Thursday, February 8, 2018

Butterfly Weed Asclepias, Poppy Papaver

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I have another post for you from
A Flower Coloring Book
Leila Duly

For the 
30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here: 

I thought I'd show you the "sweet spot," that Kathy talks about all the time on her blog! ;)
But I am going to show you two "sweet spots!"

First let me show you the flowers from the net:
The first a Poppy Papaver.
(I chose to do my poppy in a different color than the usual.)

The second flower is:
Butterfly Weed Asclepias
(There are different colors for these flowers too, but not as many.)

So, I water colored the first image I'm showing you,
with FC- Aquarelle Pencils & my Nuvo Aquarelle Brush.
I did do a couple of layers of color of the water colors,
 working as usual to get the layers of color & some depth.

There are actually TWO different types of "Sweet Spots!"
(I'll bet there are more "sweet spots" out there, just maybe according to what medium you use....)
In this photo you can see the first, the "white sweet spots,"
where I left white showing for the highlights on the image.

On this piece/photo I've added FC- Polychromos Colored Pencils.
And you can see the "nooks & crannies" that Kathy always talks about, or the second type of
"sweet spot!"  Where the shadows would be, giving the image more depth.

Enlarge & compare the difference & you will see the second image just POPS!
Kathy is right about the sweet spot!!!
Just remember there are two! ;)

Details matter, so on this piece I also used a Signo- White Pen for the stamens & pollen.
When you enlarge & take a closer look, notice the center of the poppy's!

Hope you enjoy!

***UPDATE: This piece was chosen "Favorites for the week ending Feb. 10th, 2018" on SCS!***

Additional Supplies not mentioned above:
*T'GAAL- Pencil Sharpener
*FC- Pencil Eraser

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