Friday, April 11, 2014

The Liebster Award

Hi Blog Friends!

I was sitting here working away on a project for next week-Easter, & an e-mail came through...
My friend Gracie nominated me for the "Liebster Award!"
You can find Gracie here:

Thank You Gracie! 

I in return, am to nominate 5 others who have blogs with under 300 followers.
 Hope you take the time to visit each of  these ladies.
 I know they'll love to see you!
Here are my nominees:
1.) Catherine Bennett-
My dear friend of many years!
2.) Nancy-
This dear sweet lady is such an encourager & fellow paper crafter!
Linda travels the world & shares her knowledge of Tea; I do love tea!
4.) Amanda-
A "new" follower & a very nice lady & fellow paper crafter!
An "old" follower & a very nice lady & fellow paper crafter!

Rules for Participating in the Liebster Award Nominations:
1.) Leave a "Thank You" for the Liebster Blog Award persenter on your blog & answer 11 questions they presented.
2.) Link back to your presenters blog.
3.) Copy & Paste the pink Liebster Logo to your blog.
4.) Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 300 followers & create a list of 11 new questions for them.
5.) Inform them of their nomination.

Gracie had these questions for me:
1.) When did you start stamping?
I was introduced to stamping about 17 years ago, & bought a few stamps, but I didn't really dive into it until 2007.
2.) Name one blogger on your reading list- Valita of Valita's Designs & Fresh Folds-
She's the lady to see for wonderful life-like paper flowers!
3.) Cat or dog?
4.) Orderly or Messy?
Well, I'd like to think I'm orderly, but I think my husband would tell me otherwise! LOL
5.) Favorite way to color?
That is hard to say, it depends on the effect I want & I enjoy trying new things!
 If I had to choose, water coloring.
6.) Favorite Creation?
My Tea Cup Template that you can see on my blog.
7.)Pet peve?
Dust, once you clean it up, it just reappears!
8.)Favorite Vacation Spot?
Home, we're home-bodies & just enjoying being home.
9.) Favorite Movie?
Sense & Sensibility
10.) Best Day Ever?
The day I began my life as "Mrs. Green!"
11.) Other Hobbies besides stamping?
I used to like to cook till I took up stamping.
 (No wonder my husband talked me out of selling SU &
 told me to keep selling Pampered Chef years ago! LOL)
Knitting, & embroidery,
(These are only done every so often!)
& Decorating our home; as an "artist,"
 I have to have pretty surroundings.
 I've always been that way!:)

Here are my questions for my nominees:
1.) What is your passion?
2.) When did you discover your passion?
3.) What is your favorite food?
4.) Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
5.) What is your favorite color?
6.) What is your favorite style of dress?
7.) What is your style in paper crafting? or in writing for my writer friend? or in Tea Time for my Tea friend?
8.) What is your favorite season?
9.) What is your favorite CD or Music group?
10.) Who was your favorite teacher & why?
11.) What is your favorite tool? (according to what you do of course.)

Thank you Gracie! It was such a surprise to get your e-mail & find out about the Liebster Award!
I am delighted to have been chosen by you  & to participate in this fun chain.
Hope everyone enjoys this fun event!

Most Honored!

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