Saturday, November 30, 2019

Following Kathy's Advice!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Found here:

Can you believe it???
Today, is the last day for this round of 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
It has been FUN!!!!
THANK YOU, KATHY!!!!!!!!! ;)

Today, I thought I'd try something Kathy mentioned the other day---
When coloring, use your alcohol markers first for the base layer of color,
 then go in with your pencils.
So, that is what I've done for today---
I made some more Christmas Tags!
(Would you believe I want to make more tags???) LOL

Take a look at the process & difference:
 I colored with Prisma Color Pencils on top of alcohol markers/
  in my case, Spectrum Noir Markers.
 This is just Spectrum Noir Markers--- flesh, red, & a light gray on the white areas.

Next up was a light gray pencil. 
*If you enlarge the photo, 
 you'll see the pencils I used & be able to see the Santa on the left- I used the next gray up on top of the base Spectrum Noir & the lightest gray pencil.
Notice the difference?

*If you enlarge the photo,
 I used the darkest gray on top of the Spectrum Noir, the lightest gray, & the medium gray--
the right Santa.
Notice how the Santa POPS off the page?

I started off with just these two Santa's, but I had to make more! LOL
I also went over all of the black lines to help them stand out also.

Here's the first set of Santa Tags.

Here's my second set of Santa Tags.
Here is the whole set, plus 2 more, just for fun--no coloring on those!
(I had the tag part already done on the extra two, & the silhouette deer just came to me.
  ALL of these tags match some wrapping paper I picked up at the Farm Store.)

Here are some close-ups:


"THANK YOU, KATHY" for a SUPER 30 Day Challenge again!!!!

***My Christmas Tags were chosen "Favorites for the week ending Nov. 30th, 2019" on SCS!*** 
 *****And I am told, my tags were featured on SCS Facebook Page today!!!*****

Supplies not mentioned above: 
* Mini Misti
*SSS- Swell Christmas-SSS101686
*FC-Pencil Sharpener
*Nuvo Sweep Brush
*Zig Millenium- Fine Point Markers
*FC- Pitt Artist Pens
* EK Success- Scissors
*White Signo Pen
*SB- Glimmer Machine
*SB- Glimmer Kit of the Month Nov. 2019 -Shimmering Merry Christmas Sentiments
*Ad Tech Crafters Tape
*Scotch Tacky Glue
*Uline Foam Tape
*PTI- Made with Love Tag Dies
*Poppy Stamps- Surprise Deer
*Paper Studio- MistleToe Lodge Stack

Friday, November 29, 2019

Water Colored Hydrangea!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
I can hardly believe, only one more day to this round of 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
But, I have enjoyed this round so much!
I think it was because I had a plan---- My wall art! 
I don't know when the next round will take place, buuut that doesn't mean one can't begin a plan!
Start planning now for next time what you will do! 
If you have a plan, more than likely, you will carry it out, if you are committed to it!
I always feel like I've accomplished something when I make a plan, execute it & finish it!
Finishing is a good thing! 
And finishing well is even better! 
After all the cooking & cleaning up yesterday, I was able to find some time to relax!
Thanks to my SWEET HUBBY 
 who was in the kitchen with me,
 helping me get things put away & cleaned up! 
Here's what I did:
 Back during SSS- Stamptember, I stamped a few images & set them aside for future use.
This is one of them.
Colorado Craft Company- BB242-Get Well Hydrangea.
I stamped it in my Original Misti, with Versa Mark Ink; Embossing it with WOW- Perissa WL16R & heat set it with my Wagner Heat Tool, on Strathmore 140 lb Water Color Paper.

When I sat down to water color yesterday, all I had to do was tape this to my Epicurean Board to keep it from warping & paint away!

Hope you like!

Did you find some time to relax & color yesterday after family & feasting???

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Mission Gold Water Colors
*Silver Black Velvet Brush- #2
*Blue Painters Tape
*FC-Click-N-Go Pot
* Winsor & Newton-Payne's Gray

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Hi Blog Friends!

First of all,
I HOPE you & yours enjoy a nice day with your family,
& enjoy a sumptuous feast together!
 God is SO GOOD!!!!

Today I'm here for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Today, I have the FINAL REVEAL of my Wall Art!
Be sure to grab your cup of tea/coffee & sit back & enjoy!
(Just a little break from all the cooking!) ;)

I'll start with my process:
Using my Memory Misti---- I placed my Illustration Board into the corner.
My Illustration Board is cut 12" x 18".
***Illustration Board can be found at your local art store & on-line.
It is thicker than paper & it quite stable. 
You can find Illustration Board that will work nicely with most whatever medium you're using.
"Student" Illustration Board is a nice thickness & is what I used here.

I stamped my image in Versa Fine Ink, then created a mask for it.

After masking, I stamped another image.
 This was the process throughout...

I had a large bouquet!

I extended the stems with a Fine Point Sharpie.

Then, I stamped my final image over the stems, a butterfly.
I thought the butterfly looked like a bow to my bouquet, such "a lovely pose!"

*****(I will list all of the images I've used at the end of my post.)*****

I used Arteza Gouache to water color/paint my wall art.
The gray tints on the background are water colored with
 Winsor & Newton- Payne's Gray & a Prima- Cherish Stencil.

A nice thing about Gouche, is that it is thicker & you can cover up any mistakes or colors that you don't care for.  (I did do that with one of the flowers I painted on this.)

Next up:
Here I added all of the colored pencil work---Something Kathy recommends! ;)
I used Prisma Colored Pencils & brushed away any shavings with my Nuvo Sweep Brush.
I kept my pencils super sharp with a Faber Castell Pencil Sharpener, just like Kathy recommends too! 

This is my wall art with every black line gone over with a Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pen,
 & with White Signo Pen touches! 
You'll see how it POPS compared to the other photos!
Something else, Kathy recommends! ;)

I thought I'd give you a few close-ups too:
I LOVE the details!

Here is my wall art framed!
Just a light frame for this.
(Had to take the glass out, so there wouldn't be a glare.)
HOPE you enjoyed!
I LOVED doing this! 

Only two more days for this round of 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge! 
WHAT will I do now??? LOL
Kathy was right,
 it is SO RELAXING to find time to color each day,
AND it improves your coloring skills too! 
Something so little as coloring,
 can make you feel like an "artist" when you have something like this to hang on your wall afterward!

In case you missed it, my wall art is 12" x 18".

See you tomorrow!
P.S. Want to see if you guessed right each day?

Day 1- Colorado Craft Craft Company- Get Well Hydrangea & Waffle Flower-Zinnia
Day 2- Same as Day 1.
Day 3- The Stamp Market- Some Kind of Wonderful & Waffle Flower- Zinnia.
Day 4- Colorado Craft Company- Missing You Peony
Day 5- Colorado Craft Company- Missing You Peony, Get Well Hydrangea, & Sympathy & Friendship Rose.
Day 6- This day we just worked on the greenery.
Day 7- A touch of elegance & a lovely pose. The question was: "What did I do for a touch of elegance?" I used a stencil & water colored the stencil.
Day 8- Adding Colored Pencils & the image was Waffle Flower- Zinnia, & Colorado Craft Company-Rose & Peony.

*****The full list of Supplies:*****
***Dick Blick- Illustration Board- Student grade.
*Images- Colorado Craft Company- Sympathy & Friendship Rose, Missing You Peony, & Get Well Hydrangea.
*Image-The Stamp Market- Some Kind of Wonderful
*Images- Waffle Flower- Zinnia & Bouquet Builder 5.
*Image- Stampendous- Butterfly Trio
*Zig 2 Way Glue
*Sharpie Fine Point
*EK Success Scissors
*Pilot G-2 Mechanical Pencil
*Dugat- #2 & #8 Brushes
*Loew Cornell Brush Tub II
*Delta Stencil Magic
*Faber Castell-Pencil Sharpener
*Signo White Pen 
*Nuvo Sweep Brush
*Winsor & Newton- Payne's Gray WC
*Arteza- Gouache
*Prima- Cherish Stencil
*Faber Castell- Pitt Artist Pens
*Versa Fine Black Ink
*Memory Misti

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wall Art- Day 8--Adding Colored Pencil!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Today, I'm showing you a  sneak peak of the colored pencil work I did on my wall art!
Take a look:

Using Colored Pencils to deepen those nooks & crannies for depth, & veins on these florals!

Can you guess what images I used today????

See you tomorrow, with my full reveal!
I'll have process photos for you too!
I think after you see them, you'll know you too, can do this!

See you tomorrow for the big finale'!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wall Art- Day 7--A Touch of Elegance & a Lovely Pose!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Today, I promised to show you a
" touch of elegance & a lovely pose!"
We'll start with a touch of elegance:
I won't tell you what I did, but can you guess????

Next, a lovely pose:
What do you think?

Tomorrow, you'll get a peak at some colored pencil work on my wall art!
Kathy always recommends it for those nooks & crannies! ;)
I think you'll get a nice look with this sneak peak!
And on Day 9,
 the Finale'!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Wall Art- Day 6!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
Today, I'm showing you how the greens are filling in!
A few posts back, I told you I like to work in sections. 
Many times those sections are according to color.
That way you don't forget what color was to go with what-- for consistency!
See you tomorrow for "A touch of elegance & a lovely pose!"

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Wall Art- Day 5!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for 
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:

Another sneak peak!
This is coming along nicely! 
Who did this image????
Do you know?

Sneak Peak Day tomorrow, you'll see the coloring is filling in NICELY,
 as the greens will be colored!!!
And just so you know, the final reveal is near!
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Wall Art- Day 4!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

Found here:

Today, I have another sneak peak!
Do you know what image this is that is colored?

I TOTALLY GET why Kathy said to try a wall art piece! 

See you tomorrow with another sneak peak! 
Hope you aren't tiring of this. 
Only a few more days & then the full reveal!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Wall Art- Day 3!

Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge!
 Found here:
Here's another sneak peak!
Do you know what company the colored images are here?

Taking my time with this & enjoying the process!
It is SO RELAXING & I have to say, it is hard to stop some days!
Hope you are enjoying the sneak peaks!

Off to paint!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wall Art-Day #2!

 Hi Blog Friends!

Here today for
The 30 Day Coloring Challenge
Found here:
I have another sneak peak for you today,
Take a look:
Have you figured out who's images I've colored here? 

HOPE you're liking,
and more to come tomorrow!

See you then!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Island of Misfit Toys- Snow Globe!

Hi Blog Friends!

Back again today for a post about
 The SCS Falliday Fest!

I have been creating away here,
 & found out the deadline for 
The SCS Falliday Fest is
So, I thought I'd go ahead & post my last entry for that tonight!
I wasn't able to do all of the challenges,
& there are LOTS MORE that would have been fun to do!
I created an
 Island of Misfit Toys-Snow Globe.
Take a look:
 I used Dress It Up Holiday Collection Buttons for my little figures,
 & Makers Holiday Littles- for the trees.
The trees I picked up several years back after Christmas when things were on sale,
 & tucked them away.... 
The little buttons are something my SWEET hubby came home with one day when he was at the grocery. 

I created a little pond with Furnace Tape--it's the silver in the middle of the globe.
Used a Cotton Ball for the snow & added glue & glitter,
 & Stickles to near everything for that icy look.
 I painted the backs of the buttons with Acrylic Paint, I didn't want to snip off the little loop,
for fear the buttons would fall apart.
I figured the white paint would help them look nicer, since you want the globe to look nice from all sides; & for a more snowy look!

I did mess up some... I had to redo this globe a few times, as I am one who just goes with it,
 & reads or watches (video) the instructions later.
I've made these before & didn't realize I had forgotten.... LOL 
(Must be an age thing? NAH!!!  Just me!) LOL

 The view above is another view of the globe.
Remember, you want it to look nice from all sides.

Using a ball jar of the size you want--Start with using the inside seal of the lid,
add all your little figurines, etc.
Hot glue the seal part of the lid to the ring of the lid, as you would when you use it, inside the ring.
Then add the glob top with Glossy Accents, gluing the globe to the rim of the ring,  & let dry.
When dry, I added more Stickles around the outer edge for more sparkle.

  Lastly, add ribbon to the rim & I added a little
 Holiday Time- Pine Cones with Berries- Package Topper.

Then fill your jar with your favorite candy!

Hope you like!!!!

*****This creation was chosen "Favorites for the week ending Nov. 23rd, 2019" on SCS!*****

SOOO ENJOYING all these challenges!

Supplies not mentioned above:
*Clear Christmas Plastic Globe
*Apple Barrel- White Acrylic Paint
*Dugas-#3 Brush
*Ball Jar
*Hot Glue Gun
*Scotch Tacky Glue
*Mica Flake Glitter
*Make It Christmas- Ribbon
*Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses- OH HOW I WISH, they had these ALL YEAR! <3