Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vintage School Day Valentines!

Hi Blog Friends!

I told you I'd be back with more Valentines & here I am! 
Do you remember those days in Elementary School when you were preparing for your Valentines Day Parties? Finding just the right shoe box, without dented corners? Covering it with foil, hearts & doily's? Cutting that slit in the top of the box, so others could slip their Valentines to you right in it? HOPING your box would be full of little notes of Sweetness?
Heart shaped cookies?
 The excitement that the day would hold?

Here is a little Valentine that reminds me of those days! I feel I have to use it every year, just because of the feeling I get when I look at the stamp! LOL I made it an ATC- 2 1/2" x 3 1/2",
 and matted it on a piece of  3 3/4" x 2 3/4" SU- Card Stock.
I feel using this little stamp in ATC form is a-kin to those little Valentines we received in school.
Take a look:
"dearie me, I'm worried some
do tell me what's the matter.
every time I look at you
my heart goes

Isn't that just the CUTEST?
The image is from RED LEAD!
I colored these sweet kiddo's with Dick Blick Colored Pencils & Gamasol &
 adding Stickles to the little hearts in their hands!
(Not only does Gamasol blend the color, but it sets it too, so it won't smear!)
You can find the image here:

 These will be tucked into the larger Valentines I've already made!
Who doesn't like to be reminded of those School Day Valentine Parties?

I thought about using my ATC stamp for the back, but decided not to! I wanted them to be like those old time Valentines---even though, I didn't stamp "TO & FROM" on them!
The 1" Circle punch on the back is also from RED LEAD--Story Stamp Valentine Words; the black colored sentiment comes from the same set.
Check Here:

I've been seeing these little ATC bags when I go to the craft store & could hold out no more!
Valentines Day was THE PERFECT TIME to pick these up!
 I think they just add to the nostalgia of these Vintage School Day Valentines!

If kids want to make their own Valentines  for their Valentines Parties at school, these stamps would be SUPER EASY for them to use!

Additional Supplies not mentioned above:
Recollections- Paper Bags from Michael's
SU- 1" Punch

Red Lead has MANY other Vintage Valentine Images! BE SURE to check them out!
 There are MANY MORE that I want!

I think I LOVE this little "holiday" BECAUSE we ALL NEED for people to tell us they love us!
 And this day is a SPECIAL DAY just for people to express to others that they are loved!
 QUITE A SPECIAL DAY if you ask me!!! 

HOPE you've enjoyed my VALENTINE BLITZ!!!
More projects coming!

Floating on Hearts here!


  1. You've made some lovely Valentine's Day cards and they're ALL so nice, but I especially like this design. It reminds me of the Valentine cards I used to exchange with classmates when I was a kid.

  2. goodness this is so beautiful and your blog is such a happy place. I couldn't find your email tho? Do you mind sending it to me. just wanted to say thanks in a more private way. Hugs, Kathy

  3. Yes it reminds me as well and I already feel old. ha ha Very cute idea with the little envelope sleeve to hold the valentine. Sweet little treat.


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