Monday, October 20, 2014

Anxiously awaiting....!

Hi Blog Friends!

We've had a lot of celebrations around here lately---birthdays, our 28th Wedding Anniversary, the holidays are coming..., I've made my desk ready--- changing things around for what is to come....
Lots to keep me  busy here! But....

Today, I felt the need to share a personal devotional time I had...
I totally submit this post to Jesus Christ my Savior that He can do what He does-- 
touch broken hearts & change lives!
Here is a Scripture card I made for you. Feel free to copy & use this for your personal use.

 I believe this is the direction the Lord wants me to go with my blog--- if I continue to blog at all... This blog can be a distraction to what God wants for me... Posting won't be the "priority" it once was. If I feel there is something I should share, I will. I'll do a few challenges when I can  & post a few devotionals when time allows....I have a task/project at hand I need to be working on & it will take a lot of my time & effort. I will let you know when it is complete! Say a prayer for me? Also,  I am still working on getting my Tea Cup Template available for you. (I just do things differently than others.) But, as I have shared before, before we moved to where we are now, I used to share my testimony in WM's,  (Women's Groups); God did a mighty work in my life several years before that..., I had been through some things in my life at a very young age, where it made me afraid of everything! God healed me from fear, helping me do things I'd only dreamed of before; helping me to be what God truly intended me to be!
 I couldn't find my way around the fear that gripped my life before.

When we moved here, we had left  "bad" situations that left us broken & hurt as a family.  There was nothing left to  keep us where we had lived for so many years anymore, my husband had retired & it was the time to move onto better places.  Sometimes after  having been hurt, we  get side-tracked, & we try to fill the hurt with those things that make us feel good, soothing the pain at times.
 For me, it is my art or singing that soothes me.
The whole of what happened, encompassed church, family, school for our kids & work. It all happened one right after the other & it all had stolen my joy!
 I couldn't even sing anymore, nor did I want to.
 I feel God wants me to get back on track.

There are many women out there who are hurting as I have hurt....
 I will try to continue to share my art, whether it be stamped or free hand, & give you devotionals as I have been doing, to the glory of my God & Savior, as He leads!
 But, there is something that is growing in my heart that I can not put off. My posts may not come every week....I cannot promise anything. I'm just in a place of wanting to do whatever it is the Lord wants me to do, looking for His direction.
Something great is stirring in my soul that I can't quite put my finger on yet.
Something different is happening within me once again, another big change.....
I'm not sure where this road will take me, but it is in obedience---
abiding in the one true vine that I will find my direction.
(John 15: 10-11, Remember the Scripture Verse Card I showed you a few weeks back?)
I know some of you will understand what I'm talking about.
There are only so many hours in a day & I must put priorities in their place!

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, this is what comes when you have a personal relationship with the one true God of this world! He calls you to different paths than what you  might think or even want. If it isn't something you want, He gently works in your heart.... helping you see your need of Him & what He wants in your life--that,  that is what is best for you & He makes you ready! As "His committed children" we are "His servants!" Because the one true God of this world IS REAL, He CAN talk to you, lead you, touch you, heal you....
 I am so privileged to know Him intimately since I was a young girl!

 For those of you that already know this Great & Glorious God I speak of, have you ever felt that no matter how much of Jesus you have, it just isn't enough? You long for so much more of Him! There are some days all I can do is sit in His presence...drinking in more of Him! I read His Word, I tell Him I love Him, I just sit, letting tears stream down my face because I only want Him,
 & pray it never ends!

 I put on some music, I hadn't listened to in awhile. This particular song had the same affect on me it's had before---once again, pulling me into a place of BEING STILL; long enough to quietly listen, & hear His voice, to absorb His presence, still long enough to look in-ward & see where I have failed, & into a place of worship, "bringing me to my knees," & still long enough to sense the direction He wants me to go, through the reading of His Word & quiet whispers in my ear... I play this song over & over ---soaking in every word---letting the words become my prayer. I can't seem to stop listening to this song even these many weeks since I wrote this post....This song is TRULY one of the most beautiful worship songs I've ever heard----"May I know Jesus more & more, come live in me all my life, take over, come breath in me...." What  BEAUTIFUL words of submission to a GREAT & GLORIOUS GOD! To a God who loves His children with such a GREAT LOVE---so much so that He gave His only son to die for us, & His son who WILLINGLY died for us, Jesus Christ!

 If you aren't feeling loved today---are lonely, needing a "hug" for whatever reason, Jesus CAN fill those needs! Yes, he CAN wrap His arms around you--- He wraps His arms around me daily! Be still & talk to Him, let Him hold you! There is no greater love than that of our Wonderful Savior! The love He offers is true, righteous & filling! It is consuming!
 All you need to do is call on His name---
He WILL answer! 
He anxiously awaits to hear YOUR voice, calling His name! 
 He WILL hear you!  " And I will rise on Eagle wings," that is what He does for us when we submit to Him! It doesn't mean everything will be easy, quite the contrary!
 But, with Him by your side, He is in control when you're submitted to Him,
He will lift you up above the troubles of the day, "on Eagle's wings,"  & help you cope.
Anything is possible with Christ!

"Looking upon them, Jesus said, 'With men it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.' "    Mark 10: 27. (NAS)

"For nothing will be impossible with God."   Luke 1:37. (NAS)

"But He said, 'The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.' "  Luke 18: 27. (NAS)

Let Him prove Himself to you this very day!
It is my hearts prayer that if you don't know Christ, you will find Him.
All who call on Christ WILL find Him!

"The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry & will save them. The Lord keeps all who love Him; But all the wicked, He will destroy."  Psalm 145: 18-20. (NAS)

Listen to this song & make it your prayer....whatever your need today---
-let Him "take over" your life!
He WON'T disappoint!

 "Eagle Song" by Darlene Zcchech.

In His Service & in loving obedience to my Jesus, I anxiously await what He has for me,

P.S. This blog post was actually written several weeks ago--this is an update:  God is so good to give direction & confirmation when needed. When you start to wonder/doubt if  He did speak, sometimes you get a word of confirmation, or two,  which can come  in different ways... This article really spoke to me. I hope you can find time to read it & are blessed by it too.
Check here:
It's a BEAUTIFUL DESCRIPTION of what is happening in me!

P.S.S. This song is from Hosanna Music, Hill Song Music Australia.
The Platinum Collection 
 Featuring Darlene Zschech
From 2000
There are many more wonderful worship songs on the two CD's offered in this set!
(This song is a perfect way to begin your daily "Quiet Time" with the Lord, making your heart ready for whatever comes to you that day & ready to receive His Word!)


  1. Beautiful post my dear sister. I do truly understand. We must follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. I have been going through a moving also. For me it is studying the Word. It is something I did daily for hours before work. Then this, blogging and crafts interfered and my soul began to get grieved. So now I stopped buying stuff and use up what I have and back to studying first thing in the morning and into to prayer. Jesus first, all else second.
    I love you my sister and tho we may not see each other here on earth we will see each other on the other side. Hugs :)

  2. This is a beautiful devotional, dear friend and I know it is truly from your heart. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps this can help others see that Jesus can mend their broken and wounded lives.

  3. This post was a blessing to me. I hope all is well and moving in the right direction. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tricia & anyone else who is wondering, be assured all is well & things are moving in the right direction! Thank you for caring & know that your prayers are very much appreciated! The project I plan on taking on will be a big one! So, prayers are needed! :)


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