Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gourmet Cookies for Santa!

Hi Blog Friends!

Are you ready for Christmas????
I have been working away here & finally finished this set I am about to show you,
Gourmet Cookies for Santa.

Santa has his "party" when he delivers all those presents,
 & then eating all those cookies & milk we leave, right?
Not to mention, Christmas is a Birthday Party for Jesus!
  I will be entering this in the
SSS Monday Challenge Blog:
"Party" is the theme,
found here:

This is a little bit of a long post,
 in that I have much to show you, but I will keep it as short as I can.
There are several projects within this post!
 So, I hope you enjoy.
I started first by making some mini-ornaments for a small tree I have. 
Take a look:
All made with felt & hand stitched.
I used PTI- Sweet Holiday Wishes Dies & made 24 little cookies.
Here you're seeing the inside of the box I created using
 Spellbinders- Venice Lace Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box.
I have found it is so nice to have this box die around!
I don't have to worry about finding one for special gifts/creations like this.
And all 24 cookies fit perfectly into this little box!
I also used Paper Studio- Old World Winter Paper Stack to create & line my box.
Just like I did with the other Felt Cookies I made on this post,
I made an insignia label for the inside of my box.

Here are just a few of the cookies up close:

I used PTI- Star Gazer Dies for the star on the top of the tree ornament,
along with sewing on glass seed beads.

 I added decoupage to the areas I wanted to add Glitter- MS- Crystal Fine.

For the backs, I  cut small squares of felt, & hot glue gunned it over the little pieces of elastic cording, (SU) for hanging the ornaments.
I wanted both sides to look nice.

Here are my Cookies for Santa Ornaments on my little tree.
This is my kitchen tree decorated with vintage kitchen/household ornaments.
I thought the little felt cookies would add so much to this little tree & I was right!

Next up, is the top of the little box I showed you.
I remember back when our kids were in grade school---
I bought some snowman ornaments that came in a box
& the box was equally as cute as the ornaments,
 & could be used as a Christmas decoration too.
That is what I wanted for the little box that would in the end,
house these little cookies during storage,
 & could be used to hold them if I didn't want to hang them on my tree.

Take a look at my box:
 I don't have any poinsettia dies, yet.  (I think Santa is bringing me some. ;) )
So, I thought I'd do Christmas Roses!
I used Spellbinders- Cinch & Go Flowers.
(Again I used the same technique that I used on my previous post that I linked to above.)
I also made small pine cones to go with this!
Did you notice them?
I thought they were the perfect addition to give my topper that Christmas feel.
They were so much fun to make.
I am smitten with them!
You can find the tutorial I used here:
Thank You, Norma!
Something I did differently from Norma,
I also used the SB- Classic Scalloped Circle Die that was one size larger than the size Norma recommended.
So, I got some larger cones as well.

 You can see I also added the
Spellbinders-Wedding Collection- Decorative Swallowtail Tags Dies to the top.

Of course, I had to add MS- Crystal Fine Glitter all over the topper to depict frost/ice for that winter feeling. I just used a paint brush to brush on my adhesive/glue...

I also added some pine- I.O.-Pine Branch
 & a Spellbinders- Vintage Elegance- Graceful Tiny Tags.

Here are some side views of the topper from different angles.

 I hope Santa enjoys his cookies & milk this year!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Oh Holy Night!

Hi Blog Friends!

It's finally time for Christmas Cards,
 &  have I been busy here making ours!

I will be entering this card in the
SSS Happy National Christmas Card Day Challenge here: 

I have a very technique laden card for you.
I SO ENJOYED making this card!
I bought the main images ages ago,
as I LOVE Christmas images & can't walk away from some.
I can always use them at some point, even if I don't use them that particular year.
It was time to pull this one out for me.
I used:
 PTI- Petite Places Nativity 

When I create Christmas Cards I usually go for Gold, 
but this year I went with silver! 
I LOVE all of the SPARKLE!
So fitting for a King's Birthday, don't you think?

So, here is my card,

 I wanted to go with blue this year,
but teal turned out to be THE color for me this year!
(Maybe, teal will be the new pink for Christmas cards?)

 I chose two cards in-particular to show you, even though they are all the same, somewhat. LOL
Using Alcohol Inks & Oxide Inks, you just let the inks do their thing,
 & you don't end up with perfectly duplicate cards. 
They're all "one of a kind!"
I like that myself.

(This one has a lighter tree top.)
I used Alcohol Inks on the Nativity Scene/layers of the Petite Scene Bethlehem Dies.
Greens on the forefront piece, browns on the buildings, & blues on the sky.

(This one has a darker tree top.)
Each layer for the Nativity Scene is done with a different Alcohol Ink technique;
from blowing with a straw, to dabbing the mat with ink & smooshing,
 to using the alcohol ink applicator.

I had so much fun playing with these inks.
AND I discovered Yuppo Paper too.
(I've only used photo paper before, & the results are stunning with the Yuppo Paper!
A must have when working with Alcohol Inks!) 

For the ombre background- I used Oxide Inks,
 & giving it a spritz with my Distress Sprayer.

Here are a few close-ups of the scene for you.

Everything is popped up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape.

I also used Silver Gilding!
A lot of Versamark & Ranger Sticky Embossing Powder, & heat embossing..... 
With Silver Gilding, it is difficult to keep it contained, try as you might!
You should have seen the silver floating through the air!
Landing on myself, everything around me, & our kitties!
 I put Silver on the layer behind the blue ombre panel,
the ombre panel-  is done with PTI- Cover-Up Diamonds.

And  lastly, silver on the PTI- Scene It Basic Backer, which shows through the
 PTI- Petite Places- Scene It Bethlehem Die for the stars. 
I added a small Rhinestone to the star for added sparkle & to the front sentiment piece for balance.

The inside.
Very simple.
I used SSS- Swell Christmas.
(I think this is an area I need to work on for next year! Sentiments or verses for the inside. LOL)

It took me about 4 days to complete my cards, but I think it was SO WORTH IT! 
I am pleased with how they came out!

What do you think?

As I made my cards, I listened to 
Casting Crowns newest Christmas CD  found here:
(An early gift from our son.) ;)

You can hear the title song on YouTube here:
Let me just say, this CD is WONDERFUL! ;)
You'll LOVE IT!
If you aren't in the Christmas mood yet, THIS WILL DO IT!!!

I'm still working away on another Christmas project here.
HOPE you like what I showed you today & leave me some Christmas love????

*****This card was chosen "Favorites for the week ending Dec. 16th, 2017" on SCS!*****

Do you have your Christmas Cards done yet?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gourmet Birthday!

Hi Blog Friends!

Today, I have a SPECIAL TREAT for you!
It is a little bit of a continuation of this post:

When our daughter came home from college one weekend, she was talking away.....
 I reached into the china cabinet  to show her what I'd been doing...
& pulled out my felt cookies still on the saucer to show her,
 offering her one like they were real cookies.
She ALMOST took one & realized they weren't real! LOL
She then asked, "Do you have more?"

Our daughter is a prankster! LOL
She has been through the whoopee cushion phase, on to monkey faces & Hobbit feet,
& now she has graduated to fake cookies!
She was wanting the cookies to play a trick on her friends! ;)
 So, I went about to make her a set of those yummy looking cookies just for her!

When you're away from home of course, you need a box, right?
You need a proper way to display or offer them...
I remembered the new die Becca Feeken has out---
Venice Lace- Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box.

 My intention was to make it look like a box of
"Gourmet Cookies!"
I cut the box out & stamped on the box using my Misti to line up the stripes-
Studio Katia- Brush Strokes.
I used Oxide Inks & a SU marker, & a White Signo Pen for additional stripes.
The only time I moved the stripes in my Misti was when I did the side pieces.
Everything lined up perfectly!
I lined the inside of the box with PTI- Pastels paper.
The inside of the box needed the cookie makers insignia, so I created one...
I hand drew it myself & added a little flourish with a Reflections Set- Flourish.
Here's how it looks with the cookies inside!
A closer look.
And here is how I decorated the top of the box!
I used Spellbinders- (Becca Feeken's)-
Cinch & Go Flowers Dies.
I didn't use home made paper like Joanna, but SU & Paper Studio Paper.
I also had a few minor differences in the making of these gorgeous flowers---
After die cutting, I added a dab of Oxide Ink to the centers of each piece
& spritzed them, doing this twice....
 I flipped them over & added more water to make them more pliable.
The ink gave the petals a variation in color, or a more natural look.
Then I followed Joanna's directions.
After following Joanna's directions,
I  pinched each petal around my thumb nail to give it that upward curve.
I really enjoyed making these gorgeous flowers & look to make more in the near future!
I also added Wilton's Stamen's to the centers,
 & MS glitter- Crystal Fine to the petals, for a sugary look.

I added a Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Circle Die to the box top, then wrapped sheer ribbon around the lid & also added Reflections- Washi Tape to add some sparkle to either side of the ribbon.
 The ribbon was then threaded through the Spellbinders Die- Vintage Elegance- Filigree Bookmark-Tag, along with the small circular die from the Vintage Elegance- Filigree Pocket--all done in gold card stock.

The leaves were hand cut & run through a crimper & then I added oxide inks,
 & gave them a spritz & a dab with a Kleenex.

I needed a Birthday Card to go with this  & wanted to keep with the theme....
 Here is my card:
  I wanted a sweet shop/bakery theme....
I used:
Poppy Stamps- Grand Madison Window Die- #815, 
and created an awning with a SU- Hand held punch.

I also made this card a shaker card:
I drew out a bakery scene, shelves of baked goods from the window.
You can even see an old cash register.
The sequins are from-Studio Katia,
and the sign in the window is separate & raised up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape.

I added sheer ribbon & a little tag to the top, tied on with American Crafts Bakers Twine.
The tag is by PTI- Tremendous Tags.
I added a bit of Washi Tape to coordinate & the sentiment is from Stampendous- From the Kitchen.

 Here is a close up of the top of the awning with the flowers.
Made the same way as above.
All flowers were attached with a hot glue gun.

The inside of the card:
A little off-set stamping, just like I did on the tag.
The sentiment is from PTI- Pen & Ink.

Now for the set:

And one last look at the top of my Gourmet Cookie Box!

Hope you like!

If you're one of my daughter's friends, watch out for a mouth full of felt cookies! LOL
TLady ;)