Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hi Blog Friends!

Today, is 
"Resurrection Sunday!"
I wanted to celebrate today with a special project.
I worked on this 4 years ago & never finished it.
(Do you do that?)
I had in mind what I wanted to do & slowly but surely, 
I collected the little things to finish this off over the years.

I love church buildings, mostly old country church buildings.
I always have, & if they have stained glass, all the better.
I love most every thing old anyway, but there is something special about
 old country church buildings.
It isn't the history of who started the church, or who the members were/are
 that make a church special, but aesthetically-
 the character of the buildings to me (architecture)
But, the most special reason of all, are the memories of the move of God.....
You don't find too many church buildings in the city like country church buildings,
 & if the church is small, they usually meet somewhere other than a "church building,"
some one's home, or the back of a restaurant, etc....
They also just don't build church's like the old church building's anymore either.
And just because a church is in the country, doesn't mean that the move of God is there either!
God moves where he is truly sought after!
And people are the same everywhere.

I remember going to church's that were small when I was a child,
 only one seemed to be one of those in an old country church building.
It was there, that God gave us a place of refuge & safety one Sunday afternoon, when we needed it.

That is what the church is meant to be,
 a place of refuge & safety. 
A place of acceptance & love.
Sadly, the church today has melded into what the rest of the world is....
That is because the church is made of people & people are fallible.
God is calling his church back to that place of making HIM their ALL!
Giving acceptance & love to the unloved,
 refuge to those that need a shelter,
 & providing for those that are in need, 
telling others about His forgiveness & salvation.
I thought this song fit today most perfectly.

I hope you enjoy!

Hallelujah by Casting Crowns


 Made with Spellbinders- Beacon St. Chapel Die.

This will make a perfect centerpiece for our Easter Table, with a battery operated T-light.
Can you see it lit up inside?

This little Yuka plant is made with IO-Leaves & Stems Die- DIE150-D.
I did several of them around the little church.

Along with the "Ivy" I created below & can be seen on both sides of the building.
Made with the same die.

The building comes off the base to replace, & to turn off/on the T-light.
The base is the lid of an oatmeal container, filled with Aquarium gravel,
 & Modge Podge poured over it to hold it in place.
The circle is a piece of paper towel roll to hold  the T-light in place.

For the roof, I used DP but also added Washi Tape to make "shingles."
The washi tape has words that I thought appropriate--- "hope, dream, believe,"
& some German Glass Glitter, here & there on the whole chapel.....

Most of the greenery is from JTT Scenery Products- Foliage Fiber Clusters, &
Garden Crafts- Magic Garden Craft Scene Detail Kit, found at your local Hobby Lobby.

I pray you focus on the Resurrection of our Lord today,
& lift up your eyes to His,
 to see Him as He is today, 

******This creation was chosen "FAVORITES for the week ending April 23rd," at SCS******
******** This creation was chosen "FAVORITES for the Best of 2017" at SCS *********

Watching for His return,

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Jewelry finding
*Gold Krylon Pen
*Gold Embossing Powder
*Washi Tape- Paper Studio
*Chipboard- Cheerio Box
*Acrylic Paint-white- for inside
(Having a light inside will better reflect the light outward)
*Paper Studio Paper- Kirby Teesdale Studio DP
*Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
*Hot Glue 
*Presto Felt- with Sticky Backing for the bottom
*Multi- Medium Matte
*Wire Snips
*McGill Stylus Set
*Tim Holtz- Distress Ink