Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Last Day of The 30 Day Coloring Challenge--This Round!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:

As the title of my post says, this is the last day of 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge, :(
 this round! ;)

If you've never jumped in & done 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge, BE SURE to jump in next time!
It really does help with inspiration & also helps you hone your craft!

So, here is what I did for today:
I used Stampendous- Cling Sketchy Blooms, stamping it with SSS- Black Premium Ink, 
 & coloring it with Dick Blick Colored Pencils. 
(No Gamsol!)

 I traced back over the image after coloring it with a Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen.
FC- Pitt Artist Pens-- are India Ink & they come in a full range of pen points, from fine to large.

I dabbed just a touch of Uni-ball Signo White Pen on the little stamens.

I colored it lightly to begin, changing from using light colors to darker colors for depth.

Hope you like!
I didn't do anything with the background, thinking I might cut this one out & apply it to a card.....

See you soon!

Friday, June 29, 2018


Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:

I will also be entering my card in 
The Card Concept #96-Golden Table Challenge
Found here:

The 30 Day Coloring Challenge comes to an end tomorrow. 
What will I do?
No worry, I have some things lined up..... ;)

For my card today, I used that image I told you about yesterday....
The one I had colored & laying on my desk & didn't use.
But, I re-stamped it & colored it differently to match the above Challenge Theme.
Hope you like!

For The Card Concept you are to choose what style your card is.
After reading the definition of the styles on their blog, I believe my style on this card is,
Clean & Layered.
I thought the photo had a bit of earthiness to it, even with the gold & I tried to recreate that.

I used Penny Black-Flower Cascade-40-466, stamping it with SSS- Black Premium Dye Ink.
I colored it in with Dick Blick Colored Pencils & going over every line of the image with a
 Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen for those crisp black lines.

I used a SU- Wood Grain Embossing Folder & ran a SU- Ink Pad over it.
The upper floral area is Paper Studio-Washi Tape.

My sentiment is Paper Studio-Washi Tape  too.
It made me think of the Water Colored Card on the photo that says, "table one."
As we sit around our table, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening, as a family we tend to laugh about things. I think that is also the sign of a happy home- laughter.
So, that "Golden Table" moment is when the laughter comes. ;)

 I popped the black panel & my cascade of flowers up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape. 
Lastly, I added 28 Lilac Lane Sequins & Nuvo Glitter Drops for the gold sparkle.

Hope you like & enjoy!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

***UPDATE: This card was chosen "Favorites for the week ending June 30th, 2018" on SCS***

Hope you have those "Golden Table" moments tonight with your family!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Recollections Paper
*Multi-Med. Matte
*Bead Smith- Magical Tray
*Silhouette Pick Me Up Tool

Thursday, June 28, 2018

CAS- Spring Flowers

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:
I will also be entering my card in 
The Card Concept Challenge #96- Golden Table.
Found here:

I was going round & round, trying to figure out what stamp I'd previously used on a piece that was unpublished--laying on my desk. Thinking of using it....
I thought it was a stamp I had put away & never used.
I finally realized what the stamp was.
 In the mean time,
 I used the stamp I had actually put away & never used.
 I LIKE the outcome!
Funny, I usually try to keep the name of the stamp with the stamp, so as not to have these confusions, but I had over-looked it this time.
So, I went back to the company & my order history, & retrieved all the information for you! ;)
Some days are just crazy like this..... Age?
(As I kept reading this to my hubby & asking him if it sounded confusing, he finally said,
 "I'm brain dead!" LOL)
Hope you get a giggle out of this! ;)

Here is my CAS Card for you today,
I used Impression Obsession- Spring Flowers- G16343 for my image.
I was inspired by the flowers & the gold in the photo above.

I colored the image with Faber Castell Aquarelle Pencils & a Nuvo Aquarelle Brush, after  doing some Gold Embossing, (SU)
I had to use that pretty blue. It reminds me of Robin's eggs & just called my name when I opened my tin of pencils. ;)

I added some Paper Studio Washi Tape with Gold,
& touching up my image with Dick Blick Colored Pencils,
  & a few Nuvo Jewel Drops.

Hope you like!

Quite Happy with the outcome!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hello Kind & Beautiful!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:

The end is near for this round of the 30 Day Coloring Challenge. :(
Sometimes, you just need a challenge to spur you on, right? LOL
(And some good images!) ;)

But, on to what I have for you today!

I am also doing a challenge over on SCS for the June Misti Challenge, with my card.
This challenge is what helped me come up with my card for today.

The Technique Challenge is:
"Outside/Inside Simultaneous Stamping."
 Here's what I did:
I cut a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock in half, 
so you end up with a card base of  
81/2" x 5 1/2".
Then scored it at 4 1/4" with my paper laying long-wise across your Scor-Buddy.
You will end up with a card base of- 5 1/2" x 4 1/4".

Next, place your card stock in your paper cutter, 
with the card long-wise across your cutter & cut off 1" from one end.

Fold your card & place in your Misti- cut edge up!
I used one of the Misti Corners in my Misti, 
since the image I wanted to use was larger & would hang off the card.
I placed my card upside-down so the image could lay flat on the cut edges.
Stamp your image!

To fit in with The 30 Day Coloring Challenge, 
I chose an image to color!  

Here's my project!
You can put your image back into your Misti to re-stamp after you've colored it,
 if you don't pull your stamp out of your Misti,
 for those prominent darker lines!

Color your image....

I used WPlus 9- Kind Soul for my image, 
& I colored in my image with Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils, 
along with some Faber Castell Colored Pencils for kids! 
(I found them on Amazon.) 
I get quite a good range of colors this way!
(Oh, that was a TIP I just squeaked in for you!) ;)

I suggest using a light hand on that cut edge when coloring, 
so the coloring just flows from one portion to the next, flawlessly.

You can see my scrap piece of card stock, where I tested the colors on the photo above, 
to get the true colors of the pencils before applying them to my project!
You don't want to choose the wrong color, right?

Once everything was colored in, I chose my sentiment.
I pulled out my Misti again,
 placing my card into my Misti & placing the sentiment on my card where I wanted it.
I stamped it in black, & then stamped it again with Versa Mark Ink, 
& then applied my clear embossing powder & heat set it.
I did the same thing for the inside sentiment as above.
I couldn't have done this without my Misti!

I then used my Uniball Signo White Pen for those little white accents, &
lastly, I added Nuvo Crystal Drops & Nuvo Jewel Drops for my embellishments! 
This card makes for a super CAS card!

I am quite pleased with the out-come! 
How about you?
Would you try this technique?

Outside/Inside Simultaneous Stamping takes care of the outside & the inside all at once,

Supplies not mentioned above:
*FC- Pitt Pen
*Tonic Studio- Paper Cutter

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

White Peonies

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:
I did another piece in Colored Pencils.
I hope you are enjoying seeing them, as much as I enjoy doing them!
Take a look:
I've chosen to use Studio Katia- Blooming Bunches today.
White Peonies have a little bit of green at the base of their petals,
 & that is what I've tried to capture here. 
I colored my image with Dick Blick- Colored Pencils.
 I added little dots in white & black, just like Kathy, & little lines too.
Maybe, I went a little over-board with the dots? LOL
It was hard to stop. 

When using Colored Pencils, you can use your eraser as a tool in coloring also.
If you've colored too much by accident or on purpose, just rub away the color for a nice blend,
 & the white space you're after! 
(This can be done with sketch pencils also.)

I chose to die cut my image with Spellbinders- Venise Lace- Hemstitch Rectangles,
so my piece is all ready for a card when I'm ready!

The storms are rolling in here, thunder in the distance, but  the flowers are blooming inside!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Faber Castell-7056 Perfection Eraser Pencil
*Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen
*Uniball Signo Pen
*Prisma- Blender Pencil
*Spellbinders- Tool-N-One
*Faber Castell- Pencil Sharpener

Monday, June 25, 2018

Imitation Is The Greatest Compliment!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:

I've been working on this piece a few days & was going to post it yesterday, but after seeing Kathy's post yesterday of her floral, I decided to "copy" some of her ways on my piece!

So, here is my piece:
 I used the image from WPlus 9- Kind Soul.
One of my favorite images!

I water colored this with Joi Art Water Colors, Faber Castell- Aquarelle Pencils,
 & Faber Castell- Colored Pencils.
I left the panel large as I can use it on the front of a card, & just add a sentiment if I want,
 or mask off the flowers & stencil it!

I used a Pitt Artist Pen & went over the whole image, like Kathy;
And I also did little eye-lash lines, & added white dots just like Kathy too.

 TIP for today:
When you cut your paper & sometimes the paper cutter just doesn't cut properly at the end,
 but tears the paper..... Use a Mono Sand Eraser to buff it off!
No one will ever know!

Hope you like & enjoy!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

The best way to compliment someone is to imitate them!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Uni-ball Signo Pen
*Nuvo- Aquarelle Brush
*Loew Cornell Palette
*Mono Sand Eraser

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Basket Full of Posies!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:
I have been coloring away here!
How about you?
Are you joining in?
I am SO BUSY coloring I haven't had much of a chance to look at others work. LOL
 But, I KNOW there is some GREAT WORK over on Kathy's Blog submitted!
She tells us so, & I do get to have a little look when uploading a card/work to her blog. ;)
So today, here's what I did:
 I used Studio Katia- Floral Trimmings for my images today.
(I actually discovered Studio Katia through one of Kathy's Coloring Challenges one year.) ;)
I colored the floral images in with Dick Blick- Colored Pencils.
Dick Blick Pencils are like Prisma Colored Pencils, a wax in it's base.

This is the other half of the Studio Katia Stamp.
It is made so you can use them separately or puzzle piece them together if you like.
After coloring in my images, I traced around the images with a Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen,
 to make sure those black lines were crisp.

I used a Prisma Color Blender Pencil for Blending rather than Gamsol.
I keep one in my tin of Colored Pencils for easy access.
A little TIP: 
When using the Prisma Color Blending Pencil, 
wipe off the tip on a tissue when changing from one color family to the next, 
so as not to muddy your colors.

I also used WRMK- Woven Embossing Folder for the basket, &
I popped the floral pieces up on Scotch Perm. Mounting Tape for dimension.

I thought about a sentiment on the front, but felt it over took the pretty basket of posies, so instead,
 I added 28 Lilac Lane Sequins & Nuvo Crystal Drops.

So, what do you think?

I HOPE you like & have been enjoying this Coloring Challenge.
Or what I think of as a Coloring Blitz! LOL
You don't always have to make a card, & that helps some of us to keep up.
We sometimes don't want to make a card! LOL 

Ring around the Rosie, a basket full of posies, ashes, ashes....
We all COLOR!

All comments are welcome & appreciated!
(((BIG HUGS to those of you who have been leaving comments!)))

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Scotch ATG
*Jewel Picker
*Multi Med. Matte
*SSS- Black Premium Ink

Friday, June 22, 2018

Lined & No-Line Coloring

Hi Blog Friends!

Today, I am here for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:
Today, I thought I'd show you lined & no-line coloring pieces I've done.
Lined Coloring:
 I used a Brutus Monroe Image-Botanical Background.
I colored it with Faber Castell- Colored Pencils.
I like the crispness of the image when doing lined coloring.
 I also did a bit of cross & cross-hatching in the background for depth.
Since this post is about Coloring, I thought you might like to hear about the Pencils I'm using.
 Faber Castell Colored Pencils blend like butter!
They're oil based, so that helps with the blending & you don't even need Gamsol! 
As always, & as with any pencil, just make sure you keep your pencil sharpened!
Another plus for Faber Castell Pencils?
The leads are glued into the shaft of the pencil, so they break less!
(I can't say I've EVER had one of my Faber Castell Pencils/Leads break!)
I like that & feel I am not constantly sharpening my pencils because they have broken off, 
as with other pencils!
No-Line Coloring: 
 No-Line Coloring offers a different look, where the images aren't as crisp & give a hand drawn look.
You just stamp with a lighter colored ink, & color it in as with any other image.
The only exception is that you are the one who is to make the lines prominent,
 with your coloring medium of choice.
That sharp pencil lead comes in handy here!

I've told you which one I prefer.
Which one do you prefer?
Both of these panels will make nice backgrounds for a couple of cards in the future! ;)
Jump in & have some fun with us over on Kathy's Blog.
There's still time!
Kathy has been having blog hop after blog hop for this Challenge.
Lots of prizes to be won!
Hope to see you there!
All comments are welcome & appreciated! 
Supplies not mentioned above:
*SSS-Black Ink
*SU- Ink

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Home Sweet Home!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:
Today, I made an ATC!
You don't hear much about these little pieces of art these days, but I thought it was time to bring them back with my small piece of art! ;)
I used the other image from the Hampton Art Set I used here:
It was the perfect size for an ATC!

Hope you like!
Home Sweet Home
 I colored this sweet image with Faber Castell- Colored Pencils.

And added Nuvo Jewel Drops to go over parts of the image.

I'm giving you several photo's so you an see the Nuvo Drops.....
Can you see them?

I stamped the back of my ATC with an Inkadinkado ATC Stamp.

***UPDATE: This card was chosen "Favorites for the week ending June 23, 2018" on SCS***

Hope you like!
All comments are welcome & appreciated!

There's no place like HOME!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Peonies & Lace Note Cards!

Hi Blog Friends!

I am here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
Found here:

I've been working away here trying to get these cards done for you today.
Yes, I said,
I started with one & felt I needed a SET!

Take a look & tell me what you think?
(I have LOTS of photos for you!) ;)

 This is the first one I made.
I used Gina K- Peony Wishes, stamped with SSS- Black Ink,
  & colored with Faber Castell- Colored Pencils. 
I also used Spellbinders Graceful Boarders- Graceful Damask Dies for the lace.
And lastly, I added Cartwrights- Moonshine 3mm Sequins, (Found at SSS).

Each card is the same, but the design is a little different.
This is the second card I made, just moving things to the bottom.

I made this one with the design in the middle & lace coming out from under the peonies on the top & the bottom.

I centered the peonies & cut off some on either end of the image,
 & again the lace comes out from the floral bouquet on either side.

 Here I did upright photos for you.
I think the lighting lends to showing the lace a bit more, giving some shadows.
Of course, I stamped my images with my Misti to make sure I got the complete image stamped.

I also used an X-Acto Knife to cute away the white between the flowers & the leaves for a more lacy feel of the image itself.

Here are all of my cards together.
So, what do you think?

The last thing I did was to wrap a sheer ribbon around my stack of cards,
as I thought they would make a wonderful gift, maybe for a Bride?

What are you working on?
Anything for the 30 Day Coloring Challenge?
Jump in & show us what you're working on over on Kathy's Blog,
The Daily Marker!
(The link is above)

Now, what is my next coloring piece going to be????

All comments are welcome & appreciated!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Fiskar's Self Healing Mat
*SB- Tool N One
*Multi-Med. Matte
*Beadsmith- Magical Tray
*Jewel Picker