! So, today was THE DAY!
Here's where you can find out more about this challenge & jump in & play too if you like:
Here's the sketch we were to work with:
And here is my card:
Made with a Thomas Kinkade Stamp- The Good Life; stamped first with Versa Fine-Vintage Sepia & colored with Dick Blick Colored Pencils & only a little gamasol here & there.
For the framed portion, I used My Mind's Eye Designer Papers & stamped the right side with a CHF Backgrounder Stamp- Newspaper Ads & aged them just a little with Tim Holtz- Tea Dye Ink.
This card is much bigger than I usually make! I started with the image & worked my way out, to make sure the image had the right amount of framing it needed! It is 6 1/2" x 7 1/2".
Here is a nice close-up of the main image & the sentiment, also by Thomas Kinkade- Home Is Best, a sentiment I TOTALLY AGREE with; I also used Spellbinders- Fancy Tags for the sentiment.
I have to say, it might be HOT & MUGGY outside, BUT the leaves are already getting that olive color & some are even changing here! Fall is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!
"To every thing there is a season, & a time to every purpose under the heaven:"
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Hope you like, & let me know??? I LOVE to hear from you!
Additional Supplies:
(Not mentioned above)
Dimensionals- I popped the image & the sentiment up.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash!

Hi Blog Friends!
Well, I HADN'T planned on doing another blog post for awhile, BUT there are PRIZES to be had over at PRETTY PINK POSH!
Check Here:
LOOK what can be won!
This is the GRAND PRIZE!

This is what is being given away when you do the Blog Hop!
Now I have to say, I thought TWICE about doing the blog hop because it's a LOOOOOONG ONE! 
TWENTY EIGHT blogs to visit, BUT it's WORTH IT!
When you invest your time like this, you are sometimes PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! I found some of the ladies that were involved in the Summer Card Camp 2 I just did, some hosting & some playing along! One lady does educational type video's! She is the one who is giving away one of  the prizes, "StampNation!" I won't give you her name here, you'll have to go over to Pretty Pink Posh & do the blog hop to find her!

Can you believe ALL the PRIZES????

There IS another way to win too! Take the Challenge to create a card in the
10 Minute Craft Dash!

I am TERRIBLE at making cards in a FLASH OR a "DASH!" LOL So, you'll have to forgive these creations! (BLAH! I hate posting things like this, as I KNOW it isn't my best! BUT, it does help you see, we all have days like this....) My husband says, "You can't rush an artist!" (I agree with him!)

My first card, I took note of the technique that  one lady on the blog hop used! Changing it up a bit & I  used her technique a little different & stamped the sentiment, "Happy Birthday!" I REALLY LIKED her masking technique! I had a plan, but even with a plan...

Here's my first card:
I tried to give it a more free style look & it WAS FUN to make, but for me it just doesn't have ENOUGH COLOR!  I went with a single layer trying to make things easier that way... I used Art Impressions-Cake, &  SU- It's Your Birthday-Sentiment. I colored in only a few areas of the cake with Dick Blick Colored Pencils. The sentiment was stamped with a Kaleidacolor Ink Pad; thinking I could get more color that way! AND I used sequins here & there & spritzed the front with Metallic Melon Gelatos, for more color. The squiggly lines around the edge of the card are  hand drawn. 
I was short 48 seconds of Ten minutes in creating this card.

My second card:
I GUESS, I was feeling a little more confident, (I don't know WHY???) LOL Because with this card, I have a layered card! WHAT WAS I THINKING DOING THIS AGAIN? This time, I was shaking as the clock ticked! (Nothing like torturing yourself!)
This card was made with, PTI- Sentiment- Movers & Shakers Sentiments, SU- Cupcake- Crazy for Cupcakes, SU- Confetti- Itty Bitty Backgrounds. I also used the Kaleidacolor Ink Pad for the confetti, Dick Blick Colored Pencils, & SU- marker for faux stitching & Baker's Twine. A little more color, BUT I'm still not happy with it!
(I'm just one of those that NEEDS TIME to create properly!)
With this card, I had 1 minute & 44 seconds left of the Ten minutes!

Jump in & play with us!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The "CASE-ing" of Maki Jones, Part 2!

 Hi Blog Friends!
Here I am again, with another "CASE-ing" of Maki Jones!

Here is the card I "CASED"  last time by Maki & it will also serve as INSPIRATION this time around!  
 Remember, I told you that I was going to send the card I made for The "CASE-ing" of Maki Jones-my last post, to the wife of my husband's friend who had cancer & also had a mastectomy? I couldn't just send a card, & so I pulled out my Paper Tea Cup Template. I always like to send a little something if I can to lift spirits! I have been wanting to use my Flourishes stamps for this for sometime & I just hadn't had the time! Well, NOW was the time!
 Here's a look at what I made for Lois:

I used Flourishes Clematis & Butterflies Stamp Set.

I've had this idea for sometime of putting butterflies all over this sweet little package!
Here is the cup without the yummy chocolates! (The butterfly on the edge of the cup can be easily moved elsewhere. It's only attached with a small glue dot.) The inside sentiment for the cup is from SU- Elements of Style.  

And here you can see the Gift Combo together.

I wanted the Cup & Saucer to have a soft, lovely china  pattern, so I stamped it with SU- Sahara Sand & then colored it in with Dick Blick Colored Pencils & blended the colors with Gamasol. The Butterflies were colored with Copic Markers. I also gave the underside of the butterflies a light coloring with copics too. For that POP of darker pink to match my card, I made a small Florette with ribbon & coloring it also with Copics for the right color, and sewing on a matching button for the center. I didn't forget to use my Krylon Gold Pen to edge the cup & saucer either!

What do you think? Do you think it will lift spirits? Let me know what you think? I always enjoy hearing from you!

Keep Praying for Lois?

P.S. I KNOW many of you want the pattern to my Paper Tea Cup Template. I am UNABLE to sell it at this time. I'm sorry for the delay & if you are disappointed about this. Stick with me & just maybe I can get things taken care of here that I can put this up for sale! I am having issues with my printer that make it difficult to work with...It has a mind of it's own! 

Supplies not listed above:
Kaiser Craft Pearls
SU- Flowering Flourishes-Swirls on the tea cup

Monday, August 5, 2013

The "CASE-ing" of Maki Jones!

Hi Blog Friends!
I have been told that the title of my posts for "The CASE-ing of..." sounds like a MYSTERY...., but there is no mystery here! Just a SPECIAL FOCUS on a talented lady from Flourishes!

Today, I have a pretty little card for you that I "CASE-d" from over at Flourishes; Maki Jones is the Designer that is being focused on this week & I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to "CASE" one of her cards! Maki is a designer that just does things that you might not think of, in making her card/s! You just get a little surprise with each beautiful creation!
Here is Maki's card that I am "CASE-ing":
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL???

Well of course, I don't have the same paper crafting goodies that Maki has, but I came pretty close!
AND I have to say, I also changed things up just a bit. I want to send this card to the wife of a man my husband is friends with.

Here's my card:
How'd I do???
You'll notice the card doesn't have the sentiment that comes with this set- Flourishes Clematis & Butterflies; Instead I used a sentiment from Flourishes Sentimental Favorites. Like I said, I wanted to send this card to the wife of my husband's friend; she was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer & had a mastectomy & is currently at home recuperating. I thought this might brighten her spirits, to know someone is thinking of her & praying for her!

You can see the dimension of this card from the two pictures above. I popped the front panel up on dimensionals, along with the sentiment I used, & I fussy cut a couple butterflies & attached them with glue dots.

For the bottom half I used MS- French Scroll Punch & layered them for that lacy look Maki had.
I created a Master Board, or my own Designer Papers & cut them to fit my card. The bottom layer I used Dick Blick Colored Pencils & the top layer I used Copic Markers & Colored Pencils. I am not as talented as Maki with those Copic Markers, nor do I have a large selection! (MAYBE I'll have to try to find a Copic class when the kiddos go off to college this fall? Mom needs some educating too!)

Here is the Inside:
 Space enough to write a little something or stamp a special Get Well sentiment... Notice the extended leaves on the bottom & up the side? You can do that with this set, as it has some extra leaves to add to your image if you like!

So how'd I do with my "CASE-ing?"
Leave me a comment? I ALWAYS enjoy hearing from you friends! Yep, as a lady I know says,
"You keep me creating!"

Say a prayer for Lois as she recovers from her surgery?
(Thanks Maki for the Inspiration!)

Additional Supplies not mentioned above:
SU- Apothecary Accents Die
Becca Bow Maker
Kaiser Craft Pearls