Saturday, June 3, 2017

Misti Protection!

Hi Blog Friends!

I haven't worked on any cards this week! GASP! LOL
Instead, I have been working on my 
Misti Protection!
I have a small area in which to craft, & we have kitties.....
I am always worried that the kitties will knock it over or scratch it....
My desk just isn't big enough with all I do to leave it out on my desk, 
although I do keep it close to my desk.
So, I decided to make my Misti some protection!
I've been thinking about this for sometime, & just plunged in this past week....

This protection is good too, if you take it out of the house, which I have done. 
I didn't create a strap for it though, as if it is over your shoulder & hanging, 
or hanging from your arm, it would have more chance of banging the corners....
I saw it more of a case to put my Misti in to pad & protect or store it in, not as a carrying case.
If I get a larger case (Scrapbook case/cart) to roll around, 
it would fit nicely in that for when I would go out with it.
Either way, whether I go out or stay in, it is padded & protected from harm.
(I know that Iliana came out with a case for the Mini Misti, but I haven't seen it on the market since I saw it on a CHA video, & right now I don't have the Mini Misti either, nor would my Original Misti fit in the Mini Case!)

I will be entering this project in the
June Challenge at
"Crafts Galore Encore" 
over at
 Sparkle & Sprinkle 

Here is my 
Misti Protection:
I started by cutting my material to the size I wanted, layering it up---- the print, two layers of batting, a cream muslin, & a final layer of white muslin for the lining.
I quilted all the pieces with my sewing machine, except the lining.
I created a bag for the inside with a zipper closure.
This is my Misti Protection finished. 
I had to add some buttons for decoration.
 Including buttons on the side. 
I used the buttons on the side to anchor the inside bag to, only stitching it in at the top,
 & letting the bag hang loose at the bottom.

I used Velcro for the closure.

This is a view of the inside, lots of space!

I used the quilted inside bag---only one layer of batting to it, 
to give added protection to the inside of the bag.
 On one side I have my Original Misti.

On the other side,
 I have extra grid paper for my Misti; 
I made the bag this way so I can add the Mini Misti eventually. ;)
There is still plenty of room to add pre-cut card stock, & or leave the grid paper in the bag too.
(I've been thinking of adding a small hard cardboard file to my Misti Protection for the Template inside of my Misti now & the acrylic grid--you can see the template in this photo, it's orange. That template is for the fairly new Triangles Turnabout Stamp from Concord & 9th.) ;) 

For the center bag, I have small bags made of muslin inside.
Can you guess what is inside?
 All of the Misti  Creative Corners!

For the double  Creative Corner pieces, I created a bag with two pockets....

This way, these two pieces are kept together.
Each bag has Velcro closures.

Each bag is made to fit each piece perfectly to cut down on bulk, &  to protect them from scratches
I didn't want the numbers/measurements to be scratched & unable to read them.....

They can be safely tucked into the center bag, 
along with other small items that Misti just might come out with next! 
You never know!!! ;)

So, what do you think?
Have you made your Misti a bag?
How did you do it?

I LOVE my Misti!

P.S. Taking care of our tools & keeping them clean, makes them last longer! ;)

Supplies used:
*About 1 yard of each Material- Print, Batting, Muslin's-Cream & White.
*2 pkg. Seam Binding- 2 colors-Black & White
*5 Buttons-1 1/2"
*2 Threads-Black & White
*Velcro-Black & White
*Sewing Machine
*Zipper-7"-9"/ 18-23cm.-Black
*Pins & Pin Cushion
*Scissors-Large & Small
*Cutting Board
*Seam Ripper
*Hand Sewing Needles