Monday, March 20, 2017

Because of Love

Hi Blog Friends!

I had such a nice weekend, did you?
I have been busy this weekend also with creating what I have for you today.
Our son got his invitation, I have been waiting for, for another wedding he is in.
I say, I have been waiting for it, because I like to coordinate, or use the invitation as a spring board/inspiration for the card, gift tag & receipt gift card I make. 
(I can't show you the invitation for obvious reasons.)
 This set is what I will be showing you today. 

Just a bit about the sweet couple:
They were friends first in college,
 & life just seemed to lead them in the same direction after college. 
So, their friendship was able to grow deeper being in the same work, & at the same place even!
They both felt awkward about it all, talking about feelings.....
One wanting to do it through texting, while the other wanting to do it in person.
They both didn't want to loose their friendship & found they were in love.
So sweet in that others thought they would make a nice "couple," 
even though the thought hadn't entered their minds.

The story I read about this couple- that they wrote, just made me giggle inside.
Maybe, because of my own experience.
When I finally did find love, the man I was to spend the rest of my life with, I was so surprised!
I was happy being single by that time!
All of my friends had married years ahead of me.
 I had settled into a daily routine, of going to work & coming home.....nothing special.

Back to this couple, sweet love was found, & their friends & family were there with them, 
 to document it all, much to the surprise of one of them. 
Cameras being flashed in her eyes as she was asked to marry her friend....
Talk about surprise!
They were at a park, in the dark, as a body of water was rushing by.... 
she had been transfixed by the waters when he spun her around to ask her to marry him. 

Love is that way, it seems.
It comes when you least expect it, when you've settled into one routine, 
it asks you to change that routine & let another into your heart.
You KNOW that things will never be the same!
It is beautiful in that you are happy to let that change take place.
Most people aren't open to change even in the smallest things, it is unsettling,
 but love changes all of that!

I will be entering these cards in Kathy Rocoosin's 30 Day Coloring Challenge.
 You can find out more about this challenge here:
I used a sketch from SCS:
 Yes, I made some adjustments to the sketch.
I remember seeing this sketch & was so taken by it. 
I just needed the inspiration to use it! LOL


 I used the colors on the invitation & the images that you find here.
The invitation even had a water colored strip across it, that you find on my card.

I started by coloring the tips of the petals on the sunflowers in white,
for the flowers on the colored papers.
That way I could get a lighter color that I wanted on the tips, as you see below.

I wouldn't have been able to get the lighter yellow unless I had used the white first.
I used Faber Castell Colored Pencils- Polychromos Pencils on this piece.
Notice, I also used white on the leaves & stems also, where needed.

 I popped the water colored piece up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape for dimension, 
along with the one single sunflower on this piece.

I love this sentiment for weddings, as that is how love seems to work.
This sentiment is from Stampabilities- Once In a While-IR1049

Next is the Gift Tag:
This sunflower was stamped & colored on white card stock, 
 cut out & popped up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape.

I attached ribbon long enough to be attached to the gift.
The inside just says, To & From.

The Gift Receipt Card:
 This piece is flat with nothing to open.
The back just says, To & From.
It is always wise to add this type of card to the inside of the gift,
even if you don't add the receipt for exchange.
(From my experience, you need to add this in case the outer tag is taken off or lost,
 or the couple won't know who gave the gift.)

Here I made Vellum Envelopes for the card & the gift receipt card.
I like being able to let the cards shine through the vellum.

 So, what do you think?
I had such a good time creating this for this couple & for our son.
I of course, check with him when they are all done to see if they are alright with him.
I also let him look through my Wedding Sentiments to choose what he wants the card to say.

Because of Love, 

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Penny Black-(Image) Sunny Pair
*Paper- Paper Studio
*SU- Ink
*SU- Marker
*Strathmore Water Color Paper
*Signo- Unibal White Pen
*Front Sentiment- North Coast Creations- Floral Sentiments 4
*Kuretake Water Colors
*Silver Black Velvet 3/4"- Water Color Brush
*Faber Castell- Click-N-Go Pot
*28 Lilac Lane- Blues- Sequins
*Cornish Heritage Farms- Train Expressions- To & From
*SU- 1/8" Hand Held Punch
*Glue Dot
*Grafix- Vellum
*WRMK- Envelope Board
 *Clear Embossing Powder

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