Monday, September 15, 2014

PINK for our girl & a "Ninja Mom!"

Hi Blog Friends!

Today, I do have a card that I stamped for you. Our daughter went back to school the weekend before I made this. I miss her terribly! She is always a help to me & we just enjoy chatting about things... We are  so blessed with her understanding of Scripture & we enjoy our discussions. Her favorite color is PINK, so I thought she would like a Pink Card & of course it had to have flowers!

Before I show you the card, I should tell you about moving her into her dorm---I jumped out of the vehicle with her, when we got there, to check her in....As we went between the dorms, I stepped off the sidewalk to make my way around the large portable air-conditioning they had set up. The minute I stepped off the side walk, I lost my footing & down I went! First hitting the sidewalk with my left knee, trying to catch myself with my right hand...I went over onto my left shoulder.  (I had my purse on my left arm. Thank goodness, I had just zipped it up! I would have been showered with it's contents!) About that time, a little voice in my head said to, "roll!" So, I rolled; well actually, I think I "flipped!" Everything went slow motion about then & I could see my hair flying up around my head. I landed on my backside, sitting up in the grass. About that time, I heard our daughter, "Oh no! Oh no!"  She was scurrying about me, not knowing what to do! Yes, there were on-lookers. How embarrassing! But, I brushed myself off & stood up. Our daughter then was saying, "Don't do that again Mom!" Like that is what I had planned to do all along! LOL I am sore today in my shoulder & rib cage, but no visible bruising, except a very little on my left knee. I think the "rolling/flipping" helped ALOT! Thank you Lord! I remembered hearing, that if you fall, "roll..." it makes the injury less severe. I told our daughter, I felt like a "Ninja Mom!" LOL We'll keep an eye on the soreness & see if it persists, as to whether I need to be seen or not. When it came time to move her things in, some of her friends came to help & our daughter told me to stay put in her room. I guess she didn't want another "Ninja Show" for the campus! LOL

When I made this card, I was thinking just a small 3" x 3" card ( I usually choose small for quickly made cards), & that is what I made to start with. I liked how it came out & wondered how a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card would look, so I made one of those too!

Here's the 3" x 3" card first:
I used the set- SU- Peaceful Petals for my main image.

I used the Peaceful Petals flower & stamped first with Pretty in Pink, then Pixie Pink, & lastly with Pink Passion Ink. (I still use those "old" colors & love them! How could I not?)

 I created an ombre affect with the colors.

I wondered how this would look with an open image....just overlapping the stamped images randomly. I like how it almost looks scribbled. The little sentiment is from SU- Short & Sweet.
(Yep, I can't seem to get rid of the old stamp sets either! LOL)

Now, for the larger 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card:
The sentiment on the front is SU- Bloom'in Beautiful.

Dimensionals were added to the back of the blooms & then arranged.

A close look at the flowers:
An even closer look at one of the flowers:
To color the blooms, I used my Letraset Water Color Marker- Blender Marker. I just touched it to my Ink Pad & picked up the color that way.
For the center, I used Stickles.

 Now, for the inside:
You can see the ombre affect a little better here. I just love the scribbled look of this, all done with an open image! The sentiment inside is from SU- Bloom'in with Love.

Which one do you like best, the small 3" x 3" card or the larger 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card?
I made a matching envelope, so when our daughter receives this in the mail, she'd know it is special!

The "Ninja Mom!"
***Next week I have an "announcement" in regards to my blog & what is in store...."
 See you then!

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  1. wow, these are gorgeous! Love the flowers and love the pink. My, what an adventure you had, so glad you did not get hurt..


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