Thursday, May 22, 2014

Forever Love- Part 2!

Hi Blog Friends!

Two posts in one week? 
Yep, I'm doing pretty good here.
After posting my last post, "Forever Love," I thought I was happy with it.
But, the next morning I woke up & felt it needed more to it,
 & so I have "Part 2," along with some Marital Advice for the new couple
or anyone else who wants to hear it! LOL

I wanted to finish off the inside of my card for sure. 
I wasn't sure at first what I was going to do, but it just came together.
A good nights rest can do wonders!
The front of my card says,
"Forever Love."
(From Flourishes- From The Heart.)
You can't see it too well with the sheer ribbon, but isn't that just like life? 
You can't see if the love you have chosen to marry will last forever!

Inside, the sentiment is from Flourishes- Wild Roses
 & Flourishes- Sentimental Favorites, 
  along with the image from
Flourishes- Roses Are Red:
"A true love story never ends."
Romantic? Yes! 
Anyone can have a "True Love Story."
Just find someone who has Godly values, make your commitment to each other & hold that commitment dear, no matter what things come your way! 
Never put that commitment on the shelf for anything or anyone else!
Put God first & your commitment to your spouse, & things will work out for the best!

Here is a Gift Tag I made for our kids to add to their gift for the Bride & Groom. 
All they need to do is write who it is To & From,
 & tie it on their package with the pretty ribbon on the tag.
The image is from Flourishes-Roses Are Red.

Here you can see I popped the image up on dimensionals.
I do love how these came out.

The card will go in a matching envelope & the tag will hang freely on our kids gift,
 whatever it is that they choose to give.

--One word of wisdom for the gift giver--
Always put a card of some sort inside with your gift telling who it is from.
A little story:
 When my husband & I were married, we enlisted a couple of guys, who will remain nameless, to load the gifts in our car, for when we departed.
 One of the guys saw that the other guy was removing gift tags & cards from the packages,
& stopped him.
 But, not until several tags/cards had been removed.
 This guy thought he was "helping" to keep them from getting lost.
Yes, I did get some wrong when I sent out our Thank You notes.
 Only one woman let me know what she had actually given me.
Something always goes awry when you want it to go smoothly,
 & it usually happens when it's a "big day!"

My marital advice to this couple?
"Finish Well!"
I read something recently, where it said to, "finish well" whatever it is you're doing.
People remember you when you finish well, not when one thing goes well for awhile, it's the whole race that counts.
I think if you keep "finishing well" in mind going into a new life with your partner,
 things will go well! 
You enter your new life with the one you love with such anticipation & excitement,
& don't think about all that will come against your union. 
There will be many things that will come against your marriage!
 Remember when you're going through these things, that you are in spiritual warfare. 
Lean on each other, it will build your bond
& keep your family intact! 
If it isn't hard in the beginning, it will get hard.
Children, finances, extended family, etc., will all take their tole on your marriage.
But, if you remain close to the Lord, put God first & put your spouse second only to God, ahead of yourself, you can make it through ANYTHING & come out the other side & finish well,
Marriage intact!
That should be our goal, to grow old with each other as the Lord would have us to. 
Seeking to do things God's Way will help you go far in your married life. 
God will honor this decision too.
So, "Finish Well" this new life you're beginning & your love story will never end!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

For Flourishes Images:
Call: 850-475-1575
Call Toll Free: 888-475-1575

Supplies not mentioned above:
Faber-Castell- Pitt Pastell Pencils
Dick Blick- Gray Paper Stump
Dick Blick- Sanding Paper Block
Tree House Studio- Clear Acrylic Matte Coating
Faber-Castell- Perfection Eraser Pencil
Memento Ink
Glue Dot
SU- 1/8" Hand held punch
Paper Studio- Rhinestones
WRMK- Envelope Punch Board


  1. Lovely card and beautiful coloring! Love the inside especially :)

  2. The stamps You used aré lovely and your project looks amazing.


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