Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monet's Water Lily

Hi Blog Friends!

I hope you enjoyed my "Tutorial Blitz!"
As you have been enjoying my tutorials, I have been busy at work here working away
 with new posts for you for the next few weeks; trying to find my footing & the direction of my blog!

First of all, I want to share with you a Scripture that just seemed to speak to me, when I heard it. I was listening to  Dr. David Jeremiah, I wrote it down quickly so I wouldn't forget it.
I was actually thinking of our kids, but knew this Scripture was for me too!
When I find a Scripture that speaks to me or that I think will encourage me, I write it out on a 6" x 4" card & then I decorate the card. Sometimes, I'll send them to our kids or I will post them about the house where I can see them. Sometimes they are decorated with stamps, other times I hand draw my designs. Today, I hand drew my design.
(Feel free to copy this Scripture Card for yourself!)

Here is my Scripture Card for you today:
"The goal of obedience isn't success. The goal of obedience is abiding---
abiding in the one true vine, the only source of abundant joy."
 John 15:10-11.
There are many times we don't succeed at obedience. I think of children, disobeying their parents....that's us sometimes as God's children. We disobey to get our way, to manipulate the situation, to force what we want. We disobey when God specifically tells us something through His Word, & rather than trust Him that it is so, we react to the situation around us.
 There are many situations that I can describe where we might disobey.
The goal isn't success in obedience, but it is "abiding in the one true vine!"  Webster's Dictionary says abiding is, to accept without objection, to remain stable.  The"One true vine," is Jesus Christ! What joy we receive when we "abide in the one true vine!" Joy that surpasses just happiness! Joy that others who aren't walking after Christ cannot experience! When all the world around us, is falling a Christian, we can "abide in the one true vine." And as we "abide in the one true vine," we receive joy, from "the only source of abundant joy!"  Notice: "The only source..." This is a joy that we can not get anywhere else! "Abundant joy?" Abundant joy is joy that is of  ample quantity or perfect joy! Another words,
We receive perfect joy of ample quantity for remaining stable, not fighting Christ & what He wants in our lives, for accepting without objection what Christ has for us! 
What a wonderful promise!
I also know, people make life harder than it needs to be.
 If we can only remember this promise!

Now for my Artistic Creation for you today!
I wanted to do a flower of some sort & this just came to me one evening as I closed my eyes. Once I was finished creating this, I remembered a book I had on Monet.
 It made me think of Monet's Water Lily's!

Take a look at what I've done:
I sketched out my design first with my Faber-Castell 9000 Artist Graphite Pencils. 

Then I used my Faber-Castell Illustration Pens to draw over my pencil markings.

Then using my Gelato's I colored in my image & just blended it with my fingers. I also used my Faber-Castell Artist Crayons to add additional depth to my colored image, and I also used my Faber Castell- White Pitt Pen 101***.

I wanted to write the name of my flower on my image & so I used my Faber-Castell Illustration Pens.  Faber Castell Illustration Pens are India Ink, so they work well with the Gelatos.

Lastly, I added Diamond Glaze for water droplets on the flower & the lily pad.
This image just screamed CAS to me!

Don't forget to come back next week for a hand-drawn sketch I've done for you--"Sparkle!"

Hope you like my "Monet!"
P.S. I think I need some Mozart & a fine cup of Tea now!

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Supplies not mentioned above:
Gelatos- Metallic Grape, Boysenberry, Lemon,  Blueberry,
Banana, Lavender, Raspberry, White, Pistachio & Green Tea.
Prisma Color Marker- For the fine lines on the flower center.
Paper Studio- paper
Scotch Permanent Mounting Tape


  1. Beautiful scripture........Thankyou for sharing it! And your gorgeous hand drawn art, you are so talented! I really need to invest in some gelatos, the colours are so pretty. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love your Monet--very impressive! Beautifully colored--inspires me to use my Gelatos!

  3. Beautiful scripture card and love the hand drawn flower, the colors are stunning.

  4. Your card is so beautiful in it's simplicity. Just like following the Lord; it's ourselves and others that make it difficult. Jesus wants to keep it simple :) Thanks for sharing your "Monet"!
    Blessings dear one!


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