Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"For My Friend"

Hi Blog Friends!

"A friend loveth at all times," Proverbs 17: 17a

I have a card for you today that I made for a friend of mine.
Finished, it makes me think of a dreamy summer day....
My friend will be receiving this soon in the mail & will probably spot it here first! LOL
This friend is one who I have been friends with for many years, since our youth--
we had many of those dreamy summer days together, dreaming of our futures.
We met it seems, when we both needed a friend, we were "wall flowers,"
 & we just hit it off from there.
We were seen together all the time & were told we even looked alike.
We even liked the same things--art!

We drove around town in her orange Nova, yes I said "Orange," & it was bright too! LOL
We just had a blast together!
I would follow along as she shopped for pretty clothes & then out for pizza which always seemed to make me sick for some reason,
 we were part of the Youth Group Leaders together,
 we taught Sunday School together,
 & we went off to college together.
We were told by one person,
 we weren't even noticed until we became friends
 & then everyone noticed us.
Isn't it amazing what one friendship can do for you?
I remember giving her one of my water-color paintings....I didn't part with them easily back then,
 or making her a plate of brownies for Christmas when she was married,
seeing her first born & letting her know,
 "Yes, he did look like her, more than his daddy,"
or so I thought.
 And I remember, the sweet gifts she gave me in thoughtfully chosen.
I remember praying for her & the man she wanted to marry, as she asked,
"according to God's Will"----yep, she married him!

Her father, who is now passed was a wonderful example to me of what a "good father" was like.
 He was a kind, gentle & patient man.
 We even got into the "match making" game with her father,
 (her mother had passed when she was young) with my mother.
 Let me say, it doesn't go well when your mother overhears your talking & giggling about it in a public bathroom! LOL
(She wasn't in the bathroom by the way!)
 Needless to say, we stayed sister's only in our friendship.

Over the years we lost touch, but not long ago were able to find each other again & it has been like we never really parted.
 Although, we're older &  miles are separating us, we share our lives with each other most every day, & I thank the Lord for a chance at being her friend once again.
God has given her back to me & we are pledged to be "Sisters/Family" to each other to the end!
She is my "Dearest, Bestest Friend!"

I do send her cards, but sometimes life just gets busy, so I thought it was time to send her another!
It is nice to know that she treasures my cards.

Take a peak at what I've made:
This card was made with Flourishes- Happy Thoughts, by Sam Pickard.

I used Flourishes- Classic Frames Template Dies & Flourishes- Classic Keyhole Template Die;
 the sentiment & butterfly on the front are from Flourishes-Friendship & Flowers,
 another beauty by Sam Pickard.
(By the way, the Friendship & Flowers set has some wonderful Friendship sentiments that anyone would love. I thought of my friend when I got this set. The sentiments in this set warm the heart.)

This is my first time using the set "Happy Thoughts."
Flourishes offered this set for the "Flourishes Flip Loyalty Program," but last I saw it,
it was in the store being offered to all.
Remember, if you see anything you like, to call  the
 Flourishes Store:
Call: 850-475-1575
Call Toll Free: 888-475-1575
Flourishes is The Classic Stamping Store that offers you images that are timeless.

 Maybe, you noticed my green "butterfly?" Well, I was thinking of a moth we discovered when we first moved here. You don't think of moths as being beautiful, but this one was!
I'm guessing it was a "Luna Moth."
We haven't seen any since.
I colored this lovely with Faber-Castell Artist Crayons & added Stickles.
You can see  pictures of a Luna Moth here:

This is a close-up using Stippling.
 I first used my Faber-Castell Artist Crayons,
 giving a blue cloud around my flowers where I wanted a deeper blue.
 Then, I used my Letraset Water Color Markers & stippled more blue.
 I then gave this a light wash with a blender pen & finished it off with my
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen-white 101.
 I did the same with the flowers, leaving off the White Pitt Pen, of course with a different color.
You can see the Stickles on the center of the flowers
 & the Glitter Gel Pen on the smaller green little buds.
They almost look 3-D!

You can see I did Stippling all over my card.
 I sponged the edge of the base card  (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"),
& then I used my Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen- White 101 to soften the edges even more
 & give it a textured look with Stippling.
You'll notice I did the "Spotlighting Technique" too with Flourishes- Classic Frames Template Die.

This is the inside:
 Sponging the edges & using Flourishes- Happy Thoughts image.
 I used my Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen-White 101, Stippling the petals of the flowers,
 & Inkssentials Opaque White Pen for the stems & delicate lines.
The sentiment is from Flourishes- Friendship & Flowers.

Don't forget a matching envelope to tie your design all together.
The recipient will know that something special is inside!
I know how I feel when someone sends me a card or handwritten note,
a rarity that is for sure these days with all the technology!

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly:
 and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." 
Proverbs 18:24.

Supplies not mentioned above:
SU- Paper
Ink- SU & Versafine
SU- Corner Punches
Paper Studio- Rhinestones
WRMK- Envelope Punch Board

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Forever Love- Part 2!

Hi Blog Friends!

Two posts in one week? 
Yep, I'm doing pretty good here.
After posting my last post, "Forever Love," I thought I was happy with it.
But, the next morning I woke up & felt it needed more to it,
 & so I have "Part 2," along with some Marital Advice for the new couple
or anyone else who wants to hear it! LOL

I wanted to finish off the inside of my card for sure. 
I wasn't sure at first what I was going to do, but it just came together.
A good nights rest can do wonders!
The front of my card says,
"Forever Love."
(From Flourishes- From The Heart.)
You can't see it too well with the sheer ribbon, but isn't that just like life? 
You can't see if the love you have chosen to marry will last forever!

Inside, the sentiment is from Flourishes- Wild Roses
 & Flourishes- Sentimental Favorites, 
  along with the image from
Flourishes- Roses Are Red:
"A true love story never ends."
Romantic? Yes! 
Anyone can have a "True Love Story."
Just find someone who has Godly values, make your commitment to each other & hold that commitment dear, no matter what things come your way! 
Never put that commitment on the shelf for anything or anyone else!
Put God first & your commitment to your spouse, & things will work out for the best!

Here is a Gift Tag I made for our kids to add to their gift for the Bride & Groom. 
All they need to do is write who it is To & From,
 & tie it on their package with the pretty ribbon on the tag.
The image is from Flourishes-Roses Are Red.

Here you can see I popped the image up on dimensionals.
I do love how these came out.

The card will go in a matching envelope & the tag will hang freely on our kids gift,
 whatever it is that they choose to give.

--One word of wisdom for the gift giver--
Always put a card of some sort inside with your gift telling who it is from.
A little story:
 When my husband & I were married, we enlisted a couple of guys, who will remain nameless, to load the gifts in our car, for when we departed.
 One of the guys saw that the other guy was removing gift tags & cards from the packages,
& stopped him.
 But, not until several tags/cards had been removed.
 This guy thought he was "helping" to keep them from getting lost.
Yes, I did get some wrong when I sent out our Thank You notes.
 Only one woman let me know what she had actually given me.
Something always goes awry when you want it to go smoothly,
 & it usually happens when it's a "big day!"

My marital advice to this couple?
"Finish Well!"
I read something recently, where it said to, "finish well" whatever it is you're doing.
People remember you when you finish well, not when one thing goes well for awhile, it's the whole race that counts.
I think if you keep "finishing well" in mind going into a new life with your partner,
 things will go well! 
You enter your new life with the one you love with such anticipation & excitement,
& don't think about all that will come against your union. 
There will be many things that will come against your marriage!
 Remember when you're going through these things, that you are in spiritual warfare. 
Lean on each other, it will build your bond
& keep your family intact! 
If it isn't hard in the beginning, it will get hard.
Children, finances, extended family, etc., will all take their tole on your marriage.
But, if you remain close to the Lord, put God first & put your spouse second only to God, ahead of yourself, you can make it through ANYTHING & come out the other side & finish well,
Marriage intact!
That should be our goal, to grow old with each other as the Lord would have us to. 
Seeking to do things God's Way will help you go far in your married life. 
God will honor this decision too.
So, "Finish Well" this new life you're beginning & your love story will never end!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

For Flourishes Images:
Call: 850-475-1575
Call Toll Free: 888-475-1575

Supplies not mentioned above:
Faber-Castell- Pitt Pastell Pencils
Dick Blick- Gray Paper Stump
Dick Blick- Sanding Paper Block
Tree House Studio- Clear Acrylic Matte Coating
Faber-Castell- Perfection Eraser Pencil
Memento Ink
Glue Dot
SU- 1/8" Hand held punch
Paper Studio- Rhinestones
WRMK- Envelope Punch Board

Monday, May 19, 2014

Forever Love!

Hi Blog Friends!

I think I have finally recovered...
I think I would have recovered sooner if George, our long haired black cat,
 hadn't seen it necessary to wake me up several nights in a row! LOL
 He is our snuggler!

He doesn't like it when you wake him up though!
George doesn't look too thrilled here either, but he just has that look about him, unless it comes to his food! LOL
But, I wanted to share a card with you today.
With Graduations from College usually come Weddings.
Some of our son's friends are getting married, so this is only one of the wedding cards that I'll be doing.
I looked through my stash of Flourishes stamps & came up with a few sets I could use.
Let me show you what I made:
 I used Flourishes- Roses Are Red & Flourishes- From the Heart. 
(This photo seemed to come out looking more like the real thing!)

 I also used Faber-Castell Pitt Pastell Pencils to color my image.

I know a lot of people like White on White for Wedding Cards & I almost went that way,
 but this image cries out to be colored!
 It was so much fun coloring it in with my new Faber-Castell Pastell Pencils,
that my husband surprised me with for Mother's Day!
These pencils are  chalk pencils. The nice thing is they don't leave a lot of dust.
 I used a Gray Paper Stump for blending the Pastells, along with a Sanding Paper Block to keep my colors from becoming muddy.

 I layered the image up on dimensionals for added interest & to help make the image pop. Adding a few Paper Studio- rhinestones to give just a little sparkle because really,

this card is all about the image!
So, what do you think?

Call Flourishes Store:
Call: 850-475-1575
Call Toll Free: 888-475-1575

All comments are welcome & make me smile!

Love is in the air!

Supplies not mentioned above:
Memento Ink
Tree House Studio- Clear Acrylic Matte Coating
(You do need to seal the pastells to keep them from smearing)
Dick Blick- Gray Paper Stumps
Dick Blick- Sanding Paper Block

Friday, May 16, 2014

Recuperating & a CAS "Thank You!"

Hi Blog Friends!

Oh my, Thank You if you said a word of prayer for us this past week & weekend!
 It was a busy week of moving our kids "stuff" home from college on two different days.
And you would think, the College would have all the kinks worked out,
 for as many times as they've done this type of thing....NO, not at all! 
We felt thrown to the wind with no one directing traffic & no where to sit when we finally made our way into where the Graduation would take place.
It was everyone for themselves.
  Lots of chairs "saved" & no one filled them.
 There were people everywhere!
Even wearing low heels didn't help.
 We stood through all the "pomp & circumstance" & 404 Graduates walking across the platform,
 & walking around afterwards....OUCH!
But, it was a SPECIAL TIME for us & we tried to enjoy it to the fullest, even with aching feet.
 (Thank the Lord, for the cook-out, & the little oasis it gave us in all the flurry of excitement
 & even a chair to sit in. LOL) 
It took us a few days to recuperate from all the moving & the aching feet & might I add, aching body! (I think age has caught up with us. LOL)
So, "Thank You" for your prayers this past week & weekend!

Today, I have a CAS "Thank You" card to show you.
A simple way to do your cards a little different, use up material if you're a sewer, or just add a different feel to your cards.
It is also nice to use Material if you're lacking the right Designer Paper.

Craft Hoarders Challenge Blog has a challenge right now,
 Challenge # 7- Ribbon, Lace & Twine, Oh My!
 For more details & to play along, check here:
I will be entering my card in this challenge.

Pick a pretty print Material you want to work with
 & make sure you iron it first thing.
 Ironing the material will make the material easier to work with.
I've made several cards & thought this would make a nice gift set too.
 All you need to do is make a box/envelope to match with the same print material.
 I thought it best not to make a box/envelope to hold these cards this time,
 because I knew they would be quickly going out in the mail.
I thought this material was so pretty & cheery.
 It has touches of gold in it too, which I knew would add a touch of elegance,
along with my Gold Krylon Pen.

My card is the standard A2 Size- 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".
The next layer is 4 3/4" x 3 1/2"- I used my Gold Krylon Pen to color just the edges of the paper.
Next is the layer you will add your material to-- 4 1/2" x 3 1/4".
The Material is cut at 3 3/4" x 5 1/4"--just a little bigger than the 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" layer.
Have these pieces cut, ready to go & laid out--the material face down.
Take your crafting outside for this part--
 Spray a Multipurpose Spray Adhesive onto the card stock,
 (I used 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive),
 then lay the card stock face down onto the backside of your material pieces & press it smooth.
Make sure you do this on a piece of old News Paper that you can toss.
 I can't imagine sitting where I'd sprayed this goo! LOL
Then trim off the excess of the material & you have the face of your card ready to go.
I added ribbon, attaching it on the back with double sided tape, on one end of the face.
 I also added a little piece of double sided tape to the back of the ribbon, for the front---so it would attach to the material & not buckle up with pulling it tight to the other side.

I used Flourishes- Sentimental Favorites for the sentiment
 & Flourishes- Classic Frames Template Die.
I edged the die with my Krylon Gold Pen
 & added gold dots with my Faber-Castell Gold 250** Pitt Artist Pen.
The layer with the material is popped up on Dimensionals & so is the Classic Frames Template Die.
To continue the gold dots that are on the material & what I already added to the die,
 I added 3 little rhinestones-Paper Studio, that I colored Gold with my Krylon Pen.
 Lastly, I edged the card with my Gold Krylon Pen.

Super simple!
So, what do you think?

If you see anything you like call the
  Flourishes store.
Call: 850-475-1575
Toll Free: 888-475-1575
I'm sure Jan Marie & Mike will be happy to fill your orders!
Keep hanging in there with us. We're still working out some issues.

All comments are very much appreciated & bring a smile to my face! :)
Thanking YOU for your prayers this past week & weekend!

Supplies not mentioned above:
SU- Ink

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gift Giving Inspiration!

Hi Blog Friends!

I have a few things to show you today & as you look,

Don't forget to call Flourishes if you see anything you like!
Call: 850-475-1575
Toll Free: 888-475-1575
 We have been working away here,
& running about like little spring birds gathering for their nests,
 getting ready for our son's big day--
College Graduation!
Seems there is so much to do!
Well, one of our son's friends parents, is having a cook-out
 for all of their child's friends & their families after Graduation.
What a nice thing to do!
So I of course, had to pick up a nice
"Hostess Gift"
for such a gracious Hostess!
(I'll be taking some food to help out too. Maybe, I'll share that recipe later...!)
What do you do when you have a gift to give? 
Make cards! 
I made a Thank You card to be sent after the cook out,
 & a matching Gift Card to go with our gift.
Here is my inspiration:
Something as simple as Tissue Wrap!
When I have a gift to give,
 I sometimes, like to use wrapping paper as my inspiration--making everything coordinate.
 I didn't like the wrapping paper Wal-mart had, so I chose the Tissue Paper. 
Then I had to find ribbon for the gift wrap.
I thought this ribbon looked so pretty!
 I could nearly use any color in the tissue paper pack to match.
  I love lots of pretty ribbon when wrapping.
I used two of these large spools.
Next, are the cards---
 I started with the Thank You Card to be sent after the Cook-Out. 
I used Flourishes- A Year In Flowers-2,
 and my sketch is from SCS.

I love these colors!
Yep, I used some of that pretty ribbon on my card.
I also used Flourishes- Classic Hourglass Template Die.

I colored the image in with Letraset Aqua Markers; I also used Distress Markers, & SU Markers.
(I am still working on collecting all of the Letraset Aqua Markers.
 These were also purchased through Flourishes.)
You can click on the image to enlarge it & you'll see I also used Stickles- Star Dust on the stamen's of these lovely pink lilies. I also used just a little bit of pointillism on the background for the lilies.

The sentiment I chose for the front on my card is from Flourishes- Picking Wildflowers.

Here the inside of my card,
the sentiment comes again, from Flourishes- Picking Wildflowers
along with the little flower image.

Here is my gift tag:
Remember, it's a matching tag.
I changed the sketch just a little to add interest.

The inside....
 I didn't want to hand write "To & From,"
 so I stamped this with a stamp I got from a grab bag ages ago.

Here are the two cards side by side.
The Thank You card is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" & the Gift Card is 4 1/4" x 3 1/2".

Now for the wrapped gift:
Here you can see how the tissue paper, the ribbon & the Gift Tag all work nicely together.
( I just told my husband, I think I need to enlarge my light box--- PVC is on the "To get" list! LOL)
I topped off my gift with a big Tissue Paper Flower.

Hope this inspires you if you have some gift giving to do!

Still scurrying about!

P.S. Don't forget to add your "gift receipt" to the inside.
 It's not the amount you spend, but the thought;
you want them to be happy with what they've received.

Supplies not mentioned above:
Versa Fine- Vintage Sepia
"To & From"- Sunday International-retired
Homemade Enamel Dots
SU- Scallop Edge Punch
Paper Studio Paper

All comments are so appreciated! I love hearing from each of you!

***P.S.S. Nancy asked, "What's inside the box?" I didn't take a picture of the gift, but it's a pretty Crystal "Hospitality Trifle Bowl."  The design on the sides is of pineapples. Pineapples being the sign of Hospitality. We can never have too much Sparkly!***