Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hi Blog Friends!

Just wanted to pop in here & say, 
to you & wish you have a wonderful & blessed day with your families!
I am thankful for my wonderful husband & our family!
God is SO GOOD to me!
What are you thankful for?
It's near time to pop all my dishes in the oven, so we'll be feasting before long here!
I was talking with a woman in the store yesterday & we were talking about whether our families enjoy traditional dishes or new dishes....
What do you prefer--- Traditional or New dishes?
We are "traditional" when it comes to Thanksgiving! 
But, I did try a new dessert---
Pumpkin Cheesecake!
You can find the recipe here:
Of course, I had to make a regular pumpkin pie too.
 Our daughter told me she was craving pumpkin pie! LOL
Thank goodness, I started cooking a day earlier this year!

The image above is from Free Vintage Digi Images. 
You can find more images here:
Many Thanksgiving Blessings to you!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

HUGE GIVEAWAY----14 chances to win!

Hi Blog Friends!

Just popping in here to let you know of a HUGE GIVEAWAY with 14 chances to win!

The Daily Marker with Kathy Racoosin has been doing some cleaning 
& is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY! 
She will be giving away 14 boxes to 14 Winners, filled with stamps like Penny Black, Hero Arts, Lawn Fawn, etc. 
AND she is paying the postage too! 
She is such a GENEROUS LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How SWEET at this time of the year too when we're all strapped for cash!!!! 
There will be HAPPY STAMPERS that will receive those boxes, I'M SURE!
You can check out her blog here:
Just leave her a comment, as easy as that!

Cross you fingers! ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Woodland Creatures

Hi Blog Friends!

I have another Pop-Up Box Card for you today!
I hope you aren't tiring of these cute little cards.
This one is masculine AND  would  be cute on your Thanksgiving table for a decoration or used as place markers for your guests! (I'd give your guests an envelope to take it home in too...that way they could still get the WOW Factor of this card!) But, back to the "masculine" side of this card--- I have heard so many talk about how difficult masculine cards are & I assure you, they aren't difficult! Just think about what kinds of things do the men in your life like? Out doors activities? Are they more into gulf? Hunting? Swimming? Sports? Do they wear ties a lot? Or would you find them in flannels mostly? Are they gamers? Do they like cars? Or are they more into something like cooking/grilling? Men can have many different interests just like women! Think of the things that you have observed that they like & find the images that would fit their likes! Then, go from there! I like vintage for men a lot & collage type of images just seem to speak to me when I am making cards for the man in my life. I'm sure I'll be using them for our son too the older he gets--maybe get away from Batman? LOL
 I think making  cards for men is easier than buying men's gifts! LOL

I have to say when I got my card all done, it reminded me of Spode Woodland Creatures China. So, I thought I'd show you a picture of this china & see what you think.
Other pieces of this china have different woodland creatures on it. I always thought it would make a perfect Thanksgiving Table Setting!

If this is your first time here or you need a quick reference for the Pop-Up Box Card, 
check out my tutorial on the Pop-Up Box Card here:

Here's a peak at my card, & then I'm going to give you a little tutorial on how I did the decorating:

You can't see the side panels here, but.....

 I thought you might like to see how I created the panels,
just a little tutorial for you:
First, I cut each of the panels that were needed out of Water Color paper & taped them to the surface of my table with painters tape, all lined up. These are the 1 5/8" x 2 5/8" panels. I think it's easier to cut the panels first, rather than after stamping. You also save on paper that way.
I used my SU- Stamp-a-ma-jig to get the placement of my images SU- Noble Deer. 
Here, you are seeing on the left, the image already stamped & on the right, the image being placed before stamping.

After stamping.
 I used Stazon Ink since I'll be water coloring.

I created 2 masks for my images & applied Zig Two Way Glue to the back for easy removal.

Using my SU- Stamp-a-ma-jig again, I added the image of SU- Lovely As a Tree.

Tree images have been added & masks removed.

Here I used my Zig Millennium Pen to add additional clouds to the sky, otherwise there would have been too great of a gap between the trees & the top of each panel with nothing. You want the scene to just continue on up the panel....

This is the 1 5/8" x 4 5/8" panel.
 I am placing the image with my Stamp-a-ma-jig.

Stamped image on back panel.
 (Scrap paper on either side to protect my surface.)

Masking & placing of the trees with my Stamp-a-ma-jig again....

After stamping.

Using Painters Tape, tape each panel down in-order to the surface of your table. 
It will help to keep your paper from curling up & make your scene flow.... 

Add more clouds to the last panel. 
Don't worry about bringing the clouds all the way up to the top of this panel. 
This will give you room to write a personal message to the lucky man or woman that will be the recipient.

Now, for the small panels that will be attached to the flaps & the front-back of your card---
the 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" squares, also water color paper.
This is the placing of the image I will use.

Stamp two leaves with acorns from the SU- Lovely As a Tree set in Stazon on Water Color paper.
Don't forget to water color & fussy cut these out.

Now, you'll begin seeing the progression of the coloring of this scene. 
I used SU- Water Color Crayons, Bashful Blue here for the sky.

 Here I used Old Olive just lightly on the grass.

 Lightly add Creamy Caramel to the deer.
TIP: When water coloring a scene, use the white of your water color paper for highlights & where white would be. Don't saturate your paper with color. Work lightly & slowly. 
It does take some time, but you will be happy with the end results!

Close to Cocoa was added to the deer next.

Summer Sun, Ruby Red & Pumpkin Pie were added to the trees. 

Here, I added Garden Green to the grass. 
NOTICE: How I am working from top to bottom, to top again in my water coloring? This way you let the area you've worked on, dry a little before coming back to it. You want to work on a dry surface as much as possible, then you are layering color on color, & you'll be able to see it----
giving you that Water Color painting look you're after.
Keep a paper towel close by in case you get a little too much water on the paper.

Add more color to the trees....

 Add Chocolate Chip to the deer. If you see pictures of deer or are fortunate enough to actually see deer, you'll notice their coloring is lighter underneath &  gradually goes darker working your way up to the top/back of the deer. The deers neck is lighter in color too, where as an elk is darker around the neck. Don't forget to add a few leaves to the ground for a more life-like painting too.

Add more Bashful Blue to the sky.

Water color each of the 1 5/8" squares with Bashful Blue too. 
Then using a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen 250**-Gold & your ruler, draw a frame around your images, but not over the deer or tree images.

Next, I used my Faber-Castell Gold Gelato & edged each piece,
 & smeared it in just a bit with my fingertip. 
I'm going for an aged look.

If you look closely, or enlarge this picture you'll see what I'm talking about here---
I edged each piece with my Faber-Castell Big Brush Artist Pen, Black here & then smeared it with my finger just a bit. I'm wanting my "framed" image to pop off the paper I will back it with.

I didn't think the pieces were "popping" as much as I wanted, so I added another line of framing to them with my Zig Millennium Pen---just inside the gold frame I'd already drawn. 
You'll have to enlarge this picture I'm sure to see it; it's just a fine line.

Next, I stamped my woodland creatures from the set SU- Wildlife Reserve.
I water colored them & then used Bashful Blue to add color around them...that way when you fussy cut them out, you'll have a blue edge rather than a stark white edge & it will blend in better with your over-all piece.

After fussy cutting the images, glue them down to a piece of sturdy card stock. 
You can see, I used Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive. 
 Use whatever color card stock you want to show up on the back-side of the images. 
I like to coordinate with the base color of my card.
Fussy cut these images  & add the acetate strips to the back for placement in your Pop-Up Box Card.

Here are a lot of pictures of my finished card:
The front flap--"Happy Birthday" from SU- It's Your Birthday
the pine bough image is from SU- Nobel Deer. 
(Ooops! I forgot to photograph that one when making it.)

One of the side flaps.

The other side flap.
NOTICE: the sparkle on each of these flaps? Wink of Stella!
(Just a little don't want too much on a masculine card.) 
I also added Wink of Stella to each of the trees in the scene...

Folding the card flat one way....

Folding the card flat the other way....

This is just the other side of the last fold-over we did...see how much space is left to write a note?
You'll also notice how the scene flows from each panel....

Slipping it into an envelope to see how it will fit....

You can see the layers & placement of each piece here.

A close-up of the back-front panel...
here you can also see the aging I did on the edges of the image quite well & my lines of framing.

 With the Pop-Up Box Card you HAVE TO HAVE a matching envelope,
made with my WRMK Envelope Board.
The fun is pulling this card OUT of the envelope! 

Here, I thought you might like to see how I come up with my creations & a little of the process...
 I write down what I use as I go...
That little scribbling mark is where my pen wasn't working well for me. LOL 
But, you'll be able to see the sketch of my card that helps me in figuring out what goes where etc., just done a scratch piece of paper.

Now, let me show you what my husband found when he went to the store....
He said when he walked in Wal-mart & saw it he just busted out laughing & snickered through the store as he shopped. 
It matches his card perfectly!

Now, with his card:
It was quite yummy too! LOL

HOPE you like!
 Don't forget, making a card like this for your Thanksgiving table would be a treat for your guests!
And one for each of your Thanksgiving guests would be even more of a treat for them!

Hope you like & are planning a BIG Thanksgiving Celebration at your house!
There is MUCH to be thankful for this year as a Nation 
& individually in each of our homes & families!

"And every created thing which is in heaven & on the earth & under the earth & on the sea, & all things in them, I heard saying, 'To Him who sits on the throne, & to the Lamb, be blessing & honor & glory & dominion forever & ever.'" 
Revelations 5:13 (NAS)


 This card was chosen for "Favorites" for the week ending November 23, 2014 over at SCS!

Supplies not mentioned above: 
SSS- Paper
 Paper Studio Paper
Tacky Tape