Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Freesia, Lily, & Montbretia!

Hi Blog Friends!

Posting for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

I debated to show you this next Floribunda piece, 
from my 
A Flower Coloring Book
Leila Duly

But, I thought I'd go ahead & show you this & tomorrow,
I will start showing you the Valentines I've made.
I might have to skip some till later, 
as I don't want them seen on-line before the recipient/s receive/s them! ;)

Freesia Freesia, Lily Lilium, Montbretia Crocosmia
I LOVE Lilies!
So, this one was a treat to work on & see all of the different colors Lilies come in on-line!
Did you know?
The meaning of Lily Flower is- Pure. 
And it symbolizes- Innocence, purity & beauty.
 No wonder it is a flower used often at Easter!
The Freesia Flower is a symbol of sweetness, friendship & trust.
All I could find on the Montbretia Crocosmia Flower is that it is related to the Gladiola,
 Iris & the Crocus.
Hope you enjoy!

Supplies Used:
*FC- Aquarelle Pencils
*Nuvo- Aquarelle Brush
*FC- Colored Pencils
*FC- Pencil Eraser
*TGAAL- Pencil Sharpener
*FC- Pitt Artist Pen 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

If you're LOOOVING Floribunda.....

Hi Blog Friends!

Here with another post for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
Yes, I am bringing you another view of my 
A Flower Coloring Book
Leila Duly
But, I have something more for you today!
IF you're loving my Floribunda posts, 
check this out!!!!
Leila Duly's website:
 I think you will love her site, & find she has a new book out too! ;)
You can also find her books on Amazon!

So, here is my work for today for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge.
Ornamental Onion Allium, Peony Paeonia, Peruvian Lily Alstroemeria,
 Shasta Daisy Leucanthemumm. 
Isn't this a stunning piece! I was smitten with this one right off!

Dreaming of Spring & warmer weather with these flowers!
(Everything is snow covered again here.)
*FC- Aquarelle Pencils
*Nuvo- Aquarelle Brush
*FC-Colored Pencils
* FC- Eraser Pencil
*TGAAL- Pencil Sharpener

Monday, January 29, 2018

Are you sick of it yet? + Little Visitors!

Hi Blog Friends!

Yes, another post with 
Floribunda! ;)
Are you sick of it yet?

Another post with my 
A Flower Coloring Book
 Leila Duly

For the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum, Coneflower Echinacea, Dahlia Dahlia, Feverfew Tanacetum

Again, colored with a Nuvo-Aquarelle Brush, FC- Aquarelle Pencils,
 & those "sweet spots" with FC- Colored Pencils.

Another thing we were doing this weekend---- "Baby-sitting" some puppies that just showed up! 
They were SOOO CUTE!
Here's a picture of them.
We called them Merry, Pippin & Sam.
They were on their adventure.
The two short haired ones were oh so friendly, maybe brother & sister?
 But the long haired one was a bit shy.
He seemed to be the one looking out for the other two, the leader of the gang. 
It was fun to watch them play together & chase nuts in the yard & just be cute!
By the time they left, the long haired one would let me pet him & would swat at me through the glass door, & wag his tail,  & want me to come out to see him.
They almost took off for home at one time, but the little black one would only follow them so far,
 & just sit down. Then, the other two followed him back up to our house.
We thought we knew where they were from, so my husband decided to walk them down the drive as he was fetching the mail.
They looked like they were following the wise old Gandalf back to the shire! LOL
My husband said the little black one was slow to keep up.
But, as they rounded the bend in the driveway, they seemed to remember where "home" was
 & took off.
It was nice to have them visit!;)
I think we made some little friends!
Hope you like & remember to join in on the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Floribunda!

Hi Blog Friends!

Just a quick post today, 
as I am finishing up some Valentines here, & will be posting them soon.

This is another entry in the
30 Day Coloring Challenge.
Found here: 
Another page from my 
A Flower Coloring Book
by: Leila Duly

                             African Lily Agapanthus, Peony Paeonia, & Scabious Scabiosa.
I love it when the flowers are large like this.
You can really see the laying on of the color! 

This is the first time I have even ventured to a coloring book,
 & each time I've finished a page, I am pleased!

HOPE you like,
 & you venture on to Kathy's 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
*FC- Aquarelle Pencils
*FC- Colored Pencils
*Nuvo- Aquarelle Water Brush
*FC- Pencil Eraser

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Once In a Lifetime!

Hi Blog Friends!

We just celebrated our 31rst Wedding Anniversary!
It IS "once in a lifetime" for each of us! 
AND my hubby HAS changed my life for the better.
 (My hubby tells me I changed his life for the better too.)
I think that is the way it's supposed to be.
Loving, giving & helping each other 100%, not 50/50, but 100% from each other! 
(When you'd rather he clean the litter boxes, you clean them! That kind of thing. ;) )
Marital advice?
ALWAYS  forgive & be able to say, "I'm sorry."
Throw away your pride!
Keep your vows!
Don't let ANYTHING OR ANYONE come between you!
Not even family!
Your first devotion is to your spouse!
Believe in each other & encourage one another!
Pray for one another!

Here's the card I made for our anniversary.
I didn't have all I wished I'd had for making it, but I used what I had at the time.

I will be entering this in the
30 Day Coloring Challenge 
Found here: 

Take a look:
I used Spellbinders Graceful Boarders- Graceful Damask Dies & Spellbinders- Graceful Boarders- Graceful Frame Maker, which gives mitered corners. 
Yes, these are by Becca Feeken!
When I first saw these dies in action, the thought that came to me was, 
THIS is a BASIC for the card maker,
  & it then went on my WISH LIST! ;) 
There are marks on the die itself to help you line up the boarder dies which is a great help!
 I didn't have the Cinch & Go Flowers Dies, so I used what I had for flowers.
I used WPlus9- Modern Peonies.
(Remember, I told you I'd be using these stamps & dies again.) ;)

I heat embossed them  on Strathemore Water Color Paper in white, 
& used FC- Water Color Pencils & then die cut them out.

Trying to make the center of the largest flower look good, I messed it up grand! LOL
So, I added Embossing Powder. WRONG THING TO DO! 
I added glue & flower soft. WRONG THING TO DO!
I then used an Xacto Knife & scraped off the flower soft & glue.
I rummaged through my stash & found my Wilton Stemens & snipped them with wire cutters,
 & glued them down to cover up my mistake!;)
It added more dimension which was fine with me.

The flowers & the frame are popped up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape.
The frame is done in Neenah-Metalic Card Stock.

For the background, I used Designer Paper by DCWV- Pocket Blossom.
The sentiment on the front is by Stampabilities-Changes Everything- DR1094, 
& embossed with WOW- Perissa- WL16R. 
I also added some rays- by PTI- Shine & some vines- by PTI-Stitched Sentiments.

Another thing I did different with this?
I used a GO! Accuquilt Plate for Die Cutting. 
It is a self-healing plate used for quilting,
 but can be used with shims for die cutting! 
It saves on having to buy those die cut plates so much!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to a very helpful lady by the name of Sue- aka gregzgurl,
over at SCS  for letting me know this!
She suggested using a Suede Brush to clean the little paper particles from the plate after use too! ;)
I am a HAPPY crafter! 
This is one of those things I've been wanting for sometime & just didn't think it was out there!

You can have "heaven on earth" with choosing the right mate!

Friday, January 26, 2018

An Amazon Find!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here with a couple cards for you for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
I want to show you what I found on Amazon....
The two images that I'm going to show you come as a set.
Each stamp is about 3" x 4 3/4".
They're collage style stamps, & they make for nice quick cards!

This is the first image & it colored up nicely with FC- Colored Pencils. 

I love the look of an old post card.

I matted this up with Recollections- black card stock.

Lastly, I added Nuvo Jewel Drops-Limoncello & Nuvo Crystal Drops-Dandelion Yellow.
I like using the two different type of drops together for added interest.
Something different I did with them, is add the drops first then place a sequin (28 Lilac Lane)
 on top of a few of the drops, & press them down so the Nuvo Drops squish through the little hole, then let them dry overnight.
They hold on nicely.

The second image,
This one has a large peony that I think is wonderful for coloring,
 & I think would do nicely with water coloring.

You can see the blending of the FC- Colored Pencils beautifully.
I was quite pleased with how the petals & bud look!
I think this one is my favorite! ;)

This one looks more like a ledger behind the flower for the collage element, 
& I again, simply matted it on Recollections- Black Card Stock.

And added Nuvo Crystal Drops- Morning Dew,
 & again pressed the sequins into a few of  the drops.

 So, what do you think of this set?
They make for nice note cards for quick messages or thank you cards!

Enjoying this challenge!
P. S. Why such a "find?"
This set only cost about $3.00!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A "mad woman's" post! ;)

Hi Blog Friends!

Here with another post for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Trying to keep up here & carry on with life too! LOL
So, I'm showing you another page from my 
A Flower Coloring Book
Leila Duly
I HOPE you are enjoying seeing these pages,
 as I think they are EXQUISITE pieces to be coloring!

 This one was difficult to color, in that it is hard to see what flower is what for the 
Sweet Peas.
I discovered later, that I colored some as Iris' when they were  maybe Sweet Pea buds?
At least that's what I thought afterwords! LOL
What do you think?

Working away here like a mad woman, 

*FC- Aquarelle Pencils
*Nuvo Aquarelle Brushes
*FC- Colored Pencils
*FC- Eraser Pencil
* TGAAL- Pencil Sharpener

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Floribunda Wreath

Hi Blog Friends!
Short & sweet today.
I have been busy working on Valentines here, but am not quite ready to show them,
& so I am going to show you some more of my 
A Flower Coloring Book
By: Leila Duly
for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
Here's my finished piece: 
This time a pretty wreath.
Remember, the paper is not water color paper & so water colors don't flow as easily.
They seem to go only so far & then stop with the paper absorbing the water & color, but
I thought it came out nicely!
Thanks for stopping by, & be sure to check out Kathy's Coloring Challenge!
*FC- Colored Pencils
*FC- Aquarelle Pencils
*Tonic- Aquarelle Water Brush
*FC- Pencil Eraser
*T'Gaal- Pencil Sharpener

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Floribunda- Laying down color!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm back with another post for the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
 on Kathy's Blog,
found here:
So, as you know I have been working on  
A Flower Coloring Book
 by Leila Duly 

I thought I'd show you how I lay my color down.
I start by just laying down color with my Faber Castell Aquarelle Pencils, 
& I focus on one type of flower at a time.
(I hunt down the type of flower for color reference, if it isn't in the "index" of the book, on-line.)
Here I've added water to these Hydrangea's, 
using my Tonic Aqua Flow Brush.
(These type of brushes are so nice when on the go, or if you want to easily control the water on your paper. A paper towel close by is also recommended to wipe your brush on,
 or if you need to get your brush wetter, just squeeze til the water comes out & wipe off the excess.)
Here I added a deeper blue to the Hydrangea's.
This photo you can see where I've added color to the Calla Lilies.
The top portion, I've already added water, but you can see where I've put the color on the lower flowers. I work from the points of color to the center area with the Aquarelle Pencils,
 & the Aquarelle Brush, trying to leave some white space or lighter area for highlight.
Water added to all here.
Here I've added more color to the Calla Lilies for more color & depth.
Here, water was added to those Calla Lilies.
You can see the deeper shades of color were saved til later  here.
And I also have a good pencil sharpener  here- T'GAAL.
You can adjust the sharpener to 5 different types of point.
A good sharpened pencil of any kind is a must, 
especially when you're working on such a detailed piece.
Another reason I enjoy using Aquarelle Pencils, when I'm doing such a fine detailed piece,
I can more easily control the color.
Here water was added to those deep tones for depth.
Some of the greens have been added here,
 & here is where I also lost control & forgot to take step by step pictures! LOL
(I think you get the gist by now anyway! ;) )
So, the next picture is finished with Faber Castell Poloychromo's Pencils added when the water coloring was all done.
Just in those "sweet spots" as Kathy calls them.
Do you like? 
I am having such a nice time working on these pieces!
It is so relaxing.
I also added my tools in this photo:
*Faber Castell- Polychromo's Pencils
*Faber Castell- Aquarelle Pencils
*Faber Castell- Pencil Eraser-just in case you over color somewhere on your work, 
which is easy to do with the detail on a piece like this.
*T'GAAL Pencil Sharpener 
I hope you have time to jump in & learn to enjoy the process of playing with color!
(Learning to not feel guilty when I create.
 Thank goodness for an understanding & encouraging Husband!) ;)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Modern Snow Day!

Hi Blog Friends!

Back at it with a short post, using Poppy Stamps 
Surprise Deer.
Remember, the challenge?
(I believe you still have time to jump in on the challenge..... ;) )

Found here:

This time, I wanted to try something different.

Here is my card:
 I had some pieces cut already from a Studio Katia Die- Stitched Loops that I wanted to use.
I first laid my  Memory Box- Winter Flurry Frame Stencil over each piece & sponged on my Oxide Inks. Making sure to use a different part of the stencil each time.
Then I sprayed the Stitched Circles with my Distress Sprayer for added interest.
These little stitched circles were then popped up on Fun Foam.

I die cut the Poppy Stamps- Surprise Deer & sponged him & his antlers with Distress Ink.

The little cardinals are from I.O.- Birch Trees.
I also scored around the edges of the piece of card stock I  attached all my pieces to,
 before hand of course.

Lastly, I added 28 Lilac Lane Sequins, & Nuvo Jewel Drops  to my card,
 along with dots from my Signo White Pen.

I am also entering this card in
 Kathy's 30 Day Coloring Challenge
found here:

Hope you like my spin on a "Modern" Snow Day!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Put On the Full Armor of God!

Hi Blog Friends!

Today, I have a card I made for our daughter, one of those cards I send to her weekly;
letting her know, she might be away, but NEVER forgotten!
So, this stamp came out awhile back  by ODB,
I picked it up with a coupon sent to me by ODB for my birthday awhile back.
 I showed it to our daughter when she came home on a break.
I KNEW she would LOVE it! 
She is a BIG Lord Of the Rings fan.
She has read all of the books in the series.
Her favorite character is Eowyn.
Remember the scene where Eowyn states, 
"I am no man!"
And she slays the fell beast & the witch king himself?
That is our daughter's favorite scene.
So, I KNEW this stamp set would be a winner with her! LOL
I used SCS Sketch:
I used ODB- Armor of God,  
along with ODB- Christian Faith Paper Collection.

 I stamped the image with SSS- Premium Black Ink on Strathmore Bristol Paper,
 & colored it with Copic Markers.

Here you can see the layering of the shield to bring dimension popped up with
 Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape.
I also used ODB's- Armor of God  Full Armor Suit of Arm Dies
  to cut out the main image & the shield. 

I also used just a bit of Wink of Stella on the silver parts of the armor for some shine.

For the inside:
I lined up the parts of ODB's- Full Armor set on the side,
 punched out with SU & a Fiskar's hand held punches for the oval shapes.

The inside sentiment is from:
Impression Obsession-C14695 by Kalani Alred.
I thought this sentiment so fit the Suite of Armor.
"For our struggle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the the heavenly places." 
Ephesians 6:12 
I encourage our daughter to be in the Word of God EVERY DAY & to spend time in prayer for this very reason.
Doing these things changes people
for the better!
Making us able to handle whatever comes our way as we go through our day,
& even helping others through their days.

I am entering this in the
30 Day Coloring Challenge
found here:


****UPDATE: This card was mentioned/shown on ODBD- Friday, March 16th, 2018 on their blog for their 10th Anniversary Edition of ODB Customer Card of the Day!****
Found here: