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Since it is SPRING, I thought it was time to reveal those 25 little pairs of feet I told you about,
 quit awhile back! 
Do you remember the post?
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My card will also be entered in the 30 Day Coloring Challenge found here:

We became "chicken farmers!"
We have ALWAYS loved birds!
But we decided to get Chickens & I must say, they are so much fun!
I've learned which one to stay away from too! LOL
But, certain ones are more friendly than others & they act like little children wanting your attention.
Here are a few pictures that I think you will enjoy:

Here they are when they first came to us.
We got Rhode Island Reds & Amerucana's/ Easter Eggers.

 The Amerucana's eggs are the pastel eggs, ranging from a green to blue in color.
The Rhode Island Red eggs are brown:

And we ordered ONE rooster! HA!

 The little blond babies are the Rhode Island Reds & the darker ones or ones with dark markings, are the Amerucana's.
They're having their "Grow Gell" here.
It's what they need when they first arrive, before the water even.
Notice the little one, third from the top?
We lost her several days after their arrival. She just never grew & was being picked on....
I worked & worked with her, trying everything I could think of.
I cried & cried when I found her one morning!
Her name was "Itty-Bitty!"

This little Amerucana stood out to us.
Her name is "Queenie!"
The Amerucana's are so friendly!
Queenie, now fully grown, looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT, but is still the Queen! ;)

Here's Queenie again!
She likes her picture taken. ;)

This is Queenie when her feathers were changing.
 This one is Marmalade!
When little, Marmalade liked to walk on my arm when I'd go out to the coop.
All of the females were different in color & markings, with the Amerucana's.
It took some time to figure out that she wasn't a she, but a he! LOL
He is just the nicest Rooster & QUITE BEAUTIFUL now!

These are some of our girls, hard at work now. ;)
(The coop isn't quite a pristine as when we first got them, for the fact that chickens eat constantly....)

So, enough of that for now.
 It is fitting that I have done another chicken inspired card for you! ;)


I call this "In The Coop" because this is how chickens are...

They climb up on their roost & preen each other & chatter.....

My husband cleans out the coop every day & there is always one hen,
that has to be in his face chattering away to him......
That is CB.
( "CB" stands for Crooked Beak.) ;)
"Daddy" makes sure she gets some of the treats given, as it is harder for her to eat with the crooked beak. She KNOWS she is special! ;)

 And when my husband collects eggs, there is another hen that follows him about & is quite pushy.
She is the nagger, constantly squawking at my husband.
We call her Maxine.
They each have their own little personalities.

I should tell you that this image is a Penny Black Image- Spinning a Yarn-3474K,
& I used Faber Castell Colored Pencils to color the chicks, & adding a touch of Clear Wink of Stella to the yarn they are knitting.

Hope you have enjoyed hearing about our Chickens today.
They are busy little bees!

A City Girl removed to the Country,

Supplies not mentioned above:
*SSS- Premium Dye Black Ink
*Paper Studio Paper
*Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape
*Homemade Enamel Dots
*Multi-Medium Matte
*Pick-Me-Up Tool
* SCS Sketch- SC634


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