Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Challenge for the New Year----

Hi Blog Friends!

I HOPE everyone had a BLESSED Christmas & you're ready to plow into the New Year!
I have a Challenge for you in this post & I hope you will stay with me to see exactly what it is!

I find with the New Year,
 it is  now time to address the project I told you about a few posts ago with gusto!
 "Santa" granted my request for a certain gift this Christmas,  to help me with this project.

So, even though I've already begun the work, work will be even more intense,
 if I can keep myself motivated & the inspirations flowing! LOL
(I do have a dear friend that is in-on the project,
 & is already checking on my progress!)

But, I wanted you to know, because I will be posting less now,
except for a few challenges that pop-up here & there,
or if I feel I need to pop in here to keep in touch.
Say a prayer for me as I work on this project?
Just to let you know, it is something I've never done before, but have thought about.
(All hush-hush for now.) :)
God willing, I will continue to tackle this project head-on, & finish it with spectacular results!
It is dedicated to the Glory of God & is in His hands.


I want to show you something before I leave you today----
 I have wanted to show this to you for sometime, but was waiting for the right time.
I thought, what better way to begin a New Year?
It is something that I think you might find interesting & I think, will help you in your
 Spiritual Growth!

If you are searching for the truth about life, have questions about God, or are just wanting to know God more, seeking meaning to life, wondering why life has dealt the hand that it has to you,  understanding people, the list goes on....
whatever your question....
learning to understand God's Word is key!
Using Scripture to decipher Scripture is the key, as
 Scripture doesn't contradict Scripture!!!
You can't pick & choose Scripture, like picking fruit at the grocery.
 It all has to be taken in context. 
I wanted to share this with you to help you enrich your relationship with God.
I have been so blessed with finding this style of study & wanted to share it with you!

I do understand that many have questions & don't understand why their lives have turned out the way they have, & they are discontented with their lives... questions arise & blame is thrown about,
 usually landing at God's feet.
But, God isn't to blame.
He LOVES YOU & He offers His Holy Word as a road map to this life.
IF ONLY, we would read God's Word & find our way to HIM!
It would make all the difference!
Coming to Christ, or asking Christ for things, isn't a "bag of magic tricks" that we get to pick & choose, or demand what we get in this life either....
Of course, we only want the good things to happen to us; that's a normal human reaction.
Life comes, & it is usually FILLED with things that make our heads spin & cause heart ache,
we live in a fallen world.
We are to learn to deal with things according to HIS WORD, not ours!
( "Ours" being, doing what we think should be done.)
That is the "refining" experience that is talked about in God's Word---
those trials & tribulations are to make us shine for HIM!
To give HIM GLORY!
1 Peter 1:7, Psalm 66:10-12, Isaiah 48:9-11, Daniel 11:35, Malachi 3:2-4
 & there are more scriptures.
But, if we don't "KNOW" HIM, we can't shine!
Which leads us back to, do you have a "personal relationship with Christ?"
If you don't, check my previous post on finding Christ, here:
(Just scroll down to "The Gospel Message:")

Here is a song that I have been listening to lately:
It has made me thirst for Christ even more.
Make it your prayer as you listen?
(Pair this song with your Bible Study & see what happens!)

This is a book I found awhile back:
 (Kay Arthur does have a more current book than this one; it's a little more expensive.)
It teaches you how to study the Word of God & glean from it the truths many are seeking.

(Yep, you can even stamp doing this!) :)

Here is the Study Bible Kay recommends:
It comes with options, & it has margins wide enough to make notes, it has charts, etc.,
&  pages thick enough so your ink doesn't bleed through.
These are the pens recommended.
(You can find all this on Amazon, or look for or
 Precept Ministries International.)

Here is another book you can look for that will also enhance your daily prayer time with the Lord.
It's called,
Lord, I'm Listening 
by Donna Leonard. 
(I think I recommended this one awhile back.)

I found this one in the book store of my Alma mater, years ago.
It isn't in print right now, so you might have to search for this one,
but there are many books out there on how to make a
Prayer Journal 
 & sometimes, you can find them already made, & you just fill them in.

For additional reading on this subject you can,
Check here:
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(There are several articles to choose from or read them all!)

Resolving to Know Christ in the New Year-

True Women Resources-

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An Organization Chart for the New Year-

Had to add one more! This came out today & I thought it was good too!
10 Truths That Will Change Your Life In 2015-

My Challenge?
Will you commit with me to spend time, diving deep into God's Word in study & prayer this year?
If you are willing to commit to this, leave me a comment telling me so?
(I'd love to add you to a special prayer list I am starting.)

Do keep me in your prayers as I take on this new adventure?

Challenged to become my fullest potential in Christ!


  1. Have a Happy New Year.. hugs :)

  2. It sounds FANTASTIC, Becky! What an exciting adventure this will be for you! I will praying for you!
    Happy, Happy New Year to you! :o)

  3. This is a wonderful post, dear friend! So excited to see how God is going to lead you AND use you to help others.
    Hugs :)

  4. Absolutely praying for you! What a wonderful adventure - such a blessing. Happy New Year!


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