Thursday, May 19, 2016

SSS- Fun with Felt!

Hi Blog Friends!

Do you remember in my last post I talked about making sachets for my stationary box?
Well, I made some!

SSS is having a "Fun with Felt" Challenge over on their Wednesday Challenge Blog here: 
(Made with SSS-Spring Plush Release Products.)

AND SSS is having a "Felt That" Challenge on the Monday Challenge Blog here:
My project will be entered here also.

Growing up I always had stationary to write to people & would keep it in a box, along with a little sachet, to make my stationary smell nice.
It's a wonderful feminine touch that I adore.
I hope to make more felt pretties for this challenge, but here's what I have for now,

This is an old tin I used to keep my stationary in when I was a kid, with one of the sachets I made.
A close up. 
This one was super simple with just a bit of embroidery in the center.

Next, is a writing desk my husband got me years back.
It holds lots of pretty things for writing letters or cards.

A close up of this one.
(This one is my favorite.)

Just get yourself  a little box, tin or whatever you like, 
& put a sachet in it with your stationary or cards you've made. 
Just think of the surprise of the recipient, when they receive something smelling so nice in the mail!
(Ha! We could probably make the mail trucks & the post office smell nicer too, if we all scented our mail!) ;)

My inspiration is the sachet on the right.
The very sachet I had as a little girl.

Here's what I did:
Using the SSS- Plush Daisy Die, I used the center only.
Die Cut two in the color of your choice of felt.
Embroider one side without pulling the threads too tightly.
Using a cotton ball, (I had to cut mine down some, as I use  large cotton balls),
drop several drops of Essential Oils- (your choice, I used Lavender), on the cotton ball & sandwich between the two pieces of felt you die cut.
I then used embroidery thread & followed the stitching holes around the little sachet, until it was enclosed.
Next, I used some lace, (MS) & did a running stitch with needle & thread, 
 & pulled the lace to gather it. 
(Leaving the needle & thread attached in-case I needed  more gathered lace.) 
Line up your lace along the back of the sachet & stitch the gathered lace to the embroidered back threads along the edge of the sachet.
Finish sewing the lace until it is fully around the sachet.
There you have it, a pretty & nice smelling sachet!
For your stationary, or your drawers or anything else that you want to smell nice!

If you have one of the other Plush Flower Dies that have a circle in them, you could make the sachets even bigger if need be, for whatever your need. 
Make your  own designs!
We can make this world smell nicer together! ;)

"Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But the fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved & by those who are perishing." 
2 Corinthians 2:15

Enjoying the sweet smell of sachets here!

Hope you like!


  1. This is a beautiful idea! Love it! I adore these little sachet! Thanks for joining us this week on Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge BLog! Barbara

  2. Gorgeous sachets! They are so sweet and pretty and just perfect for our challenge.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Mandy xx

  3. Love your sachets! Much nicer than what I do.....cotton ball in a little bag with essential oil on it! We use to make satin heart shaped ones. For wedding I would do the name and date with a little silk embroidery on it! My Mom would sew them up! Their was a store called Country Classics where I went to college that had a display full of white linen that inspired our creations! Lavender was always my scent of choice! Thanks for sharing and for your kind words! Very much appreciate you taking the time! Have a great weekend!


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