Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Work in Progress-----

Hi Blog Friends!

How are you? 
I'm so glad the warmer weather is here.
 I've already ventured out this season & gotten poison oak/ivy in my feeble attempt to garden. LOL
(My first time ever to get the itchy rash!)
But, the warmer weather is wonderful to have & I am grateful for the sunshine!

I made our daughter a card for this week while she is still at college.
I rarely show you those, as I am quickly getting them off in the mail to her, 
so as not to be late in getting there.
She watches for my cards & lets me know when they are late. ;)

If you have college aged kids, do they ask you if you see the change in them?
That is one of the things our daughter has been asking. 
So, this card is to tell her,
This card is entitled: 
"A Work in Progress."
Really, it depicts the walk of a Christian.
We're ALL "a work in progress."

Getting to where we want to be in the Christian walk is "a work in progress" & it hurts!
Beauty hurts! 
Just like when you go to the salon/ do it at home, & wax to remove the unwanted hair,
 combing out tangles from your hair...it hurts!
Not only does beauty hurt physically when you do these things, 
but it hurts when you want to be beautiful spiritually too! 
Who wouldn't want to be beautiful before our maker? 
The God you love?
Beauty in the eyes of God requires us to change from our old nature to HIS NATURE! 
That takes admitting you are wrong, that you need him, that we need to change & that we will do what He wants in any given situation----
Rather than tell someone off that really deserves it, bow to God's will & let Him teach us to do the confrontation His way,
 IF confrontation is needed. 
(Sometimes, we actually don't always need to confront, other times it is critical.
For some reason, in our society everyone thinks that they have the obligation to set others straight about one thing or another, that it is their right.
 That attitude isn't Godly, but just the opposite!)
Becoming beautiful takes TIME too! 
Think of ALL the hours it takes you to perm your hair, straighten your hair, color your nails, apply make-up, pick out the right outfit....
Becoming beautiful before God takes time too & doesn't just happen overnight!
It takes deliberate action on your part----
Reading God's Word everyday & letting it soak in, dwelling on the Word,
being a sponge when devouring the things of God, 
never stop seeking HIM!
We will become perfect ONLY when He comes back for us!
Becoming beautiful before God means uncovering that ugly spiritual pimple that we cover up, 
that others would GASP at, if they knew!
And let God clean it up, heal & make you beautiful!
It's painful & MANY aren't willing to go there for one reason or another;
many times it's just pride. 
Even pride is an ugly thing before God.
Humility is what God requires.
(Just picture yourself, bowing before The King on His thrown....
What would happen if you refused to bow?
You would be showing The King how much you didn't respect Him or His rulings!
What would a King be required to do then?)

Seek to be beautiful before The King!

This card will be entered in the Artistic Outpost Challenge Blog here:
The challenge is:
Anything Goes

"He has made everything beautiful in His time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

"A Work in Progress,"

Supplies used not mentioned above:
*AO-Hair is Important
*ODB- Inside Sentiment
*FC- Pastel Pencils
*Memento Ink
*Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist-Silver
*PTI- Modern Stencils
*Distress Ink-Vintage Photo
*Distress Tool
*Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape
*Wink of Stella
*Dick Blick Modeling Paste
*FC- Palette Knife

I used the Sketch from SCS:
I made my adjustments... ;)



  1. A lovely card. Your daughter must treasure them.

  2. Such a beautiful card, Becky! And such wonderful thought behind it. I'm sure your daughter will be moved by this.

  3. How very sweet. I bet your daughter truly appreciates the affirmation that she' on the right path and that you are both very proud of her. What a blessing to have a mom like you! Lovely card.


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